The Lungs

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I was thinking about lungs. Has anyone noticed the subliminal message which the Zealots have been silently pushing for years and years? I only noticed myself a couple of days ago, although the general idea came to me some months ago. The message is that human lungs are very delicate instruments which are likely to collapse instantly upon encountering the slightest whiff of tobacco smoke. This subliminal message runs throughout tobacco control pronouncements. It also applies to the heart and almost all the organs of the body.

I think that ‘subliminal’ is the right word, despite the subliminal message not involving pictures which are flashed onto a screed for micro-seconds. The ‘subliminality’ comes from the an implication hidden in the words and phrases being used. Constant repetition of the words and phrases acts in much the same way as those pictures flashed up for micro-seconds. The ideas eat like worms into your subconscious.

Suppose that I made the statement: “Human lungs are sturdy and hard-wearing”, would I be wrong? I could certainly point to the survival of the species in its present form for tens of thousands of years at least, regardless of atmospheric conditions. But we could also point to animal remains which show that creatures which use lungs have been around for millions of years, like dinosaurs. We can even point to the Doctors Study and say that, despite people smoking from their teens in vast numbers, only a small proportion ever developed lung problems.

It is odd how long it takes for the idea that human lungs are tough and hard-wearing to come to the surface of one’s mind. One of the other ideas which led me to believe that it is so was thinking about soldiers in WW1. The atmospheric pollution to which they were exposed must have been horrendous. Imagine a member of an artillery team. Every time an artillery shell was fired, the members of the team were swathed in a cloud of cordite smoke. At the other end, imagine such shells landing and exploding, filling trenches with high explosive smoke. Imagine the gun decks of battleships. The atmosphere must have been thick with such smoke. Mustard gas is a different thing, of course. It literally rots the lungs, but many men even survived that, though badly damaged.


Some time ago, I wrote a comment on the site of a well-known ‘tobacco harm reduction’ advocate. In that comment, I suggested that human lungs were sturdy and hard-wearing (although I might have used other words). He did not publish my comment. I wondered why at the time. The comment was otherwise totally innocuous. Why did he block it? You see, the person in question is anti-smoking, even though he is not a charlatan. Is it a step too far to suggest that the subliminal messages are deliberate? Let’s face it, if you want people to believe that they are being poisoned by coffee, you would first have to suggest that the organs of their body are susceptible to being poisoned by coffee, and you would have to repeat that suggestion over and over again.

This has been going on with alcohol for a long time, and is only now rising to the surface. Suggestion after suggestion has been publicised implying that the human liver is a delicate organ which can be dangerously damaged by more than a couple of pints of beer a day. Everyone knows that it is nonsense, but the idea is implanted anyway, so that tiny worms of worry enter the mind.

Yes, it is subliminal, but it is even more destructive that flashing pictures, since it is in full view. It is as nasty, if not nastier, that the Nazi demonization of the Jews.


Tomorrow, I have a dental appointment in the morning, so I must to bed early. I am not exactly looking forward to it. Toothache is a pain in the ….



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