The Curing Box – One Day Into the Cure

2014-08-20 12.17.41

The leaves have wilted nicely and are beginning to yellow. They feel soft and cool to the touch. So far, so good.

In theory, the yellowing stage should be complete after two days. During that stage, enzymes in the leaves turn starches into reducing sugars. Once the leaves have all yellowed, the next stage requires an increased temperature (about 55ºC) to dry the leaves out further and stop the enzyme activity, but I’ll increase the temperature in steps of 5º during the course of the first day of stage 2 and at the beginning of the final day.

The leaves are different sizes and different thicknesses, so it may well be that they will yellow at different rates, but I understand that it is OK to wait until all the leaves have yellowed before moving to stage 2.

I’m playing it a bit by ear at the moment. Looking good so far.


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