The Absence of PP in the Queen’s Speech

This will be a short post, I hope. I am tired.


Where did the rumour that PP would appear in the Queen’s Speech come from? I was a bit shocked, intellectually, when it was suggested. I mean, the Commons has already given the Government permission to introduce PP (and a ban on smoking in cars when children are present) whenever it wishes to. So why should such a thing appear in the Queen’s Speech? Of course, it might well be that the triumvirate of Cameron/Clegg/Milliband, in their ignorance, might have intended to include it until their betters told them that ‘due process’ did not permit it, in that AN ACT had already been passed which ‘enabled’ the Government to introduce PP and car smoking bans.

Frankly, the idea that the simple amendments to the Families and Children Bill which the Zealots engineered, would be sufficient is laughable. In effect, by proposing those amendments, the Zealots have kicked themselves in the face, difficult though that may be. The fact is that the Zealots cannot re-introduce PP and a ban on car smoking again. The best that they can do is jump up and down and shout about implementation. Such protests would be boring. The Zealots have shot themselves in the foot, and, perhaps, that is the reason that we have heard nothing recently about PP from ASH ET AL. But I have no doubt whatsoever that they are trying their best to find some sort of loophole to drive their desires forward. I say this because:

a) The Zealots want there to be no competition between tobacco products,


b) A ban on smoking in cars ‘when children are present’ will logically lead to a ban on smoking in homes ‘when children are present’. That is, the smoking ban in cars is just a means to an end – banning smoking in people’s homes.


Simon Cooke, a local authority councillor, in his blog:

has talked about the expectation of a massive deficit in the funding of his local authority’s hospitals. The reason for the deficit is not smoking or drinking or eating – it is OLD AGE. 75% of the spending in Bradford’s hospitals is age related. Is it not obvious that the first thing that Bradford should do is push the costs of “Wellbeing” back to the NHS and refuse to enact anything which becomes a cost on citizens?



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  1. Patience exhausted Says:

    Get real ,the anti tobacco fanatics are not interested in the consequences of their aims,their ambitions are not based on democratic process or the application of reasonable debate,their motives are to get what they want at any cost,their rewards are proportional to their achievements.
    The way to deal with fanatics is to abandon the rule book,bin the civilized behaviour and go for the jugular.Near 7 years since the total ban and where are we,fighting a rearguard action on silly issues like plain packets.
    Time is ripe for those who cry freedom,to up the ante,
    or go away and shut up.

    • Junican Says:

      This got caught in spam for some reason.

      You are absolutely right. What do you suggest?

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