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It is a matter of fact that, like Leg Iron, I am a bit of a dipsomaniac. Not an alcoholic, but a close relative. For example, I have just consumed a bottle of red and have now gravitated to a bottle of brandy that my daughters bought me for fathers’ day, plus a box of chocs. I am easily pleased.

I have been vaguely involved in a bit of an argument in a couple of places tonight. Nothing serious. Well, not serious unless you consider the idea of the existence of God to be not serious, in which case, you have to explain existence. From time to time, I have asked the question: “What is Space?” It appears to be ‘nothing’. ’emptiness’, ‘non-existence’, but that cannot be true. Space is A THING, simply because it exists. It is strange that even Einstein did not dare to say that. He did not dare to say that space itself is distorted by the gravity produced by massive bodies. What he said was that ‘there exists a ‘gravitational field’, and that this field, in space, distorts ‘space and time’. He dared not describe SPACE. Space exists, and therefore it must be ‘a thing’, but physicists have shied away from trying to describe the properties of Space. They do not know, and, unfortunately, refuse to admit it.


I am not sure, but I think that “Natural Law” is incorporated into Christianity in a theological way. “Thou shalt not steal” is fine, unless what you steal is absolutely necessary to survive. Niceties of this idea would point to raiding supermarket cast-outs. By the Natural Law, you have an absolute right to survive, as best you can. No politician can deprive you of that right. That is the NATURAL LAW. In the simplest way, no politician has the right to force you to starve to death, no matter how many votes he received, even if he specifically stated that he intended to starve people to death.

NATURAL LAW over-rides Statute Law. Or rather, Statute Law cannot over-ride Natural Law. If that were not the case, then Parliament could legitimise and legalise MURDER.


As far as I am concerned, I shall obey NATURAL LAW. I shall do what I wish to do in order to be ‘self-sufficient’. I do not need some sort of ‘approval’ from the State. I have a human right – Nay, I have a NATURAL RIGHT. My natural rights do not depend upon EU prescriptions or EU prohibitions.



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  1. moss Hart Says:

    Junican, re: Space and Time. I remember asking my ageing grandfather to describe, time and space. At that time his faculties were fading somewhat. And yet, surprisingly his answer was more reliable than Einstein, Jung, Descartes, or any of the scientists of the time.
    “Time and space,” he said, “are the grey area – between pension days.” I was 65 yrs old before I understood fully what that meant!

  2. brainyfurball Says:

    I cannot get my head round how anything exists, unless it is law itself, that we live within a set of rules and that we are part of those rules – perhaps there is no such things as energy and matter – just rules that says there are.

    This is not really the place to do this but you can delete the comment. lol. I mentioned you in my latest blog where I pointed out Simon Chapman’s qualifications – hope you do not mind…

    • junican Says:

      No objection whatever, but it might be as well to change the link to the one that I have changed your link to, which goes direct to the post itself rather than the BSC site.

      I have read about the psychological effects of gruesome pics before somewhere. My own tendency is not to see the pics at all. Is that a subconscious rejection? It very likely is.

  3. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    OT but perhaps of historical interest:
    A pathe film of a couple growing/harvesting and rolling tobacco in Herts in 1947

    Dig the Customs & Excise cert!

    • junican Says:

      “Five shillings” duty! I don’t know what the rate of duty was then, but, presumably quite low.People probably didn’t mind paying it then.
      Incidentally, I wasn’t impressed by the size of the man’s plants.

  4. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Might also be of passing interest as it shows (at the end) that the tobacco growers of Olde England (1920s anyways) used to ‘bonnet’ the tobacco flowers not pluck them.

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