Is there a ‘Carry Nation’ in Majorca?

For those people who are not aware, Carry Nation was a crazy female loon in the USA who, during the run up to prohibition, ran amok. She regularly went into saloons (bars) with a sledge hammer and wrecked them. There again, it is hard to imagine bar owners allowing her to do so with impunity, so the whole story of Carry Nation may be a typical anti exaggeration. Maybe she got to smash a couple of windows or chairs before someone jumped in.

The connection is that someone in Majorca is doing a bit of vandalism against tobacco. Readers will be aware that my practice is to take a few days holiday in Majorca from time to time and stock up with half-price fags (for my own and wifey’s use, of course). That is what I did in May, buying some 30 sleeves of 200. A couple of days ago, I was quite surprise to find that a sleeve which I was about to open seemed to have dust inside it. I could see it through the cellophane outer packaging. Very strange, but not to bother. I opened the sleeve and extracted a packet of 20. When I took the first fag out of the packet, I was surprised to find that it was lacking in tobacco. Very odd. Also, there were black dots on the cig which would not brush off. Weird….. Only on donning my specs did I find that the black dots were holes. My initial thought was that the manufacturer’s machine must have malfunctioned, but that did not make much sense. It then occurred to me that perhaps a zealot had jabbed the sleeve with a needle or something, but there were no signs of needle holes on the packet. Only upon closer examination did I observe that the sleeve itself had been tampered with. The tamperer had been very clever. He/she had slit the packaging and that individual packet with something like a razor blade along the side of the packet very close to the edge. The slit was almost invisible. The tamperer had then inserted a needle of some sort and prodded it about, puncturing the cigs. Very clever, but for what purpose? Perhaps the perpetrator thought that I might discover this damage and scream, “SHIT! I SHALL NEVER BUY FAGS IN MAJORCA AGAIN!” Or maybe it thought that I would scream and shout at the owners of the shop. But why should I? What the perp did not realise is that I have my little ‘making’ machine. Thus, the contents of the 18 damaged fags are now in my baccy tub awaiting recycling. The ‘modus operandi’ seems to indicate that the perp did not want to inconvenience the shop, otherwise it would have just jabbed lots of sleeves with a penknife or something. It wanted to inconvenience the purchaser.


What I find interesting, psychologically, is that the perpetrator cannot possible know what the consequences of its actions might be, so where is the fun? It might be caught in the act, and suffer the consequences, but what is the point if there is neither gain nor fun?


Thinking along the same lines, it struck me that something similar must apply to the likes of Chapman and Glantz and co. What is the ‘fun’ that they gain from their endeavours? There can be none because they have no idea of the effects of their endeavours on individuals. ‘Populations’ are not individuals – they are ‘things’. There can be little pleasure to be obtained from changing a thing in some way, except for gain. It follows therefore that Chapman and Glantz et al get their fun and pleasure from counting their money.

That is ….. unless they are ‘Carry Nations’. In that case, they get their fun and pleasure from simple acts of vandalism.




I have talked about this before. Part of the WHO, EU, DoH attack on cigs is to identify the ‘choke point’ where tobacco companies can be most easily damaged. These people have identified multiple ‘choke points’, as we have observed over the years. The constant imposition of new regulations, a couple of decades ago, via advertising bans, package design, nicotine and tar limitations, etc, were deliberately intended to be disruptive. None of these ploys worked very well, and so it came to pass that a new ‘choke point’ was envisaged. This ‘choke point’ required wholesale, Nazi-type, totalitarian, fascist propaganda and laws – which lead to the smoking ban.

And it came to pass – PUBLICANS, PRIVATE CLUBS, RESTAURANTS, ETC FELL FOR IT. A couple of suckers were too stupid to realise that their attempts to circumvent the law were absolutely the worst possible way to do it. One of them (local to me, and whose pub I visited) put up a notice which said, “The law is that smoking is not allowed in this place. If you do smoke, it is at your own risk”. The fool! By saying ‘at your own risk’, he ‘permitted’ smoking. The fool! And this was the guy that we idiots contributed to in order to pay his fine and get him out of prison! When I went to his pub, and saw that sign, I knew IMMEDIATELY that he had condemned himself. Did he take legal advice? What he should have done is plaster the place with notices and pictures saying, “SMOKING IS BANNED”, but not actually interfering with people who decided to disobey.

When we think about the reaction of the ‘wet-led’ pubs and clubs to the smoking ban, we see a very significant lack of planning. That is not surprising since the Zealots deliberately including exemptions which were withdrawn at the last minute. Also, the association supposedly representing publicans was weak.

But there was an answer which no one thought of at the time. That was to exaggerate the law’s demands. Publicans, had they been aware, could have, literally, plastered the walls of their pubs, and their doors with ‘NO SMOKING’ notices. Masses of them, all over the walls, ceilings and doors. And then put saucers on the tables. But, as we know, it was also part of the Master Plan to delude publicans into the belief that they would be inundated with non-smoking customers.


I shall be very surprised (if I survive long enough) if there is not some sort of ‘roll back’. ‘Roll back’ occurs when the negative becomes positive, or at least neutral.

The ‘Carry Nations’ of this world are the likes of Andrew Black, who is EMPEROR of the Health Dept. The (elected) Secretary of State for Health hangs upon his every word. Eventually, of course, he will move on. He will probably become a board member of Imperial Tobacco. A Black will have to move on when it becomes apparent that he is a charlatan – a disgusting, stinking, filthy charlatan, and, very possibly, guilty of ‘child sexual abuse’. How do we know otherwise? The mere fact that an Australian wanker is EMPEROR of the Health Dept is suspicious. Why were Stanton Glantz and Simon Chapman rejected for the position?



I have drifted from the ‘Carry Nation’ of Majorca, but the blandishments of the WHO, the EU, the World Bank. etc, indicate that they are all just ‘public notices’. They cost billions, but are no more that posters on walls (apart from their unearned wealth).





5 Responses to “Is there a ‘Carry Nation’ in Majorca?”

  1. harleyrider1978 Says:

    It pretty well leaves the moniker on anti-smoking advocates as Nazis all the way to the death camps!

    However, Proctor does conclude that β€œthe Nazi campaign against tobacco was as fascist as the yellow stars and the death camps.”


    Whats worse a Carrie Nation or another Hitler and Glantz

    They should all rot in Hell Fire

    • junican Says:

      That was quick, Cousin! I have only this minute published it.
      It is becoming more and more obvious every day that Circus Clowns are in control.
      That is fine – who cares? Nothing will change. Except that American soldiers will die. That may be an exaggeration, but it seems to be true.
      A bit late for me. I’m off to bed.

  2. harleyrider1978 Says:

    Ya as the worlds so called peace keeper its American GI blood they use to grease the wheels of the one world order! Thank god Im no longer serving because id be turning the guns on the politicians in BRUSSELLS.

  3. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Junican, I hope you have not disposed of the packet, and also that you have not yet smoked any of the suspect tobacco. I would *strongly* advise that you investigate to find out who best to contact and then contact the proper authorities immediately. We’ve seen enough Anti speculation about poisoning cigarettes as a means of reducing smoking that it’s entirely possible that some nut is doing exactly that.

    Of course it’s also possible that someone is just doing what you seem to suspect: i.e. just put a “scare” into smokers, but it seems unlikely. And finally, it’s also *possible* (but I’d say even more unlikely) that it’s just a quirk in the manufacturing process.

    Please get this investigated: SERIOUSLY!

    Also: re Carrie Nation: Yep, she was dead serious. I think the best account I’ve seen of her activities was in Chris Snowdon’s “The Art Of Suppression.” Fascinating read, not just about her, but about the moves against opium, psychedelics etc etc as well. HIGHLY recommended for giving some insight into the mental processes of Antis of various stripes throughout history.


  4. garyk30 Says:

    Carrie started by throwing stones and went to the more efficient axe.
    She sold minature axes to raise money.

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