The Pervasive Nature of Propaganda

There have been two things today which have alerted me. First, there was the quote from Harleyrider at Frank Davis’s site  Harley’s quote was a long one, but it illustrated the deviousness of organisations which have the intention of corrupting the public perception of, say, the desirability of a specific type of soap. For example. depending upon the amount of money made available to them, these publicity organisations can mount campaigns which have the objective of making the colour ‘green’ socially acceptible. That is, making the colour ‘green’ a lovely colour.

We need not accept this story as being true, but this story is illustrative of the general idea.

In this story, a tobacco company wanted to ensure that its green packets of 20 fags was seen to be ‘nice’. It hired a ‘publicity stunt’ company to do the job. What the publicity stunt company did was arrange lots of ‘events’, which had nothing to do with the tobacco company, but which promoted the colour ‘green’. The sort of events were displays in ‘top shops’ and engineered (and paid for) special events using celebrities, who all extolled the colour ‘green’.

It worked. The colour ‘green’ became the loveliest colour in the world – temporarily. That is, until some other publicity company could produce the colour ‘orange’ as the “in” colour.


On a population level, all of these ‘publicity stunts’ work. There are enough suckers. Let us contemplate the idea of ‘Enough Suckers’ for a moment. May I contend the suckers are middle-aged  people who have no expectation of improvements in their lives? I must be careful since the meaning of ‘improvements in their lives’ is entirely subjective. Is it true that people who are extremely wealthy would be ‘better off’ if they did not enjoy tobacco? Why?

But that idea extends to people who are poor. Why should they not enjoy tobacco?


We can all see the sense of the above, but what we have difficulty in seeing is the pervasion of Tobacco Control. Is a worm. It burrows through everything.

But it has a weakness, which is that it relies upon propaganda and nothing but propaganda.

Shaky Science, ‘cargo science’, junk science – all are grist to the mill of propaganda.

Weird, is it not, that ‘life expectancy’ has increased by leaps and bounds despite smoking.

Very weird.


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  1. garyk30 Says:

    Then there is this data.

    A lower percentage of smokers and a higher percentage of non-smokers over the last 70 years has resulted in more death and disease!!!

    First the smoking vs non-smoking percentages of adults in America..

    smokers = 45%
    non-smokers = 55%

    smokers = 44%
    non-smokers = 56%

    smokers = 31.7%
    non-smokers = 68.3%

    smokers = 24.5%
    non-smokers = 75.5%

    smokers = 21%
    non-smokers = 79%

    Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics — 2005 Update
    Page 32:
    Since 1965 smoking in the United States has declined by 47
    percent among people age 18 and older. (Health, United
    States, 2004, CDC/NCHS)

    Page 6:
    Hospital Discharges for Cardiovascular Diseases
    United States: 1970–2002

    1970= about 3.2 million
    (population was 203.3 million,CVD incidence rate of 1/63.5 people)

    2002= about 6.2 million
    (population was 290 million,CVD incidence rate of 1/46.8 people-this is a 26% increase over the 1970 incidence rate)

    Health,United States,2006
    Page 212
    Table 39 (page 1 of 3). Death rates for malignant neoplasms of trachea, bronchus, and lung, by age: United States, selected years 1950–2004
    [Data are based on death certificates]

    All persons: Deaths per 100,000 resident population
    All ages, age-adjusted

    1970 = 37.1

    2004 = 53.2

    This is a 43% increase in lung cancer deaths over a time period when smoking rates have decreased by about 50%!!!

    MAY 2005

    COPD Age Adjusted Death Rates Population, 1979-2002
    Age-Adjusted Death Rate per 100,000 Persons

    1979 = 24.2

    2002 = 42.0

    That is a 74% increase in COPD deaths.

    Source: Age Standardization of Death Rates: Implementation of the Year 2000 Standard. National Vital Statistics Reports, Vol. 47 No. 3.
    Additional Calculations Performed by the American Lung Association, Epidemiology and Statistics Unit.

    Smoke and the Asthma Epidemic:

    Date of original release: 7/17/00

    In the United States, the incidence of adult and childhood asthma has climbed to an unprecedented high during the past twenty years, while smoking and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke [ETS] have decreased significantly during the same period.

    “…Between 1980 and 1995, the number of people reporting asthma in the U.S. more than doubled (from 6.7 million to 13.7 million) , a 75% increase in the rate per 100,000 population. And, after a sharp increase beginning in the early 1990’s, the rate is still climbing.

    • garyk30 Says:

      “Then there is this data”, or should that be ‘these datum’ 😦

    • junican Says:

      Datum is the singular of data (as I am sure that you know).

      Nobody knows about the data which you quote because it is not sufficiently frightening. In effect, it means that everyone dies. What is supposed to be frightening is premature death. That has been the publicity trick which the Zealots have used to get the MSM interested.

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