Rejoice! The United States of Europe Won the World Cup!

I was thinking of this little post last night, but did not dare because Frank Davis wanted to watch the match on i-player or something.

The thought popped into my mind when I saw Angelic Miracle, chancellor of the Reichtagg (spellcheck does not like that spelling, but its alternative is ‘ Airfreight’ – Ah well) in the stands. She seemed to be doing a lot of cheering, considering that Germany is just a little State in the collective of the EUSSR. Do the USA have inter-state sport rivalries? I suppose they could have ‘county championships’ as we do in cricket. I would not know. It seems altogether wrong that she should be jumping about and cheering. Suppose that Holland had been playing instead of Argentina? What a terrible example she would have been giving – it is disgraceful.

Don’t you think that, from the point of view of European amalgamation, it is a terrible thing to have stuff like ‘The European Football Championship’, where states within the Glorious EUSSR compete with each other, and thus encourage nationalism? There again, I suppose that these minor, rather ancient allegiances serve the purpose of channelling aggression in a harmless way, thus allowing The Elite to carry on quietly amalgamating the nations into a single entity in more important matters, such as the strength of e-cig liquid.

Talking about the strength of e-cig liquid, I came across this tonight (h/t Redheadfullofsteam here). She linked to this report:

It is about the toxicity of e-cig liquids. It seems that toxicologists have decreed that the stronger liquids are no more toxic that washing-up liquid and the weaker ones do not register as toxic at all. So how did the EU Elite allow itself to be advised that these liquids were so toxic that the merest drop would kill children, so that they have to be reduced in strength to the extent that they are useless for proper smokers, must be encased inside impenetrable wrappings, and must be ‘leak-proof”?

Weird, isn’t it? I have a small bottle (10 ml) of wart-remover to hand. It contains ‘urea hydrogen peroxide’. It originally had a tear-off seal, but other than that it dispenses the ‘acid’ with a drop applicator. It is ‘leak-proof’ only to the extent of how tightly you screw the cap up after you have used it. I also have several cans of compressed lighter fuel. The cap is not easy to remove, and I suppose that it is designed to be that way, for the sake of the children, but, once the cap is removed, the extremely flammable, and toxic, vaporised liquid is easily dispensed. Oh, and each can contains 300 ml. Oh, and, of course, you can go to a petrol station and fill up a two gallon can with petrol with no ‘safeguards’ whatsoever – or you can syphon off petrol out of a car with the greatest of ease.

Am I saying that there is no need for any safeguards at all? No I am not. I am complaining about the over-regulation.


Cameron et al should be aware that the major problem with the EU is not about the big picture – all this stuff about ‘repatriation of powers’. If the shit hit the fan, then be in no doubt that the ‘powers’ would be repatriated with immediate effect, EU or no EU. In other words, the EU is no more that a Treaty, which can be terminated, unilaterally, by the UK at any time. And so can any part of it. There is no need to obtain ‘permission’ from Juncker, or Angelic Miracle.

I don’t think that Cameron et al understand. The UK is still strong, although not as strong as it used to be. But the answer to EUSSR encroachment, via a thousand cuts, is to cut the funding. Extract the UK from supporting stuff like tobacco control and climate control. Get the hell out of there by just stopping paying for the leaches. If Angelic Miracle wants to up the Germanic contribution, that is for her to decide. No negotiation needed. It would be a good idea to examine the workings of the World Bank at the same time. What is its purpose? Does anyone know? From what I understand, it is riddled with Zealots of one sort or another. But what is it FOR?


I get fed up. I get fed up with our elected representative passing repressive laws which, more and more, confine us to our homes. We are allowed out to shop, but only in approved shops. We are allowed out to go to pubs, but only in approved pubs. Such places, according to regulations, must be clinically proven to be ‘clean’. Is it any wonder that pubs are empty and cheerless and CLOSED?

But Youths have their own ways. It seems that they are mostly avoiding the regulated places. I have no idea where they go. No doubt they go to the equivalent of the ‘Palais de Dance’ of the era, whatever or wherever that may be. That may well be a place where there is no tobacco smoking (which one could describe as a gentle and harmless relaxant), but there is a plentiful supply of other energising substances, like cocaine and its derivatives, or even simple substances like Red Bull (mixed with something or other).


An interesting idea is that the EU is upside down, as is the World Bank, the UN, the WHO, the FCTC and the UPCC . All of them are upside down. Thus, these matters are not subject to academic slicing into tiny pieces. It is possible, for all we know, that,  in the lead up to WW1, lots of academics pontificated. I do not know. The same might be true of WW2. How can we be sure that German academics did not weigh up the strengths and weaknesses of France and Britain and conclude, and advise Hitler, that invasion and take-over were very likely to succeed?


You see, ‘very likely’ equates to ‘smoking harm’ and ‘SHS harm’. There is no certainty. In fact, the more that you contemplate, say, the Doctors Study, the more doubtful that you become. Sure, the study seemed to identify smoking as very influential in lung cancer. But, as garyk as pointed out, again and again, statistically, there is no difference to speak of between those doctors who smoked and those doctors who did not smoke, when it comes down to the ‘tobacco related diseases’ as the cause of death.  The implication is that these diseases are not ‘tobacco related’ at all, since they are not ‘tobacco specific’.

People die for ‘specific’ reasons and not for ‘related’ reasons. There is no such thing as a ‘tobacco related’ disease.





9 Responses to “Rejoice! The United States of Europe Won the World Cup!”

  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    “of the Reichtagg ”


  2. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    ps ReichstAG might be a more appropriate spelling. (a weak pun for your German speaking readers, AG means something like ‘plc’ a listed company).

    • junican Says:

      Thanks for the correction. The alternative of ‘airfreight’ amused me so I’ll leave the blog as it is.
      “UK Plc” was an amusing soundbite used by politicians for a while a few years ago. Perhaps a new soundbite could be “UK Ngo”.

  3. J Brown Says:

    “Do the USA have inter-state sport rivalries? I suppose they could have ‘county championships’ as we do in cricket. I would not know.”

    Absolutely. All US professional sports (baseball, football, basketball, etc.) are based on inter-state rivalries…….

    • junican Says:

      I thought that it must be so. Is that the reason that a few states are competing by NOT introducing smoking bans while others are competing as who can be most draconian?

  4. beobrigitte Says:

    Rejoice! The United States of Europe Won the World Cup!

    Not quite. Remember that Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, England were there, too.

    But it’s quite an interesting aspect; the United States of Europe. WOW! Would there be any point in the world cup anymore? It gets boring if the same team wins each time!!! The players that “we” would have in this team…… *priceless*
    (Couldn’t resist)

    It is about the toxicity of e-cig liquids. It seems that toxicologists have decreed that the stronger liquids are no more toxic that washing-up liquid and the weaker ones do not register as toxic at all.

    Indeed. However, tobacco control does not like that. To them “vaping reminds of smoking” and therefore we can’t have e-cigs, too. Despite:

    Tobacco control kills itself. Perhaps the motley crew that makes up the EU dictatorship needs reminding of that.

    • junican Says:

      In theory, I suppose that each individual state in the USA could enter a team in the world cup. Why not? The individual states cling jealously to their self-government ideals. In fact, why should not each state have its own representative in the UN? Each European state does, and the EU has an additional one of its own, despite the fact that it is merely the product of a temporary arrangement (a treaty).
      Redhead….. was right. The TCI stood on a three-legged stool: health concerns re smoking itself, health concerns re SHS and nicotine addiction. E-cigs have removed two of the legs (no health concerns and no SHS). All that is left is addiction. Not how, in the last couple of years, addictiveness has been promoted violently, especially as regards youths. “Do you want your son/daughter addicted for life?”, they cry. “More addictive than heroin”, they scream. But e-cigs have shown that the addiction is not significant at all. In fact, in some ways, nicotine is a gift from God! Isn’t it? It helps people to relax and sharpens the brain. What is there not to like?

  5. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Testing Testing …. OMG! I have to get off the internet! I think there’s passive vaping coming through the internet WiFi!


    • junican Says:

      Don’t knock it, MJM. At least this experiment has shown that your comments CAN get through.
      Let’s ride with it and be aware.

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