‘Blathering’ by People Who Do Not Make the Decisions

I have been vaguely watching BBC News for a while as I deal with the baccy leaves (at around 3 am). There was a panel discussion about the Middle East.

I was watching only vaguely (not actually listening much – more interested in the leaves), but it struck me that the people talking and discussing what was happening were not the people who can make decisions.

I fail to see the significance of these ‘blatherers’. Why do these discussions not take place, on TV, among those who can actually make the decisions? I’m not talking about backbench MPs. I’m talking about Ministers and Government Departments, such as the Defence Dept (or rather, the Attack Dept). What is the point of journalists discussing  what needs to be done about ‘Islamic State’? They might as well shut the f*ck up for all the difference that their discussions make.

It seems somehow as though the BBC goes out of its way to report ‘non-events’. These events might seem to be apposite, such as well-rehearsed videos of a guy rushing to an ambulance, weeping and shouting, carrying a comatose child, but they are not. The reason is that they are just pictures of ugly events, and not ‘decision making’ processes. I mean, even though these videos are set up, in a war of the nature of Hamas V Israel, such morbidity and mortality can be expected. Thus, they are not THE MAIN news. What is the MAIN news is that there seems to be no solution to the Middle East Conflagration. One might imagine a discussion on TV between Ministers and, say, the Defence Dept about what to do about the ‘Middle East Conflagration’.

What is the use of listening to journalists blathering about what may, might, possibly?


Is this not also true, more or less, about discussions on TV about The Enjoyment of Tobacco? When have Health Ministers ever appeared on TV discussions about it? I discount programmes such as ‘Question Time’ because they are not serious. They are emotional, propagandised and trivial.

Would it not be amusing and enlightening if the last three ‘Health Ministers’, Milton MP, Subry MP and the current one, Allison MP, were forced to appear on TV, in a discussion with ‘Free Trade’ experts about Plain Packaging? What is the international treaty which forbids the pirating of trade marks? It has been said that ‘HEALTH’ overrides trade marks, but there is a huge ‘non-sequitur’ in that statement, which is PP implies that writing and colours on cig packets, in themselves, make people ill.

There lies the rub. It may be that cigs make people ill, but the colours and writing on the packets cannot possibly be the cause.

So here is the weirdest thing. Something that cannot possibly be ‘the cause’ of ill-health is banned, while the actual cause (if it is true) is not banned. That is why I suggest that actual politicians and Minsters should be quizzed on TV. Decisions should not be made on the basis of YouGov quack surveys.

I have had several YouGov surveys over the last several days. Some of them seem to have become advertising rather than surveys. For example, Costa Coffee machines crop up again and again. Do you have one, do you like it, do you intend to get one? Again and again, I have seen such suggestive ‘surveys’.

They are not surveys; they are adverts, pretending to be surveys. ASH ET AL used to do it all the time, with their ‘surveys’. By asking the leading questions, they put ideas into the minds of people who do YouGov surveys. These people are different from the general population, and are ripe for advertising via survey. Costa Coffee machines appear again and again and again.


When a Government Minister stands up in the Commons and says that the Government is ‘minded to’, she must explain what ‘minded to’ means. To me, that phrase means ‘has decided NOT to’. If it were otherwise, she would have said,  “Will do”.

“I am minded to redecorate the whole house, Darling”. “Jolly good. When will you start?” “Erm…. Erm….. GIVE ME A CHANCE, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE!” I trust that readers will see the ‘cognitive dissonance’.

I think that THE PEOPLE are becoming sick to death of Government uselessness. They have ceased to believe a word that politicians say, if only because they see, intuitively, that politicians know bugger all about the matters upon which they decide. It is hard to think if a worse system of Government.




6 Responses to “‘Blathering’ by People Who Do Not Make the Decisions”

  1. Robert Innes Says:

    “Something that cannot possibly be ‘the cause’ of ill-health is banned, while the actual cause (if it is true) is not banned.” oh yes! I am still trying to work out the ramifications of this one. lol. Well said… now back to the article….

  2. Robert Innes Says:

    “I am minded to redecorate the whole house, Darling”. Hang on a sec. i am going to put this to the test………….. He he! It works.

  3. cherie79 Says:

    I stopped doing the surveys that just relate to products, they are utterly boring and a waste of my time.

    • junican Says:

      I only do them because I am looking out for smoking questions – you know how YouGov hides them at the end of other surveys – I have commented on that before. The first time I saw that was what woke me up to how they get their constant 70% agreement to bans and such. That survey asked several banal and silly questions. I remember particularly the question: “How many cows do you think constitute a ‘herd’? – 10, 100, 1000” Several questions of that nature. At the end appeared two or three questions on smoking. All that ASH needs to do is cascade the knowledge about which surveys contain smoking questions to its associate groups, and the stats can be significantly skewed.

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