Engerlaand! Engerlaand!

I watched the England V nonentity match tonight. (Was it Honduras?) I was not impressed. I doubt that England will survive the first stage. Does anyone remember the match against Angora (or was it Modiva, or Muritania?) It was the match which involved the ‘wally with the brolly’. Fifth Division Team X had eleven men back in defence, and the English Team calculated that the best way to defeat that system was to pass the ball around, among themselves, at the back. 80 out of the 90 minutes consisted of England backs passing the ball to each other.

What the guys had had inculcated into their brains was that goals are scored in football by skill. What they had been deprived of was the information that most goals are scored by the twelfth man, “Rick O’Shay”. That is, when your opponent team is concentrated in the penalty area, in defence, there is only one way to score goals, which is to rely upon Mr Rick O’Shay. That means that there is no point at all in passing the ball around at the back. It gains nothing since the defence is still in place. So the answer to a packed defence is to depend upon luck and not skill. Skilled golfers can hit low, hooking shots or high, slicing shots. (Another description, for the very skilled golfer is low, drawing shots, and high fading shots) In football, very skilful players can whip low, hooking balls into the penalty area or high, slicing, floating balls.

But the critical thing is for the backs not to play passing among themselves, but to force attack after attack after attack. I noticed tonight that Honduras has very tall defenders, therefore the attack ought not to be the high, floating slice – it ought to be the low, hooking, swivelling, slithering ball.


But what has that got to do with smoking bans?

Someone called ‘Patience Exhausted’ left a comment (which went into spam for some reason) as follows:

Get real ,the anti tobacco fanatics are not interested in the consequences of their aims,their ambitions are not based on democratic process or the application of reasonable debate,their motives are to get what they want at any cost,their rewards are proportional to their achievements.
The way to deal with fanatics is to abandon the rule book,bin the civilized behaviour and go for the jugular.Near 7 years since the total ban and where are we,fighting a rearguard action on silly issues like plain packets.
Time is ripe for those who cry freedom,to up the ante, or go away and shut up.

He/She is correct, but how do you ‘up the anti’ when faced with a thoroughly dug in and packed defence? You cannot sue them because they have committed no offence. EG, you can say that bubblegum is horrendously toxic and poisons and kills thousands of kids. It is not possible to disprove it, but nor is it possible to prove it. One of the weird things about ‘law’ is that it does not stop accusations. Provided that the accusations are sufficiently general, rather than accusing specific people or organisations, little can be done to refute the accusations other than equal and opposite arguments.

That is what The Tobacco Control Industry relies upon. It can spend one hour disseminating a lie. It takes a hundred times that hour to refute it – if you are lucky enough to be able to access the data.


HOWEVER, it is becoming apparent that The Tobacco Control Industry is losing its power. It has made a fundamental mistake. The elite in the FCTC Executive decided upon a common approach to e-cigs, which was to deny, deny, deny. The Welsh Health Minister tortured logic to deny the efficacy of e-cigs. Further, by his statement, he denied the right of people to decide for themselves.

The Australian Government banned nicotine containing e-cigs. It is such extreme measures that bring down the whole edifice. The probability is that Australia will  be the first nation to repeal anti-tobacco legislation.


It is true that tobacco companies are just too big and too powerful. But is that not because Governments have made them so with their duty taxes?


I personally do not give a toss about controls.  I will do as I wish. The Tobacco Control Zealots have released a whirlwind of antagonism. It will take a while for the 25% of the population to wake up, but the more that the Zealots push, the more that the smokers will wake up.

Well …. I hope so!


2 Responses to “Engerlaand! Engerlaand!”

  1. tân gyda thân Says:

    Hope and pray that England dont do well in Brazil,if they do they will be frog marched on to the Anti smoking Bandwagon,even now Government Coffers are being adjusted to allow “charities” and their
    media ads luvvies to parade the wonders of bans and restrictions.

    As for fighting back,forget the distant masters ,seek out the minnows and give them some stark choices.

    • Junican Says:

      They have already been roped in, either directly or indirectly. A number of statements from soccer clubs have have been made deploring smoking in one way or another; also, GASP! football players have sometime been seen smoking cigarettes!

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