“One Size Fits All”

In some areas of thinking, it can sometimes take an awful long time to grasp a truth. Such a truth is that “one size fits all” is THE ONLY justification for smoking bans.

I have talked before about “one size fits all”, but under the heading of ‘totalitarianism’. It is easy to fall into the trap of describing a real phenomenon in terms of ‘isms’. Intellectually, there is nothing wrong with describing these phenomena as ‘isms’, apart from the fact that, by doing so, the phenomena cease to be ‘real’. Thus, when Stalin introduced his ‘reforms’ of farming in Russia, and thereby collectivised agriculture, the appalling effects in terms of starvation and suffering could be overlooked by those who criticised that policy. Once those deaths were assimilated into the idea of ‘totalitarianism’, individual deaths and suffering were of no further importance. I suppose that it is inevitable that certain people, especially academics, will wish to compartmentalise such phenomena.

But there is a huge difference between compartmentalising, say, phenomena in physics and compartmentalising suffering and death.

“One size fits all” is a simply way to describe ‘totalitarianism’, but I have no doubt in my mind that it is far more effective to describe the demands of The Tobacco Control Industry as “one size fits all” than as ‘totalitarian’.

I suppose that the same applies to ‘fascism’. The probability is that few people today know what that word means. But if you explain it as ‘Total State Authority Regardless of Law”,  there is a chance that they might understand the iniquities of ‘fascism’. In the same way that we can describe ‘totalitarianism’ as “one size fits all”, we can describe ‘fascism’ as “State Authority is Absolute”.


Combining the two, we see the statement: “The State has the absolute right to insist upon everyone being treated as though they were all precisely the same physically”. From that combination of totalitarianism and fascism has come the Health Dictatorship and World Domination via Health.


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  1. moss Says:

    Junican, firstly, thank you very much for the above comment – precise, and to the point. And you are right in thinking that people don’t quite understand the full meaning of certain words. Regrettably, words get over-used and become understood in passing without any thought to the depth of their true meaning
    If I were to mention the word ‘Holocaust,’ It would probably register as (a bad time for the Jews). And therefore people would move on to an area within their comfort zone. In all truth, I am such a person because I know fully, what the word really means.

    Junican attempts to dumb down, the word, ‘totalitarianism,’ when he uses the phrase – ‘one size fits all’. Good on ya, Juni!

    At this juncture, I place my own experience of ‘one size fits all ‘on the altar of judgement for our BSC’s readers.
    Quite some years ago when I was working, I was struck down with what was termed, by my general practitioner, as an, ‘Arthritic flare up’. This meant that all the upper body joints were affected by arthritis. This being diagnosed, I was prescribed a new drug that had just come on to the market.
    Being totally incapacitated, I was unable to go to work, and to say the least – in great pain.
    It would have been the day after when I took the first tablet. This was just before me, and a close friend went to visit a second hand book shop which had just opened. The shop was little more than two hundred yards from my home.
    By the time I’d entered the shop, I was in deep trouble with a dreadful chest pains, but somehow I managed to find a chair.
    My companion at the time, asked if he should phone for an ambulance for assistance.
    My only concern at the time was for my family, and her indoors. whether I voiced this or not, I’m not sure, but I remember being placed on the couch in my living room by my friend, and the assistant from the book shop. Where upon ,the Doctor was sent for..
    Upon his arrival, it was diagnosed that my body had undergone a (cardiac rejection of the drug). (Would you believe?) And there I was still throwing punches – I survived! The tablets were snatched from my dear wife’s hand and deposited down the Jon/ toilet, with the following statement of, “don’t let him take any more of those!’

    Upon returning to work, I was asked by a female work colleague as to why I had been absent. After going in to detail as to the why, she sort of took a step backwards, and said – “I’m on those tablets” and with some sort of delight – added “the’re fantastic!” I genuinely, couldn’t believe what she was saying!
    She was half my size, and a quarter of my strength. Obviously, what was her savior at that time, was in truth, my killing demon:
    “One man’s meat, is another man’s poison'”.
    We are not all the same ,in any respect. And never, but never can one size fit everyone.

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