Another Break: The Plants: Another ASH Lie

The Site Administrator is away on another trip to Sunny Spain for a week. It will be pleasant to relax. I am taking my electronic chess set and a couple of books. One is Michael J Macfadden’s ‘Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains’ and the other is called ‘Atlantis’, which is about some guys who discover the lost city under the sea, from which a fair amount of skulduggery arises. This isn’t a cigs run – I did that in May. Actually, the May trip turned out to be fraught with difficulties, so you could truly call this trip a holiday to recover from a holiday.


So tonight’s post is lacking in serious content. I thought that I might update the plants saga.

Only a week ago, I posted this pic of plot 1:

2014-07-15 19.47.58

Here is the plot today:

2014-07-22 16.58.45

[The white thing is a 30 cm ruler for scale]

I’m pleased with the growth in only a week. Things are starting to look up.

ON the other hand, plot 2 is still rather in the doldrums. Last week:

2014-07-15 19.48.14

This week:

2014-07-22 16.59.19

There is some improvement, but not much. Both plots were treated exactly the same in preparation, so I suppose that it must be the the sunshine which is making the difference. Plot 1 faces South West and plot 2 faces North West and is rather shaded. But the plants are trying, so I expect that they will come along eventually.


I can’t resist having a dig at ASH. It seems that they have come up with another ‘proof’ that almost everyone, smoker and non-smoker would just love to see smoking banned in cars:

Not only do they lie about the content of the survey, they also lie by saying that they cannot divulge the source. Redhead… found the source in minutes, apparently. It was car-hire company. Hardly a surprise that a car-hire company would not want people smoking in its cars, is it? I wonder how the survey was conducted and how the questions were phrased? “Would you mind of we banned smoking in our cars so that they don’t get mucky and smell?”, might be a good question. “No, it wouldn’t bother me. I rarely smoke in the car anyway”, would be the obvious reply. A car-hire company has a perfect right to ban smoking in its cars if it wishes to do so. If it did a survey of its own for its own purpose, who could object? But to extrapolate their results to the general population, who might want to smoke in their own cars, is silly. Isn’t there a phrase for that sort of thing? Could it be “Clutching at straws”?


That’s it for now. Back in a week’s time.




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  1. legiron Says:

    My plants are firing on really well too. It’s all the warm weather. I hate it., they love it.

    What I mainly need now is a much bigger garden.

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