“The Crazies”

I am bogeyed.  I need sleep.

But before I go, I want to remind people.

There was a film called “The Crazies”. I have totally forgotten the plot, apart from the fact that ‘the crazies’ were zombie-like figures. As I recall, these figures had some sort of objective, which was unclear, but which involved killing as many people as possible and eating them. Wonderful, horrific stuff for terrifying ‘kids’.

But is it not true that ‘The Tobacco Control Industry’ is full to the brim with “Crazies”?

By “Crazies”, in this case, I mean deranged people who hold some sort of ‘high office’ but disintegrate and disappear upon the slightest whiff of tobacco smoke. There are also ‘kids’ who are affected likewise. In the USA in particular, there are lots of “Crazies” in Government Quangos

But at least they have the excuse of being in the USA. In the UK, there is no such excuse.


Slat at I am, but I am still aware that the EU is dependent entirely upon ‘A Treaty’, which has no ‘force’ at all. Is Cameron (and his ilk like Miliband) aware that the EU treaty can be ignored either in general or in detail? It is no more than a Treaty, and has no legality whatsoever.

My brain is hurting – and so to bed.


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