Militaristic Managerial Systems

I had a bit of a barny today with a district nurse today. Readers will remember that herself has MS and, at the moment, has some problems which require visits from the district nurse to change dressings. The lady who came today was new to the local district nurse group and was, indeed, not just a nurse, but a Sister (I wonder if there is a male equivalent of a Sister?) She didn’t know anything about the case and didn’t have time to read the notes, so she asked me what needed to be done. Fair enough – the needs were simply to change the dressings.

Herself had drifted down the bed somewhat and needed to be pulled up towards the bed-head. I did what I always do, which is what we call a ‘snatch-back’. Needless to say, no actual ‘snatching’ is involved. The process involves lowering the raise top part of the mattress so that it is flat, raising the knee area to elevate the lower limbs and then rather gently dragging her up the bed. It is very easy and little force is required.

The Sister said that she did not like me doing it because it was possible that I could dislocate B’s shoulder. I told that that was the way that I had always done it, but she insisted that she thought that it was “a bit dangerous”.

OK ….. Let it go ….. She’s just passing through …..

For various reasons, we put a puppy-pad under herself in bed. We have been doing so for ages and ages.

But she didn’t like that either. She said that it stopped the mattress from working properly (the mattress is one of those computer controlled air-mattresses which constantly change the pressure on different parts of the patient’s body). Now …. I know for a fact that what she was saying is rubbish, both because the nurses themselves suggested puppy-pad and help to put the puppy-pads underneath her, and because they have their own similar pads but puppy-pads work better, and because I have researched these mattresses on the net.

After she had changed the dressings, I said that we usually put a clean puppy-pad underneath herself, but she said that she would rather not.

OK …… The red mist was beginning to well-up, but I held myself in check, thinking that I would put a puppy-pad in place later on. She then proceeded to show me how best to move herself up the bed. She gripped the sheet on one side of the bed and I gripped it on the other side. Together, we lifted and moved the body up the bed. She was very pleased with herself, but the red mist was getting denser by the second. So I asked her who would help me to use the sheet-shifting method. “Oh, it will need two people”, she said. And so I replied, “And will you be coming round every time I need to do it?” Needless to say, she did not give an answer to that question.

The red mist took over somewhat. “I think that you are very bossy”, I said, “We do not have an inexhaustible supply of clean sheets. The puppy-pads are necessary to keep the bottom sheet clean. Also, I pull her back as I do, several times a day. I cannot wait and wait for someone else to arrive to help me. You’ve walked into my house for the first time and immediately started bossing me about. I do not like it. I need your name because I intend to complain”.

Thankfully, she back-tracked immediately. We rolled herself over and inserted a puppy-pad. We had a little chat and parted on good terms. She said that she had been a Sister for 23 years. “That is why you are so bossy!”, I said, jocularly.


This isn’t the first time that I have had a barny with a ‘Sister’. ‘Bossiness’ seems to be a trait, and they have no qualms about lying if that seems to be the easiest way to get what they want. It was this repetition of the barny which set me to think about the use of authority in such situations.

In industry, the boss has authority and what he says goes, but, even so, he would normally want to persuade rather than force. I asked myself ‘in what circumstances do orders become the normal way of getting things done’? Clearly, the military is such a case. I cast about in my mind for other examples, and it came to mind that monopolies are likely to have such militaristic tendencies, since they can get bigger and bigger without any competition, and they tend to be the only employers in that field (otherwise, they would not be monopolies).

What else is the NHS other than a monopoly? Yes, there are private medical establishments, but every taxpayer is obliged to pay for the NHS whether they want to or not. So, if you choose to go private, you do so at an additional expense. For the vast majority of people, the NHS is the only resource, and so, for them, the NHS is a monopoly. And so we can see how these ‘Sisters’ become so bossy. There are no ‘commercial imperatives’, like being nice to your customers, or telling the truth. There are no ‘contracts’ to be signed. the ‘bossy’ people get paid anyway, regardless of their overbearing attitudes. But is that also not a recipe for massive waste? Take the ‘Sister’s’ demand that puppy-pads should not be used. In that case, the bottom sheet on the bed would need to be changed daily, if not more often. How much would it cost to have such sheets washed, washed and washed again? How big would your stock of sheets need to be?

But is not Government itself a huge monopoly? ‘Privatising’ bits of the supply chain might be good, but not if that supply chain itself becomes monopolistic and open to bribery and corruption. In fact, the ‘Expenses Scandal’ showed that such corruption is endemic.

But the corruption is not just related to finance. As I have shown above, there arises a militaristic ‘bossiness’. Since the ‘customers’ have no alternative, you can tell them what to do. They must obey if they want the goods/services. Tobacco Control is a monopoly Industry. It got monopolistic Governments to enact monopolistic laws which silenced any substantive opposition (via the FCTC). Opposition from tobacco companies to this monopolistic control was labelled ‘unethical and profit-motivated lobbying’ and was banned. But the reality is that smokers, in their billions, were abandoned to rot. Not that tobacco companies gave a shit about their customers. That must be the biggest ‘faut pas’ in history.

And then there is this court judgement in the USA, which arrived at the conclusion that a 36 year-old got lung cancer because he smoked and that it was the fault of a tobacco company that he did so, and that the company was liable to massive fines in billions of dollars for those reasons. FACTS were clearly irrelevant in that case. Even the Tobacco Control Industry has not claimed that 36 year-olds are likely to get LC because of smoking. But, unlike our system of civil cases, the USA has a jury system to decide what is true and what is not. Thus, a collection of 12 individuals can decide, against all previous experience and knowledge, that a particular person got LC from smoking and nothing else, at an age where there is no evidence whatsoever of ’cause and effect’. This case shows the stupidity of having a jury to decide in such cases, and nothing else. It is possible for that person to have developed LC from smoking, but it is extremely unlikely. But the stupidity is even more evident if the USA Government itself were involved. The judgement awards a few million dollars to the complainant, but hit the tobacco company with billions of dollars in ‘punitive fines’. Suppose that it was the USA Government which was at fault? Would the punitive fines be in billions of billions of dollars? And to whom would the fines be paid, and who would pay the fines?

There again we have a monopolistic system. ‘Justice’ is itself a monopoly. By and large, it works very well, but that is only because of ‘the rules’ – of evidence, for example. But what happens when a jury finds a person ‘guilty’ when even the Judge’s summing-up says that the evidence is insufficient, or even that it proves the innocence of that person? “WE THINK THAT HE DONE IT, MI’LUD”. Cat among pigeons.


I have a driving principle in my thinking, which is that “crimes” are specific, but “wrongs and harms” are not. Thus, civil cases revolve around ‘the balance of probabilities’, whereas criminal case use ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.


Finally, as regards the USA system of having juries in civil cases, it is really the Judge’s job to tell the jury what decisions of FACT they can make. It is at this point where cases like the McTear Case become important, even though the McTear Case occurred outside USA jurisdiction. The Judge should have told the jury, unless the circumstances of the case were unusual, that it could not find the defendant guilty just on the basis of emotion.

But there is an added twist. It is not sufficient and acceptable, for such a jury to find a defendant simply guilty or not guilty. The jury must give legal reasons for the decision, otherwise, the decision is just a lottery. “All in favour of hammering tobacco companies?” 10. “All against?” 2. “Motion carried”. “Guilty, Your Honour, and so say all of us” Thus, a jury must have ‘legal advice’ as to what it can decide. On the face of it, the USA system is very, very democratic, but the reality is that it is both fascist and totalitarian, since it depends upon propaganda. Given the correct statistics, no jury with an independent mind would allow that a 36 year-old person could get LC via smoking, without actual physical proof.

And so tobacco companies will appeal, at no cost to their accusers, but at a cost to people who enjoy tobacco. Further, one way or another, the costs will eventually hit non-smokers just as hard. Why? Because all costs are passed down. The Zealots in local authorities of any kind are paid from ALL the contributions of taxpayers, including non-smokers. Non-smokers are paying more in taxes than they should be to finance the War on Tobacco. And they are financing the smugglers because their tax monies are being wasted on vastly expensive experiments.

But only Government has the power to call a halt. We saw yesterday how a Minister,  having been chucked out, spoke his mind and condemned the Climate Control lobby. I am amazed that the Health Secretary has not done likewise, even though he is invisible. He is a multi-millionaire, and so should not be influenced by the routine corruption in Zealot controlled MPs. What is the use of being a multimillionaire if you are a coward?


The horror scenario is that these gangs of MPs do not give a shit about anything at all. When civil war erupts, they will scarper. Civil War already exists, without big weapons – a bread-knife will do.  The BBC glosses over these things as though they do not exist. If these situations did not exist, why would it be necessary to introduce laws to ‘protect’ children? I admit that the above is a mess of ‘non-sequiturs’.

Finally, the Civil War will not be physical, apart from the odd airliner being destroyed.  It will be because a person, somewhere, will demand that this employer stops deducting income tax, and takes the matter to court. Interesting things start to happen in that case, especially as concerns immigrants.

To bed.



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  1. lleweton Says:

    Many sympathies in your battle. It seems to me that so much in the NHS these days is a matter of ‘going by the book, rather than looking at the individual patient. I’ve my own experience of that.

  2. Frank J Says:

    “the Civil War will not be physical”

    Correct. It will not even be a ‘war’. It will be because the populous start to ignore authority, going about their business in a normal manner, and the enforcement arms will refuse to act.

    • junican Says:

      That has happened before. I hope that the USA court case will shake things up a bit. It casts the whole of the Tobacco Control Industry in a very bad light indeed, provided that important people in Government there start to ask some very searching questions.

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    Good for you, Junican, that you did speak up!!!! Many relatives caring for a dear one don’t dare to…

    The horror scenario is that these gangs of MPs do not give a shit about anything at all. When civil war erupts, they will scarper.

    Of course they will!

    I often think that politicians do this job because they could not hack any other……

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