The Undead

Yours truly became seventy five years old yesterday, 27th June. I seem to be one of the 50% of smokers who have still to die prematurely. Having failed to die prematurely, I must be undead. Not exactly alive, nor exactly dead. Somewhere in between.


Being undead has its advantages. Once you pass the median point of statistical analysis, as a smoker, you are in a sort of limbo. There is no reason that you should not remain undead for ever and ever. All the statistical dangers of smoking have passed you by. If you do cease to be undead, and become truly dead, then it cannot possibly have anything to do with  smoking. Here is that graph again:   img002 (I suppose that I should apologise for showing it so often, but it is rather crucial. Doll’s original graph was ‘squashed up’ and did not show the period from birth to 35 years old. Also, it was reversed – it showed survival rates rather than death rates. Here it is: img003 [The ‘square blocks’ are my additions so that I could better estimate the numbers] I don’t know if the ‘squashing up’ was deliberate – intended to give a false impression of a gradual process. It could have been because that trick has been used elsewhere. To be clear about what I mean, look at the vertical axis on the left. Note that around 5 millimetres indicates 10% dead. Now see the horizontal axis. There, about 5 millimetres indicates 5 years. To see the difference more clearly, take a piece of paper or something and block off the part of my graph, on the left, from 0 to 35. Thus we can see that the process of ageing and dying is not the least bit gradual. There is a sudden change around the age of 50. Nothing much at all happens until then. Between the ages of around 60 and 70, is the optimum separation between ‘premature’ death of the heaviest smokers and non-smokers – about 10 years. BUT NOTE CAREFULLY that, before and beyond that period, the rates of deaths are almost identical. The parallel nature of the lines, after the initial divergence, indicates that smokers and non-smokers, for whatever reason, were dying at the same rate. One should also note that, even on Doll’s survival graph, there were still heavy smokers alive at the age of 85/90.

It is curious that Doll’s survival graph suggests that 33% on non-smokers were still alive at the age of 85. Well, bully for them! Imagine the State Pensions that they had been drawing! Imagine all the NHS care that they would have required! But wait – is there a more logical possibility. Perhaps not only smokers became undead after the median age. Perhaps non-smokers also became undead. As I understand it, Doll relied upon the the Medical Register to inform him of the deaths of doctors. How do we know that the Medical Register did not simply ‘lose’ long-time retired doctors? Suppose that many of them retired to foreign parts or to the seaside? They would still be considered to be alive long after they were dead, until someone crossed them off the list. Who is going to search diligently to associate names of deceased persons here and there with doctors? I mean, who knows? Thus, it isn’t the death rates of heavy smokers (and smokers generally) in the Doctors Study, up to a certain age that I question. It is especially the death rates of non-smokers which are very uncertain. Regardless of that, the question arises of how happy the doctors were. No one knows. Nor does anyone know whether the aged non-smoking doctors were ill for a long period of time before they eventually succumbed to the effects of age corruption of the body.


Damn it! I had no intention of digressing so! Everything these days seems to point to a State decision to regard anyone of a given age as the undead. The vast majority of ‘real’ doctors will see their enrolled patients as people, and respond to their health worries according to the symptoms, but the Health Zealots have already declared that anyone over a certain age is undead. But, it is clear from Doll’s version of the graph, that anyone under the age of 35 is also undead. That is, there is no consideration of why smokers are not instantly decimated by ‘no safe level’ of tobacco smoking. Someone starting to smoke at age 17 has to wait for 20, 30, 40 years, or never, to experience the suicide of smoking.

It may seem to be odd that we undead are still able to speak. In fact, we become noisier by the day. The Zealots have it wrong when they they think that the undead will fade away and become truly dead. The reason is that the numbers of undeads is rising all the time. There are undead drinkers and undead fatties, as well as undead smokers. This so silly! Think of ‘past, present and future’. None of them exist. The ‘past’ no longer exists. The ‘future’ has not yet existed. The ‘present’ is literally, an infinitely short period of time between past and future. I mean ‘INFINITELY’ short. The present is so short in time that our human perceptions are too slow to experience it. That means that we only experience the past. We experience it as a memory of what was, for an infinitesimally small period of time, the PRESENT.


But there is something weird about we undead. We seem, somehow, to be able to think. Funny that. Unlike politicians, we seem to be able to see that employing vast numbers of people to create regulations which restrict industry and commerce and individual freedom is  counter-productive. These employees have, as their aim, the reduction of initiative and invention. They draw their salaries for DAMAGING industry and initiative. But the undead do not have to be smokers, drinkers and fatties. They might just as well be anyone who disputes the Healthist Agenda. All who agree are alive – those who disagree are the undead.


We need a new politics – a politics of RESOLVE. The Cameron/Clegg/Miliband template of waffle, waffle, waffle, will no longer do. What I see is obvious, and devolves from the nature of Treaties. Their is no need for intricate discussions. The UK can withdraw its consent to any facet of any Treaty at any time. It is up to other parties to the Treaty to impose sanctions if they dare to. I am not sure whether or not Cameron/Miliband/Clegg are deliberately destroying our nation. Their actions, regardless of what they say, suggest that they are.


7 Responses to “The Undead”

  1. legiron Says:

    Yesterday? Happy Afterbirth day.

  2. brainyfurball Says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary of your unreturn. .

  3. cherie79 Says:

    Happy birthday I made 72 on the 10th. This is sadly the age my never smoking, non drinking retired sports instructor mother died from a stroke. Her sister, a smoker since age 10 is 89 and still doing ok. Makes you wonder.

  4. lysistratatheoriginal Says:

    A belated very happy birthday, Junican! Much love from one currently undead to another. L/C x

  5. junican Says:

    Something went wrong with WordPress and everything somehow got bunched up. I’m sure that I put a title in, but it was missing when opened up today.
    I’ve done my best to put things right.

  6. smokingscot Says:

    Well you’re now the very best zombie there is in the ether.

    May you remain so for several decades come.

    If for no other reason than to get your full share out of the State pension scheme.

    Oh, and to improve our day with a jolly good blather!

  7. Rose Says:

    Happy Birthday for the other day, Junican

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