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I have been reading a very interesting paper by a Professor Charlton tonight about the ‘take-over’ of the NHS by Managers in opposition Clinicians. The general idea was that Government was upset by the power of Doctors, because Doctors were the only people who knew what was going on in the NHS and Government was therefore unable to exercise control. In other words, the NHS was the ‘Wild West’, under the control of individual Sheriffs, who could raise groups of citizen vigilantes to control gangs of outlaws.  It was around the time of Maggie Thatcher that the Government decided that control of the NHS had to be taken out of the hands of Clinicians and brought under the control of the Health Dept.  The way employed was to introduce General Managers into the system with the authority to bugger everything up. But in order to bugger everything up, these General Managers needed to have support for their theories. They found that support in statistics. They were aided by computerisation. It was possible to write computer programs which could digest masses of statistics and spew out results, and it was these statistics/results that General Managers used to browbeat Clinicians. A seriously important tool, used by these Managers, was NICE. NICE was deliberately set up at the time to counter the individual skills, knowledge and experience of Clinicians, so as to standardise treatments throughout the NHS. A typical example of the totalitarian direction in which the UK has been heading for some decades – the ‘standard human being’ and ‘one size fits all’.

An organisation with the acronym CHI also figures in the paper, but I have been unable to find out what CHI means. It seems that this organisation had the power to force Clinicians to do as they were told ‘or else’. By the way, Clinicians includes not only hospital consultants but also your GP.

The paper of which I speak is this:


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The result has been that NICE can now not only recommend but force GPs and Clinicians to provide only those treatments which NICE dictates. But NICE itself has no expertise in these matters, except masses of statistical mumbo-jumbo. But where does it get its statistical mumbo-jumbo from? It is theoretically funded by Government, but much of its funding comes from fees paid by Big Pharma, who are the people who provide the statistical mumbo-jumbo about clinical trials. You can imagine the difficulties that an experienced oncologist might face when his personal knowledge and experience is negated by statistical mumbo-jumbo spat out by computers, and vast amounts of it.

Is it any wonder that more and more people are being killed by hospitals?


From our ongoing point of view, it has been a mystery to me that NICE was able to make a decision that IT WOULD DEFINITELY regulate e-cigs as medicines from 2016. Whence did it get such overriding authority? Could it also decide, unilaterally and without justification, to decide to regulate coffee as a medicine? What is to stop it doing so? If it can do that with e-cigs, it can do it with coffee.

The ‘New Dictatorship of Health’ has spread throughout the World. Politicians have helped and encouraged it. One might ask why they have done so. One might suggest that Politicians do so because it does not harm their political objectives. It might well be a case of ‘How many divisions has the Pope?’, as Stalin is reputed to have said.


It would not surprise one bit if the Politicians pass a Plain Packaging law. My reasoning is this:

Cameron et al might ask themselves:

If we pass this law, will we gain or lose votes at the next General Election? Will the effect be: a gain of votes, a neutral effect, a loss of votes. Unless that decision would produce a gain in votes, Cameron et al are likely to pass the law, in order to pacify the medical profession. It might have occurred to Cameron et al that pacification does not work in the long run, but, to them, the long run is immaterial. Only the next General Election matters.

But there is another factor, which is UKIP. UKIP bears much the same position as e-cigs do in relation to Tobacco Control. They are unwelcome in the political establishment. If Cameron et al pass PP, how much support will they haemorrhage to UKIP? Cameron et al might judge that ALL the main parties will lose some support equally, but I doubt it. It is more likely that the better educated will move than the less so. Some people have said that UKIP will still not gain any MPs, and that may be true, but that is not really the point. UKIP support might well be the difference between a Labour MP, a Liberal MP and a Tory MP. That is the importance of the UKIP vote. UKIP has emitted a response the the latest consultation on PP pointing out the problems. It has laid its position on the line. It might just have some influence on the Cabinet decision, if it is a Cabinet decision. It ought to be since that decision has immense potential for ramifications throughout the economy.

You see, all the fake health warning pics on fag packets could be replaced by the word “DANGER!” with a red cross. Something similar already applies to household cleansing materials.

But overriding all of this blather is the inequity of the Smoking Ban. It has turned out to be a vicious, witch-hunt based upon something similar to dunking. If smoking sinks and drowns, then it is innocent, but if it floats, then it is guilty.


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  1. Dembones Says:

    Some of the frustrations that you have encountered pertaining to your wife’s care may be due to:
    The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has been awarded a contract to the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) and its partner organisations, to support the development, adoption and dissemination of its social care guidance and quality standards from 1 April, as the NICE Collaborating Centre for Social Care.

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the link. The more you read, the more you realise that the move to a ‘one size fits all’ totalitarian system is underway big-time. This sounded ominous:
      Quality and Outcomes Framework – NICE develops the clinical and health improvement indicators in the QOF, the Department of Health scheme which rewards GPs for how well they care for patients.
      If they can reward GPs, then they can also punish them.

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