The Aristocracy

In times gone by, the Aristocracy described people who owned vast tracks of land – like 40,000 acres or more. They extracted rents from farmers, such that they ‘earned’, say, £4,000 per an, when £1 was the weekly wage of a labourer. It was this plenitude that enabled the landed gentry to build and maintain their vast mansions. This plenitude also enabled the more enterprising of the Aristocrats to establish ‘Estates’ in, say, the Caribbean islands.

WW1 put paid to many of these aristocratic ‘birth-rights’. But they are still with us. Ordinary people are still paying these Aristocrats vast sums of money via land rents which are now paid to corporations rather than individuals. I fail to understand why it is that we continue to accept the idea that any individual or corporation can  “OWN” land. The land belongs to THE PEOPLE as a whole. No one individual can OWN it. That is not to say that individuals or corporations cannot have the use of land, even if that usage is described as ‘for ever’. That merely means ‘for the foreseeable future’. The NATION should own the land, and it is the NATION which should levy land rents. Also, it is THE NATION which should own what is under the surface of the land, such as oil, coal, minerals. Anything other than that perpetuates the old-fashioned idea of Aristocracy.


But we have a new Aristocracy.

Instead of the word ‘Baron’ and ‘Lord’, the new Aristocracy has the words ‘Doctor’ and ‘Professor’. These ‘titles’ are handed out willy-nilly to anyone who is part of the Medical Establishment. This distribution of Titles extends to granting the Title of ‘Doctor’ (which is supposed to represent extreme learnedness) to anyone who shouts loud enough. Thus, Nathanson (who works for the BMA) was elevated to the Aristocracy ‘honoris causa’, in that she was proclaimed to be a ‘DOCTOR’. That means that her mates in tobacco control declared that she was AN ARISTOCRAT.

What therefore has happened is that nonentities, if they are able to string together plausible sound-bites, have become “Sirs”, and “Lords” and “Baronesses”.

Thus the Title of ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ has ceased to have any meaning.

Are there any genuine “Professors” any more?



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  1. brainyfurballert Says:

    We are like fleas arguing over ‘who owns the dog.’

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