Waiting for the Queen’s Speech

We are amused. We see these papers, which We have to read out loud in the common place, well in advance. It is a bit of a nuisance, We must admit, but ‘duty calls’.

But it is all very jolly. We get to wear our crown and our finest regalia.

But We must admit that it is good to get back home and get stuck into the fish and chip take away, washed down with a pint of lager, and a fag afterwards.


Personally, I am not the least bit interested in PP as I explained yesterday. Well …. Not in general terms. But, as usual, the devil is in the detail. It is one thing to dictate colours and fonts, but a different thing altogether to dictate THE SIZE AND SHAPE of packets (and, thereby, the size and shape of the contents). Frankly, nor do I care if the Zealots dictate that the paper of cigs must be yucky brown – after all, the best cigars are yucky brown, and so are beef burgers. Some of the loveliest Autumn colours are shade of brown, and, of course, we just love to come home, after a holiday, with a nice, brown tan. Thinking about it, ‘screaming white’ is about the worst colour for ‘tobacco products’. Is it not amusing that The TCI is advocating the colours which best suit tobacco?

In some ways, I think that we should love The Tobacco Control Industry. Had it not been for their kind advice and generosity of spirit, we would never have thought of growing our own plants or venturing to far places, such as Prague, where a packet of fags costs £2.50. [Damn it! I’ve already booked flights to Majorca. I never thought of trying Prague in the summer]


But there is another interesting facet to this situation. I find it hard to believe that Cameron and his cronies are not thinking about dissolving Parliament and having a general election in, say, October. What is there to gain from hanging on until 2015? It is very unlikely that anything that the conservatives might do will enhance their popularity. They might as well grasp the nettle and go for it while the Libdems are in the doldrums, and before UKIP has the opportunity to get more support.

If that was the case, then what appears in the Queen’s speech would become inconsequential. All the effort and expense would be a total waste. And yet, I cannot see any advantage at all for the conservatives hanging on. But it is altogether possible for the Queen’s Speech to project promises, after which, in due course, Cameron will dissolve parliament with those promises hanging. One of those ‘promises’ might be PP. By doing so, Cameron could neutralise the Medical Establishment, the Labour party and the rump of the Libdems in one stroke.

If the conservatives hang on, then they are doomed.


I stand corrected by west2 in the comments. I was not aware of the 2011 Fixed Term Parliament Act. Somehow, I missed that. Parliament can only be dissolved either by a simple majority vote of no confidence or a two thirds majority for a motion to dissolve parliament. Since that Act was passed in 2011 (after the last general election), it would not surprise me if it was insisted upon by the Libdems precisely with the objective of stopping Cameron taking advantage in a surge of support for the conservatives. After all, it would not be difficult for that Act to be repealed if either Labour or Conservatives had a majority after the next general election.




4 Responses to “Waiting for the Queen’s Speech”

  1. Rose Says:

    I was rather taken by the pea green cigarettes, will they have them in rolling papers?

    • Junican Says:

      Yucky colours are only yucky in circumstances where yuckiness is integral to the object. Chocolate is brown; most plants are green; poo is brown; snot is sometimes green.

  2. west2 Says:

    My understanding is that it is no longer the PM’s prerogative to dissolve parliament as we now have 5 year fixed terms.

    I think Parliament could be dissolved if 3/4 of MPs vote for it. Given your analysis it would not be in the current oppositions interest to support the vote. In this situation a minority govt would limp on.

    • Junican Says:

      You are perfectly correct, west2. I missed that somehow.
      There is another way that it could be done, but only if the conservatives and the Libdems agreed, which would be to pass a motion of no confidence in themselves!

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