The BBC Programme About Smoking

Several people have talked about the the BBC programme that demands that the Government bring in PP. It can be viewed here:

The BBC programme is nicely positioned to put pressure upon the Government to legislate for PP in the Queen’s Speech. Cameron, who, we suppose, has the ultimate authority to decide what goes into the Queen’s Speech, in his simplistic, moronic way, might well fall for the trick.

What trick?

The trick is exhibited in the BBC programme. It is to mix together ‘truth’, ‘downright lies’ and ‘lies by exaggeration’. The clever trick is similar to the conflation of “Children and young people”. Children ARE young people, and so it is scientifically incorrect to say ‘children AND young people’. It is akin to saying ‘tides AND the sea’.

But I must admit that, if the script had been a play in a theatre, then it would almost have been Shakespearean, since it was so cleverly contrived. Except that it lacked any sign of poetry.

I gave up watching after about 15 minutes, but, after a while, forced myself to watch the rest. A proper analysis would conclude that the programme was contrived and sentimental slop. I suppose that Part 2 will be similar.


I suppose that the people who produce these programmes are nice people in real life, but I must admit that I hate them beyond imagining. They are not like lions or tigers, which hunt honestly to capture their prey. They are more like those lizards (I forget their names [Thanks to Rose in the comments – ‘Komodo Dragons’]) which wait for a cow to go to a water hole to drink and then just nip the cow and inject a poison which gradually weakens the cow until it collapses, at which point the lizards rip the cow to pieces. The lizards can wait weeks for the poison to take effect.

The fact that ASH ET AL can wait weeks or months for their poison to take effect equates them to the lizards. They inject the poison into politicians and then just wait for the poison to take effect. The poison works by constant repetition of slogans, like “For the Children”. Politicians keel over and are ripped to pieces by the lizards and devoured.

The very strange thing is that these politicians are not dumb animals. They KNOW that the lizards are there. They KNOW that the lizards inject the poison. And yet the politicians hang around just exposing themselves to the nips. It never seems to occur to them that it would be a good idea to eradicate the lizards. At least Abbot in Australia seems to have realised this. What he seems to have done is begun the process of rendering the nips of tobacco control harmless. That is, he has extracted the poisonous glands (money to conduct fake surveys and such).

Tobacco companies have abandoned Australia. We can soon expect Big Pharma to do the same.


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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Wonderful analogy w/ the poisonous lizards Junican!

    And the timing juxtaposition of that “Burning Desire” thing and the Queen’s Speech (along with the other propaganda mixing within it that you point out) should be hollered from the rooftops as an example of the sort of games that have been played by the Antis over the past 35 years. The mindset seems to be one of “If the people object to this thing we want to do, we simply need to put a little extra effort into brainwashing them properly before we do it.”

    They’ll probably also conduct a poll that will have its questions carefully structured to force the right answers. (E.G., “Should the Tobacco Industry be allowed to advertise to children with bright colorful packages that resemble candies and snacks?”)

    – MJM

    • Junican Says:

      I don’t know if it is legitimate, but I know that Yougov has the ability to survey specific age-groups. Thus, it is possible for it to put such a loaded question to ‘young people’ (up to and including 24) without these people recognising that the question is loaded.
      Talking about loaded questions, there is no need for complexity. Take, for example, the difference between these two questions:
      a) Should standardised packaging be introduced to protect young people?
      b) Should the Government introduce standardised packaging to protect young people?

      I suspect that more would vote for the first than for the second. The reason is that b) requires just a little more thought.

  2. Rose Says:

    Komodo Dragon

    “Generally they attack their prey but don’t kill it there and then. They have a poisonous saliva full of different bacteria, about 80 species of bacteria. So in a couple of days septicaemia sets in and the prey dies.”

    “A kill usually attracts many dragons who feed according to their own hierarchy.”

    • Junican Says:

      Thanks Rose, The name simply would not come to mind. I have added a clause to the post.

  3. J Brown Says:

    Sadly I have come to learn – through direct and factual information, actually – that BBC documentaries promote whatever bias the producer may have, and may not reflect an accurate portrayal of their subject. They are, in essence, editorial, and should always be viewed as such….

    • Junican Says:

      Indeed, JB. We see similar puritanical bias in other programmes, such as binge drinking. They love to show a person (usually a girl) staggering about and falling onto the pavement. They never show the hundreds of people who leave pubs and clubs and set off home with no trouble at all.

  4. Dick Puddlecote Says:

    Love the indirect comparison of MPs with cows, it is accurate on many levels. 😉

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