This will be a short post since I have spent a lot of time on the ‘curing box’ and the post about it. It is a matter of how much red wine one consumes while writing the posts. Marcus, the cat, has just jumped onto the couch and demands strokes. Just a mo ……

Right, I think that he is satisfied. He is looking at the gerbil’s cage. Hang on, he has just jumped onto the back of the couch and attacked the gerbil’s cage…. Total failure, of course. But he has now shot off, perhaps to …. Oh, hang on, he has just reappeared, sitting washing himself. These beings are weird.


But back to the subject.

I can’t find it now, off-hand, but one of our friends quoted a statement from the Zealots regarding the FCTC (Framework Convention of Tobacco Control). The statement extolled the virtue and efficacy of increasing tobacco taxes. Increasing such taxes will reduce tobacco consumption.

Well, of course it will! Push up the taxes to £1,000 per packet, and no one would smoke! Of course, what that means is that no one would purchase tobacco at that price. People would find other suppliers on the black/grey market. But it is also true that such a ridiculously high price would make the illicit provision of tobacco even more rewarding, and more valuable to Crims (Australian for ‘criminals’).

However, regardless of the fact that some people would turn to ‘Crims’ for their tobacco supplies, there is no doubt that some people would stop smoking because of the price.


The FCTC (and therefore the WHO), deliberately, and with malice aforethought, targeted the least well-off.  It might not be so bad if they had arrived at a level of taxation which equated, roughly, with some sort of costs (if they could be construed), but the demand for taxation increases was related entirely to ‘cessation’. That is, the ‘bullets’ of taxation were aimed at the least well-off: the ‘Tommies’ in the trenches, and not the generals who were waltzing about in London’s hotspots of the WW1 time.

I wish that I could find the exact WHO, FCTC quote, but I am a bit less than at my best. What was, for me, remarkable was the ‘coldness’ of the demand. The quote said that increased taxes would reduce demand. I have no doubt that that is true. But who would be affected the most? Would the well-off be affected? Probably not. But certainly the poorest people would be.

It is inconceivable that the CLEVER BUGGERS in the WHO Tobacco Control Dept have been ignorant of the unbalanced nature of their demands that tobacco taxes should be increased, or of the effects on the poorest people.

I suggest that the demands of the FCTC for increased taxes is SADISTIC.

I’m not sure that I want to progress this post further tonight. The subject of SADISM is more complex than it seems at first sight. I am not sure, but it seems that SADISM requires that a person actually enjoys inflicting pain. But one could reasonably say that inflicting pain for any reason is SADISTIC.

What this means is that people like Deb Arnott, whether they know it or not, are SADISTS. And they are vicious SADISTS. The ‘viciousness’comes from their ‘concentration camp’ view of “Just doing my job. Sir”. “Just doing my job, Sir” as  I herd people into gas chambers.


It is becoming more and more clear that our elected representatives, in many cases, are complicit in the SADISM. CRUELTY ought to be the name of ASH ET AL. Does the DOH have a CRUELTY AND SADISM Dept?

No it does not. It needs no such Dept since it is, itself, CRUEL AND SADISTIC.





8 Responses to “Sadism”

  1. beobrigitte Says:

    he has just jumped onto the back of the couch and attacked the gerbil’s cage….

    That does remind me of my son’s cat – except: he catches a bird and the bird will say:” Ah, that was great!!! Will be back for another massage tomorrow!”
    You see, my son’s cat has no teeth.

    Just like tobacco control.

    • junican Says:

      LOL. It is true that TC has no teeth, but politicians think that it has fangs, and are scared to death by the mirage.

  2. garyk30 Says:

    ‘Cruel, vicious, and Sadistic’, I totally agree.

    • junican Says:

      What makes their demands especially sadistic is the coldness of the Zealots. It never seems to enter their heads that, when they propose higher taxes on cigs, they are specifically targeting the least well-off. In fact, they demand that the least well-off must be targeted. The ‘sadism’ comes from the coldness with which they demand these things.

  3. smokingscot Says:

    No trouble finding their demands (best avoid WHO and type in the correct name).

    And a really wishy-washy one justified using a quote from Adam Smith – penned in 1776. CARE ITS A PDF.

    and there are others that go back to 2002.

    • junican Says:

      Indeed, SS. The Adam Smith quote is is a reasonable summary of using taxation to raise revenue from luxuries. But not as a form of punishment for enjoying such luxuries. Did there not once exist a ‘luxuries tax’? What happened to it?
      Alcohol taxes were introduced to hit foreign economies when we were at war with those nations. So were tobacco taxes. Talk about losing the plot….

      • Tony Says:

        There’s still a luxuries tax, it’s called VAT, although most things seem to have VAT on them now.. Of course taxes on alcohol and tobacco are normally referred to as ‘sin taxes’ aka ‘the sadism of the righteous’.

      • junican Says:

        Hi Tony. I was just about to shut down and go to bed.
        I suppose that “Value Added Tax” could be construed as the same thing as ‘luxury taxes’ of long ago, apart from the fact that VAT extorts money from non-trade organisations like golf clubs, chess clubs, squash clubs and the like.
        But you are correct in the sense that the ‘Nation’s Finances’ must be reconsidered. For example, duty taxes on fuel make our industries less competitive against others in the world.

        The sad and crazy thing is that ‘our representatives’ in parliament prefer to emote rather than think.

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