Can Vapers Retain Control of the Moral High-Ground?

The Tobacco CONTROL Industry’s elite board of directors is trying its best to push vapers off the summit of the moral high-ground. Vapers have done what they have been told to do over and over and over again – they have stopped smoking tobacco. It must be awful for vapers to find that their self-chosen method of doing so, the e-cig, is now being systematically demonised, just like tobacco. Readers might like to look at Redheadfullofsteam’s blog to see what the Welsh Health Minister has been saying about e-cigs:

Below is a comment which I left there. It is self-explanatory and needs no introduction.

You must have noticed two things about the Minister’s statement:

1) All his points are copies of the ‘standard issue’ statement from the WHO.
2) Not one word in his statement says anything good about e-cigs.

As regards 1), I have no doubt in my own mind that, months ago, the top people in the FCTC Executive (yes, there is such a thing) held discussions about ecigs. These people include people like Glantz, Chapman etc. As a result of those discussions, a common policy will have been arrived at, including ‘gateway effect’, ‘”We do not know ….”, ‘flavours for children’, etc. The policy would then have been communicated to all the ‘public health’ personnel linked to the FCTC, including the Welsh Health Dept. The Minister, who knows nothing very much at all, receives advice from his Health Dept, and learns his speech off by heart, or signs a document prepared for him.
I think that the above is a fair conjecture, since it is uncanny how closely statements from Chapman etc follow the same template.

As regards 2), I think that it is actually much more important than 1). The reason is that it clearly indicates the motivation of the elite. The motivation is to dislodge vapers from the summit of the ‘moral high-ground’ upon which they currently stand, having done what they were told and stopped smoking. Vapers have to be dislodged because ONLY The Tobacco Control Industry can be allowed to occupy the moral high-ground. Thus, even though the elite know very well that e-cig vapour is harmless to everyone, the absolutely must GAIN OWNERSHIP of ecigs. That is the ‘choke point’ where they can control what is happening. Thus, it is important to imply that vapers <i>may</i> be poisoning those around them; that vapers are <i>still</i> addicted to nicotine; that nicotine is a nasty, toxic substance; that Big Bad Tobacco Industry is manipulating children, etc.
Read what the Minister said again, and note how almost everything belittles vapers. The idea is to undermine the claims of vapers that only the e-cig has worked for them. I have no doubt that you are aware that Chapman has said that the stories of vapers are just ‘anecdotes’, and not ‘evidence’. I think that the term ‘anecdotal’ seriously backfired on him, since he was so ‘roasted’ in the comments on his post that he shut down comments after only one day.
You vapers must fight like hell to retain the moral high-ground. It can be done. You have stopped, or cut down on smoking. (ignore Chapman’s claims that cutting down is useless – it is clearly nonsense to say that going from 40 cigs a day to 5 cigs a day is useless, whereas going from 20 a day to 0 a day is wonderful) Further, and this is important, you must emphasis how much money you are saving. None of the zealots are talking about that. There is just a chance that by talking about it openly, you will deter Government from taxing e-cig liquid. Further, you must continue to insist that you enjoy the flavours, whatever they may be, and that the flavours are part of the appeal of e-cigs, and that flavours are important for changing your taste expectations as compared with cigs.
The critical thing is to gain control of the agenda – money saving, taste, pleasure, satisfaction, harm-reduction. Those are your weapons to repel the forces of the Tobacco Control Industry and retain the moral high-ground.

It is true that many e-cig vendors have smacked smokers in the face by cooperating with The Tobacco Control Industry in the demonising of the enjoyment of tobacco. I must be honest, and say that, much as I dislike the cooperation, I recognise the ‘commercial imperative’ involved in selling their products. However, now that the TCI has declared war on e-cigs, I would expect e-cig vendors to have a think, and to start to mitigate their anti-tobacco language. The reason is that the anti-tobacco language has totally failed to endear them to either the WHO elite or the EU elite. Sure, they might mention the toxins in tobacco smoke and the avoidance thereof, but their main thrust ought to be about retaining the pleasurable aspects of smoking. They could also mention the ‘anecdotal’ good effects of nicotine. And, they could shout about the monetary savings.  The last is more important than it seems (no wonder that TC never mention it!) in that the more that vapers shout about their savings, the more difficult it is for Government to tax e-cig juice. The situation is similar to electric cars. They do not have to pay ‘road’ tax, on the face of it because they do no climate harm (what rot!). But these vehicles need the roads and use the roads just like petrol cars. They do not pay road tax because the Gov has been persuaded to give up the tax on these electric vehicles on environmental grounds. Similarly, the more that vapers shout about their monetary savings, the more that the Gov will have to recognise that the NHS savings which result (in theory) from people stopping smoking, should be passed on to a certain extent to vapers. The usual commodity tax (VAT) is enough.


But of what benefit is the above to people who enjoy tobacco? – demonised, denormalised, prohibited and excluded as we are?

All vapers are ex-smokers or dual users. That is, smokers and vapers are one whole when seen as a population. Smokers move to vaping, and sometimes move back to smoking, but the population of smokers and vapers remains quantitatively much the same.  That fact frightens Tobacco Control. “Quit or Die” propaganda is designed to produce a nice, smooth decline in smoking and smokers. The last thing that the Zealots want is confusion. They are happy with relapse when Big Pharma products are involved. That keeps the funds flowing. It is very reasonable to say that vapers still form part of the ‘smoking’ population. That idea scares TC to death. The voluntary flux and flow between vaping and smoking, especially dual use, buggers up their calculations.

But, as a smoker, for me, it goes further. I used to think that the UN was a force for good in that it provided a forum where nations could iron out their arguments (with some pressure from the big groups via the Security Council). It is becoming apparent that the UN is being used to advance the idea of conformity and ‘one size fits all’.

Am I wrong in hoping that the ‘Land of the Free’, the USA, and Russia will bust that idea wide apart? Or are those nations themselves too far gone along the road to servitude?




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