About the USA Federal Drug Administration’s Deeming Regulations on E-Cigs: Harvesting leaves

I have been reading with some amusement about the convoluted mess that the FDA has allowed itself to be led into about regulation e-cigs. The reason that it is in a mess is because it can only regulate e-cigs as either a medicine or as a tobacco product. A US court threw out the FDA’s attempt to claim that it could regulate e-cigs a medicines. I remember reading about that case, but I can’t remember the reasoning. It wasn’t as simple as just saying that e-cigs were not claimed to be ‘a therapy’ (the FDA would counter that by saying that IT regarded them as a therapy). The argument, I think, was that the FDA was acting ‘ultra vires’ – that is, that it had not been given the authority by Congress to make that decision. Something like that. The only alternative that it has, therefore, is to regulate them as tobacco products.

But that intention has led to a morass of contradictions, since there is no doubt whatsoever that e-cigs are much, much safer than tobacco cigarettes, by virtue of the propaganda which has been put out by the Tobacco CONTROL Industry for years and years regarding the danger of tobacco cigarettes. The dangers have been magnified so much that the TCL is being hoist by its own petard. It cannot possibly backtrack, and so its only alternative is to make e-cigs seem to be as devilish as tobacco. But to do so, it has to rely upon lies even greater than the lies it puts about re tobacco. Fortunately, the people who are arguing against the Charlatans are former (and still) devotees themselves. They know all the verbal, academic tricks of the trade and can spot them.

Reader might want to check Clive Bates’s latest offering:

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Read it, because it shows to what extent the Zealots such as Glantz have been lying for years. They have been twisting stats again and again and again. Remember that Glantz is also a big number in the WHO. The corruption is evident and rife, and is only now being seriously challenged. What is different in the case of e-cigs is that vapers hold the ‘high moral ground’, and tobacco control is finding it very, very difficult to dislodge them. The Blitzkrieg has ground to a halt.

What will the FDA do?

There is a dilemma which no amount of attempted ‘horse-trading’ will resolve. The dilemma is that any and every restriction on e-cigs will have the effect of encouraging the continuing use of tobacco cigarettes. Less e-cigs equals more tobacco cigarettes; more e-cigs equals less tobacco cigarettes. It has little or nothing to do with children and teenagers. It has little to do with what ‘kids’ between the ages of 13 and 17 (inclusive) do, but has everything to do with what they do from 18 upwards.

HOWEVER, needless to say, the eventual decision will be made on the basis of politics and nothing else, as we have seen in the EU. We know that political decisions are made on the basis of ‘vote-winning’, except in times of war. No wonder that politicians like making war so much. So what should the UK do about the tobacco directive instructions on e-cigs? There is only one answer, which is to ignore it utterly. Just ignore it. If the matter is raised in parliament, just say, “We have decided to ignore it” Simples. There is nothing that the EU can do except declare war on the UK. How many divisions does the EU have?

What should happen is that the FDA just kicks the matter into touch and transfers responsibility to ”Elf and Safety’, or whatever is the USA equivalent. In fact, so should the UK. E-cigs are not a health matter, they are a safety matter.


But all the above is academic to us disgusting, filthy, stinking smokers. Let them argue about how many angels can dance on a pinhead. What matters is that I am now harvesting leaves in earnest. In the heated propagator, I now have seven rolled-up towels containing leaves which will turn from green to yellow over the next five days. I have been talking to JB in Ireland. She has found a site which describes the use of a steel dustbin as a ‘kiln’ or ‘curing chamber’. JB has decided to use a defunct freezer cabinet instead of the dustbin. The important ‘tool’ is a crock pot. A crock pot is a device which has a heater element which warms a ceramic pot within it. It is intended to stew food slowly. That is what it is for. However, it can warm the ceramic pot, even without contents, and is thermostatically controlled to switch off when a certain temperature of the pot has been reached. Adding water to the pot would provide the necessary humidity for successful curing. An independent thermostat would be required to turn the crock pot off when the temperature inside the chamber reaches a certain level.

I have in mind to build such a chamber, but I shall use the boards from wardrobes, or whatever they were, which I have stored in the garage. Detail is not required. It is a matter of amusing oneself, messing about with temperatures and humidity.

What a lovely hobby it is! But it is messy and complex. The fun is in smoothing the mess.

Having said that, wadding is still my preferred way to induce fermentation. It certainly works, but it seems to go too far.

Whatever, it is still a great hobby if nothing else.








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