Erm … Farage ‘spanking’ the EU: The Last of my Home-Grown: Holding the High Ground

At the moment, I cannot put a title to this post. The reason is that, yesterday, what seemed like a good subject for a post popped into my mind, but, unfortunately, it almost immediately popped out again, and I spent yesterday evening trying to bring the thought back. I failed, which is the reason for no post last night.

All day today, between doing jobs around the house, moving some seedlings from the propagator to pots, making some thingies, feeding pets, recovering from dragging a new for daughter 3 upstairs yesterday which brought on a sciatica twinge (I have learned to STOP! at the first twinge – it is the only way to avoid serious pain in the back), etc, I let my mind roam about hoping that the thought would crawl back in there – no joy so far.

So I’ve been reading lots of other blogs. Dick Puddlecote has a good list in his sidebar (here). Thanks to that, I came across Farage’s maiden speech in the new EU parliament at Raedwald’s place (here):

It is a joy to behold. His ‘put-down’ of the guy who stood to complain that Farage ought not to be there if he felt as he did, was wonderful.

He castigated ‘David’ (without saying that he was talking about Cameron) for digging a hole for himself regarding the appointment of Junker, but rather than stopping digging when the hole was deep, he carried on digging until slapped by Merkel.


(No signs of the idea yet!)


It saddens me to report that I am now using the last of my home-grown stuff for this year. But it has lasted just about as long as I estimated, using it as part of of a ‘blend’. This years efforts are well under-way. I was checking back on my pics from last year. It is easy to forget, and so I was pleased to see that the plants are in a similar condition to last year’s, even though I am almost a month behind, which means that I will probably not get fully grown plants. But that doesn’t matter an awful lot since the most important parts of the plants are the really big leaves. The leaves near the top of the plants are quite small. viz (from last autumn):

2013-08-16 16.30.01


In that pic, I have already stripped the plants of most of the biggest, bottom leaves, which are sufficiently mature to be picked after a few months. (By the way, the plants with decent sized leaves on the right of the pic were new plants which came from my reserve last year) I have 40 seedlings in reserve. As I said earlier, I potted up 8 of them today.

But I must admit that the slugs did a lot of damage so I am not sure what is in store.


Still no inkling.


I see that the e-cig WAR is hotting up all the time. Note that I use the word ‘WAR’. We smokers have been overwhelmed by the Nazi storm-troopers again and again so that we have lost umpteen battles, but have not yet been defeated and annihilated.  The fighting between the pro-ecig warriors and the anti-ecig warriors is a WAR with defeat facing either one or the other. At first sight, the ANTZ have the biggest guns, being corrupt politicians and money galore, but they have not yet won a battle. True, they got a few EU restrictions, but none of those restrictions have yet been implemented as far as I know. For example, in the tobacco directive, the limit on the strength of liquid is supposed to be 20mg/ml. That was a compromise, but the compromise was not based upon science – it was a figure plucked out of the air – “We say 2, and you say 50. Let’s settle on 20”. Erm …. NO!…… That may have been the political compromise, but it was ill thought-through. “Shall we execute this innocent person with a bow and arrow or a bomb? Let’s compromise and shoot him with a rifle” Vapers are innocent and hold the ‘high, moral ground’. The Zealots have been trying to change the topic from smoke to nicotine in order to dislodge vapers from the ‘high, moral ground’. Vapers must be absolutely uncompromising. They hold the high moral ground and must not surrender it. Vapers have to ignore academics like Glantz et al and their statistics, and go to the top. In the UK, that is politicians and ministers who propose and enact legislation. Glantz et al neither propose nor enact legislation. The likes of NICE (Best Medical Practices) and MHRA (medicine regulation) need to be side-lined. They are not really involved until legislation has been enacted.

It is important for vapers to stop the implementation of the e-cig part of the tobacco control directive. It was ill-thought out in the first place and the compromises just made things worse. Someone like Clive Bates (here) knows far more about it than I (since I am a disgusting, filthy, stinking, undead smoker).

A vaper who wishes to complain about the tobacco directive, as concerns e-cigs, should point out, in the first instance that, regardless of what MPs might imagine, the Lisbon Treaty is only  a treaty. It is a temporary agreement with no legal force whatsoever. That is important, and even MPs struggle to understand that. The simplest way to get to grips with that idea is to remember that ‘no parliament can commit a subsequent parliament’. Note that there is no need for capital letters because the idea is so simple. After the next General Election, the elected parliament could repeal every law which has ever been passed, if it wished to do so. EU ‘treaty obligations’ have no force in themselves. Only when the UK parliament enacts a law does a ‘treaty obligation’ take effect. If the UK decided not to enact such a law, nothing whatsoever would happen, other than the discomfort of the European, Totalitarian, Fascist Elite. Why do Cameron, Miliband and Clegg worship at the feet of the EU elite? Either they are traitors, stupid or charlatans. I don’t mean those words as mere insults. I mean them literally. ‘Traitors’ because they are making ‘The Queen’ (aka the ‘Head of State of the United Kingdom’) subject to laws inflicted upon her by the EU Elite; ‘stupid’ because they do not know what treaties are; ‘charlatans’ because they are gaining personal advantage or expect to (which might be just the good feeling of ‘doing the right thing’ when combined with ‘WINNING!).

It would be silly for a vaper to go to such lengthy explanations because no MP would get past the first sentence, so better to abbreviate it to something like:

Dear MP,

I am sure that you know that no parliament can commit a future parliament, and so I am sure that you know that the Government of the UK has absolute authority as to whether or not to enact laws which implement EU directives or not, or to repeal them or not.  Were that not so, then The Queen would be subject to the EU. 

And to go on:

There is an EU directive which is a mess of compromises regarding e-cigarettes. I, as a person who has stopped smoking using an e-cig, am writing to ask you to OPPOSE the implementation of that directive as regards e-cigs in its entirity. Even if the Lisbon Treaty suggested that the UK MUST implement EU directives, (which it does not, since it has no authority to do so), there must always be taken into consideration Common Law, our Constitution (Magna Carta) and our individual right to be as self-sufficient as we can be. 

We vapers DO NOT POLLUTE THE ATMOSPHERE. Some Zealots have said otherwise, but proper scientific studies have shown that that is not true. If there is any nicotine emitted, it is minuscule, and there is no smoke whatsoever. 

I am asking you to disregard political ploys in this matter. This is not a game. We vapers have stopped inhaling smoke, with all its inherent toxins. Any obstacle placed before us is an obscenity.

Yours ….. 

To emphasis this, my grandson and his girlfriend visited us for a few days. He has turned 21. Surprisingly, to me, he produced an e-cig.  I tried it and it was quite nice. Needless to say, he cadged a few fags off me, but (and here is the important thing as regards smoking bans), he had no ‘shame’ in puffing on his e-cig at the bar in the pub. In the innocence of youth, he saw none of the political mumbo-jumbo.

For is that not what the anti-ecig ‘concern’ is – political mumbo-jumbo? Was it not political ‘mumbo-jumbo’ which the Medical Officer of Wales spouted when she said, “WE DO NOT KNOW”? BOLLOCKS! When the usefulness and ways of creating electricity were  discovered, people like her would have been in the fore-front of demanding a ban on that devilish ‘substance’. “We do not KNOW”, she would have said.

She was, is and will be incompetent, if only because she is POLITICAL. Such people are leaches. You have every right to hate them because, as leaches, they feed off you.


But vapers have a serious problem, which is that almost none of them care whether or not vaping is banned, as revealed by the lack of comments on vaper sites. This is not the same as ‘the inept smoker’ problem since smokers are disgusting, filthy,stinking, and their views are of no consequence. The simple fact is that most vapers are secret vapers.


The reality is that drinkers, eaters, vapers, smokers have ‘common cause’, which is our human right, and our right in English Common Law to do as we wish. I fail to see how the smoking ban complied with these ABSOLUTE DEMANDS of English Common Law. Scotland has its own Common Law, and God Bless It.


The fact is that, in a peculiar way, Statute Law cannot override Common Law, no matter how it tries. Thus, Statute Law cannot permit murder. It can permit war against an external enemy, but cannot permit civil war. Thus, Statute Law cannot forbid a citizen from being SELF-SUFFICIENT.


Still cannot remember.





4 Responses to “Erm … Farage ‘spanking’ the EU: The Last of my Home-Grown: Holding the High Ground”

  1. cherie79 Says:

    I get all my exercise going up and down stairs because I can’t remember why I went up in the first place!

  2. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Junican, I predict you will remember JUST as you’re falling into a deeply restful and pleasurable dream state of sleep. I hate it when that happens! :/

    In terms of “A treaty is only a treaty.” I am also reminded of the way the US squeaks ‘n squeals about the UN’s agreements as if they were immutable laws, while at the same time feeling it has the right to simply ignore the ones it doesn’t like: e.g. the ban on clove cigarettes in violation of the World Trade Organization treaties/agreements.

    – MJM

  3. harleyrider1978 Says:

    Actually Cousin I cant think of a battle we ever lost………….the Nazis have quit even fighting us any longer in the trenches. Oh you can find the occassiaonal Nazi who will whimper a post back,but the battles are won the debate is over and we won………..Today all they’ve left is simply their hatred of smokers. Weve reduced them to just that!

  4. harleyrider1978 Says:

    If you can find an actual fight let me know and post it on FB…………then a hundred souls will show up each with his or her own expert points…………they cant debate us and they know it!

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