The new Australian government of Tony Abbott is, according The Lancet, very unpopular. It has been cutting back massively upon ‘science’ expenditure. Or rather, according to the Lancet:

“Health and science suffer major cuts in Australia’s budget”

Note the conflation of ‘health’ and ‘science’. It is a common trick.

You might like to read the article here:

To be honest, I can’t be bothered analysing the article properly. We know that The Lancet is hopelessly corrupt. Its articles read like newspaper articles. They have ceased to be objective, as we know, by their biased decision to reject any submissions which have any financial assistance from tobacco companies. The Lancet is scientifically corrupt, as is the BMJ. In order to understand this, you have to imagine the tobacco industry funding a respected scientific journal about all sorts of scientific subjects, but refusing to publish any submissions which was funded by Big Pharma and originated via Public Health.

“A raft of health and science cuts are among the reasons why Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s first federal budget is one of the most unpopular ever. Tony Kirby reports”, says the article.

Unpopular to whom?

Among the misleading, convoluted verbiage, worthy of The Tobacco Control Industry, there are some clues. For example we see this:

Having promised before the 2013 election that it would not cut funding to health services, the government has now announced it will cut its share of the funding by $15 billion per year by 2024, with cuts set to begin in 2017.”

Fifteen billion dollars is a big lump of money, but note this:

The government’s axe seems to have fallen almost indiscriminately in all areas of health and science. The National Preventive Health Agency created by the previous Labor Government has been abolished, and a further $368 million has been stripped from various preventive health agreements that the previous government had made with the States and Territories. A further $3 million has been taken from anti-tobacco funding nationwide, threatening Australia’s progress and reputation in smoking cessation after former Health Minister Nicola Roxon implemented plain packaging for tobacco in 2012.”

So, out of cuts of fifteen billion, the article is complaining about cuts of three million for tobacco control. Needless to say, they article claims that the tobacco control expenditure would be reimbursed several-fold – in due course. Frankly, it is quite comical how the ‘reimbursement’ is portrayed in the article. No really specific claims are endorsed. The article merely states:

When investing in health prevention and promotion one gets a return on investment of more than one to one. Equally when one does not invest in prevention the increased expenses more than offset the savings.”

No claims of ‘heart attack miracles’ there, we note. The best that the author can claim is a return of more than one to one, and that the cost of tobacco control is offset by an undetermined saving in health costs (some thirty years into the future?)

So it seems that the Abbott Government is exceedingly unpopular among some circles, especially the tobacco control leaches.

Here is another gem:

Overall, the budget seems to be good news for the biomedical research sector, but bad news for anything not directly connected with health research, including the actual health system itself.”

In other words, the author is upset that REAL science is being funded whereas pseudo-science is not. And also note the meaningless phrase, “…..including the actual health system itself”. What is a ‘health system’?


Is it not odd that the government of Australia, the epitome of ‘advanced tobacco control’ initiatives, has suddenly changed its mind on financial grounds? Here is another telling quote:

“A further $3 million has been taken from anti-tobacco funding nationwide, threatening Australia’s progress and reputation in smoking cessation after former Health Minister Nicola Roxon implemented plain packaging for tobacco in 2012.”


It looks like Abbott is getting to grips with every aspect of pseudo-science. I like the way in which he is going about it. Rather than demolishing groups like ASH ET AL, he is demolishing the pseudo-science.

Would that Cameron had the nerve to do the same! It is so simple – just identify the leaches, which would include the WHO, the EU (most of it), tobacco control in all its forms, salt and sugar control, etc, etc.

What it amounts to, financially, is not expecting to make billions of pounds of  savings via one easy target, but rather adding up all the millions of pounds which are wasted and cutting them all out. Tens of thousands of fake charities and quangos spring instantly to mind.






5 Responses to “Australia”

  1. Rose Says:

    ” A further $3 million has been taken from anti-tobacco funding nationwide,”

    If they truly believe doing good they will carry on working on their own time.

    I wonder what would happen to tobacco control if it was unfunded, I suspect most of those zealots would melt away like morning mist.

    • Junican Says:

      I’m sure that they would ….. And ASH ET ALL would return to being a tiny, unsupported, purse-lipped gang of puritans.

  2. Frank Davis Says:

    The Lancet’s Manifesto For Planetary Health: Loons On The Loose

    This links to Martin McKee on the Manifesto for Planetary Health and an interview with Martin McKee, Professor of Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, spouting bilge.

    • Junican Says:

      Thanks for the links.
      What really annoys me about people like McKee is that they see people as though they are cells in a huge body and that these cells are completely ignorant of anything outside their immediate environment. In order to affect the cells, all that is required is to control the huge body. Thus, if we think about the ‘huge body’ as being that of an elephant, the individual cells of the elephant’s body can be made fitter for their job of sustaining the elephant if the elephant is either starved or fed, as required, given some work to do, (like hauling logs) by way of exercise, and constantly whacked on the rump if it misbehaves.
      Oh, and the hauling of the logs is a nice little earner for the owners of the elephant.

  3. The throes of a starving monster. | underdogs bite upwards Says:

    […] has the answer – the Australian government is ‘unpopular’ because it is no longer wasting taxpayer’s money on a bunch of control freak wasters. They have cut the feed to Tobacco Control’s free trough and are only funding real science […]

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