The BBC Ban E-cigs

From the Daily Mail:

BBC bans use of electronic cigarettes from all of its offices and studios across the country.

BBC has enforced blanket ban on use of electronic cigarettes in its offices.
Corporation said ban comes after advice from British Medical Association.
Follows in footsteps of JCB and Standard Life which has also banned e-cigs.

Since the BBC has a perfect right to ban e-cigs on its premises, the only really interesting thing is the reason – “Corporation said ban comes after advice from British Medical Association.” 

And what is the advice?

But others claim that they are ‘renormalising’ smoking and actually encourage people, including teenagers, to take up tobacco.”

Despite the headline saying “Corporation said ban comes after advice from British Medical Association.”, there is no direct attribution to the BMA. But if that ban is dependent upon BMA ‘advice’, then it is reasonable to ask what right has the BBC to inflict the BMA’s opinion upon its employees? “You cannot use an e-cig in this office because the BMA say that you will encourage children to take up smoking”. That is about the sense of it.

It would have been far more honest of the BBC to say that it has no particular reason to ban e-cigs, and that it has done so only to be ‘politically correct’, in the sense that using an e-cig looks a bit like smoking, and that it dare not confront the Medical Establishment.

What can vapers do?

Employees can do nothing, but if sufficient numbers of vapers made it their business to enter BBC premises, in public areas, they could blow the whole thing apart. This in not the same thing as smokers smoking in such premises since smoking is banned by edict. This is just having moral courage.

But I doubt that there are sufficient numbers of vapers who are aware and have the time and inclination to contest these impositions and persecutions. But we must always remember that the BBC bosses have the perfect right to ban sneezing and farting if they wish to. I see no problem there.

Vapers hold the ‘high moral ground’. They have done what the Medical Establishment has insisted that they do – give up smoking. These Medics have now ‘moved the goalposts’ to deny vapers the little pleasures of a bit of nicotine and some flavours. Vapers must fight like mad to hold their ground.


The comments on the Mail article are amazing. The vituperation addressed at vapers is exactly the same as was addressed at smokers. “Disgusting, filthy, stinking”, “Hopeless addicts”,  “Like kissing ashtrays”. “Sucking dummies”, etc. Pig-swill of that nature abounds. The sheer ignorance is astonishing – “Nicotine causes lung cancer”, etc.

But there were a couple of anomalies in the comments. One was this take:

“The MHRA has decided that e-cigs WILL be ‘medicines’ from 2016. What right has the BBC to stop people taking their ‘medicines’?” This is important since the MHRA has declared that it WILL regulate e-cigs as medicines from 2016.


All this nonsense started with the Smoking Ban. Be in no doubt. The Smoking Ban was always irrational. And I mean IRRATIONAL! That is because it attempted to ‘cure’ an extremely marginal potential for ‘disease’  among employees in places where people smoked, by banning the least likely cause of those diseases.

And so the hysteria continues…….


2 Responses to “The BBC Ban E-cigs”

  1. garyk30 Says:

    Seems that Vapers think that they will be immune to the death and diseases that are said to be ’caused’ by smoking.

    Silly twits, they just become ex-smokers and have no advantage.

    Doll’s Doctor Study shows that everyone has the about same probability of dying from the diseases said to be ’caused’ by smoking.

    Never-smokers = 84% of their deaths were from the diseases said to be ’caused’ by smoking.

    Ex-cig smokers = 85% of their deaths were from those same diseases.

    Current cig smokers = 85% of their deaths were from those same diseases.

    Ex-pipe/cigar smokers = 85% of their deaths were from those same diseases.

    Current pipe/cigar smokers = 84% of their deaths were from those same diseases.

    TC nannies are stupid, silly twits.

    • junican Says:

      You could go further. You could say that anyone who has been smoking for twenty or thirty years is doomed – unless they are lucky (literally) enough to survive. It was Doll who said words to that effect, although it was the other way round – ‘unlucky’ to get LC. Thus, taking up vaping in late middle age is a waste of time. But that does not mean that they should not do so, if it makes them happier and they enjoy it. That is their decision.
      It has been a consistent TC ploy to avoid timescales. “Smoking kills” is only half the story )if it is true at all. It should read, “Smoking kills provided that a person is lucky and survives long enough to be killed”

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