It Was Bound to Happen

Another short post tonight – I have started harvesting! Only a little, at the moment – the bottom-most leaves which have been ‘shut off’ by the plants. (I read up about this. It seems that the plants ‘cork’ the junction between the leaves and the stem/stalk. That is, they block the supply of water and nutrients  to that particular leaf. In effect, that leaf is condemned to death) It will not be long before the main harvest can be collected in.


But that is not important until people seriously stop buying taxed tobacco. It is no wonder that there has not been a law in England which stops people growing their own. The ‘Philosophical’ idea is that People have the right to be self-sufficient. By ‘have the right’, I mean have the absolute right. Nothing and no one can deny a person that right.

It seems to me that The Tobacco Control Industry has, de facto, legitimised the hard drug industry. It has done so by exaggerating the harmful effects of the enjoyment of tobacco to such an extent that drugs like cocaine, taken only at the weekend in a party situation, are harmless.

They may be harmless, but “GOVERNMENT” forbids them.

Who is this godlike person named “GOVERNMENT”


Bigger political cock-ups have occurred, but none is more pathetic than the Smoking Ban.



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  1. J Brown Says:

    I have read something similar about the stalks as well. Apparently, when you cut down the entire plant to cure the leaves on the stalk, the stalk sucks the moisture from the leaves, in an effort to ‘keep living’ at the expense of the leaves. Interesting!!

    • junican Says:

      I read that in some places, it is the practice to chop the plants down and leave them lying in the field for several hours.What you say about the stalk sucking back moisture would explain why the leaves wilt during the course of one day.
      When I start harvesting the big leaves, provided that the weather is dry, I’ll be pegging them out on the washing line. They wilt nicely over the course of a couple of hours.

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