A Final Word About the Slugs

UPDATE 2pm Wednesday 11th June.

Isn’t it weird how your mind can block unpleasant things from your consciousness? I should have known that the slug pellets would work perfectly well on baby slugs as well as older ones. I have seen it before. Why did my brain not tell me a couple of weeks ago when I planted out? I suppose I had too much confidence in the bottles and slug deterrent moats.

I checked earlier and there are quite a lot of dead slugs lying about.

Good riddance.


We had a thunderstorm today. Really heavy rain most of the afternoon. It stopped about 5 pm.

I popped out about midnight to see what was happening and collared half a dozen. Last year, I bought two big tubs of slug pellets so I’ve sprinkled some over the plots. The trouble is that I don’t know whether baby slugs are attracted to them. I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if there are any dead slugs around.

Anyway, I’ve decided to get some of these nematode worms that Rose mentioned. The source is here:


I have a special reason for doing so – I have sown more seeds in the propagator. In our climate, it is almost certainly too late to expect the resulting plants to produce a full harvest, but anything is better than nothing. Getting the nematodes will mean, at least, that I can prepare the plots to be as slug-free as possible in advance. I’m going to try to speed up the growth of the new plants, as best I can, by  making sure that they get plenty of sunlight once they have germinated.

So there is a silver lining of sorts – we learn to be humble in the face of the power of nature. The humble slug laughs in our faces. You believe that you have eradicated them from your garden, and the WHAM!, they are back in profusion. I still find it hard to believe that they beat the bottles.

By the way, I have checked to compost that I bought from a street trader. I did not find anything that I recognise as slugs. I only found one tiny beastie which might have been a sluglet. It was about a quarter inch long and a sort of translucent white, except that the back half seemed to be covered with a white substance. Tiny though it was, BOY! could it move! It used the classic ‘hump’ method of moving – stretch forward, hump back to draw the rear forward, stretch forward again, etc. I don’t know if that was a newly hatched slug or some other creature.

Also, there were hundreds of tiny white creatures, about 3 mm long. Heaven only knows what they were.

But the compost that I checked was the bag which has already been open for some time, and so it is possible that sluglets have crawled out overnight in the past, so I’ll check one of the undisturbed bags tomorrow.


Damn! I have just been outside (2 am) just to have another look at the compost which I spread out. By coincidence, I noticed a brown slug, a juvenile, on the lawn. On further checking, there were dozens of them! I have collected and executed about 50. Should one despair? Well, not yet. There is a difference. Last year, the slugs that came out onto the lawn were monsters. I got rid of them. At least this year they are only juveniles.


RIGHT!! The battle has now become a full-scale war! Except that the war zone is only my tobacco plots and my pretty rock garden bit, which I plant up annually with a nice display of pretty annuals, like pansies. Yes, it is defensive, but that is OK. It is not as if the enemy is clever or technologically advanced. There again, for all we know, the UN might have spent decades developing a super-slug and gradually spraying super-slug eggs all over our gardens from the air, for all we know. Given an eventual WORLD GOVERNMENT, something like that will eventually be the case.

Here is an interesting point.

Do Cameron, Clegg and Miliband KNOW about the Agenda 21 plans of the UN to control the whole world? If they do not, then they are very ignorant, which does not say a lot for their ability to rule. If they do, then it would be nice to know of they are happy with the idea of UN World Control or not. Think about Wales. Wales is just a tiny piece of territory. It is not a ‘State’. What is there to stop the UN from declaring that Wales is a “World Heritage Site”? As a “World Heritage Site”, special permission from a UN Agency would be required to make even the smallest of changes. Certainly, the growing of tobacco plants in back gardens would be prohibited, as would disturbing mice. But massive ‘bird mincers’ would be OK. “The hills are alive with the sound of crunch/splat” , might go a popular song.

There is something truly sick about our politicians – either they do not know what is going on when it is obvious (think ‘Common Purpose’), or they do know and agree with it. If they did not, then they would be shouting about it.


It is true that wars among European States and Empires have caused death and destruction again and again for several centuries. It is true that, after WW2, it was wise to seek to stop these wars. In considering that need, the obvious problem has been “Imperial Aggrandisement” (see Frank Davis’s site here):


The reasons for WW1 were very simple. They were:

1) The Royal Families of Europe fell out.

2) The German nation, being a comparatively new entity, had no foreign possessions, and wanted some. Had the Germans won WW1, they would have gained all of the foreign possessions of France and Britain at least.

WW2 had similar origins, except that the ‘demands’ were more local. They crystallised into “People Space” – that is, invasion of nearby countries was necessary to give the German people territory. One might imagine a group of people squashed inside artificial boundaries when there is lots of room outside those boundaries because of the lack of inhabitants of those places outside the artificial boundaries. The German word was “Libensraum”. That was a crucial reason for WW2.

The ‘facts’ of imperial aggrandisement (in the time of WW1 being ‘an empire’) and ‘Libensraum’ in WW2, have led to the ‘new think’ that, a) multinational companies are the equivalent of ‘imperialism’, and that, b) ‘Libensraum’ can be negated by ‘free movement of people within Europe’.

Neither of these ideas is bad. What is bad is the idea that both of these causes of war can be eliminated by different versions of “Libensraum’ and ‘multinational control’.

The UN aims to become the ultimate Empire and the ultimate controller the World Economy. That might be a ‘good thing’, but the authors of that idea do not want to talk about it – at least until the EXPERIMENT with tobacco control is concluded.

Many of the supporters of the UN world takeover are Common Purpose graduates, like Brown, Cameron and Clegg. They believe in “Leadership beyond Authority”. What that means in reality is dictatorship. The “Leaders” will not have to obey “law” (aka ‘authority’). The ‘trick’ is very clever. “Leadership beyond Authority” means lots of YouGov surveys to ‘prove’ support for a specific ideal, and lots of ‘studies’ to ‘prove’ the necessity. There are never any studies which ‘prove’ beneficial effects, or surveys designed to find out whether or not anyone gives a shit about the need for smoking bans.



I think that I am rambling, but I think that I make sense. The EU could have been of great benefit. Instead, it has become aristocratic. The weird thing is that it need not be particularly democratic. What needs to be recognised is that it has no more power than any individual State grants it. Any individual State can just say “NO!!!” The only way in which the unelected elite in the EU can react to that State’s decision is to create sanctions and fines, but these sanctions and fines produce no advantage. The system is silly.

The EU is a combination of the  ‘silliness of ‘baronet/baroness authority’ and ‘one size fits all’ totalitarianism. But Cameron/Clegg/Miliband agree.



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  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    ““Libensraum’ ” = ‘Lebensraum’ and the thirst for OIL was as much at the heart of WW2 as the notion of “Lebensraum” if not more so.

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