On UKIP Successes

To be honest, there isn’t much that I have read that helps me to form an opinion of the meaning of the UKIP voting successes. For me, the number of council seats and council control changes does not matter. Only the share of total votes cast matters to me. I believe that UKIP got about 25%. (Did the Libdems get only about 15%?) There again, nor do I know what the turnout was – probably less than 50% as usual. What is clear is that Cameron is a bit worried, since he said that, ‘he understands voters concerns about immigration…. ‘ and whatever else. I am wondering if the highlighting of ‘immigration’ was a deliberate political ploy to try to downplay the importance of the UKIP vote. That is, to suggest that UKIP is a single issue phenomenon. Since we now know, without doubt, that silver-spoon politicians like Cameron, Clegg and Milliband exist in and consort with only other elites, anything that they say must be viewed with the suspicion that they have to be told what the best thing to say is. Once they are told what to say, they can reproduce the statement verbatim.

Does any reader watch “Eggheads” on BBC2 at 6pm? It is a quiz programme featuring a permanent team of ‘eggheads’ who have won quiz programmes like ‘Mastermind’ and such. Every day, they are opposed by a team of other quizzers. At first, when the programme first started, I was put off by what seemed to be a ‘superiority attitude’ by the ‘Eggheads’ as the individuals boasted about what quizzes they have won. After a little while, however, it became apparent that these people were far from having ‘a superiority attitude’. In fact, the intro to the programme dropped the part where the ‘eggheads’ boasted about their quizzing expertise. Even so, and this has nothing to do with the people on the ‘Egghead’ team, the quizmaster continues to talk about ‘brains’. He announces stuff like, “Do the opposing team have ‘the brains’ to beat the Eggheads”. We have always used the word ‘egghead’ to refer to a person who is jolly clever, and we use the word ‘brainy’ to describe someone who is good at maths. But what struck me about this quiz is that what it actually measures is MEMORY. The Egghead team is absolutely brilliant. I do not know how they do it. Every individual seems to have read every book ever printed, seen every film ever produced, knows everything to know about the table of elements and the properties of elements, has a detailed map of the world imprinted on his mind, has detailed knowledge of railway timetables, and every other subject that is conceivable. The fact is that these people are quite unique. They have the ability to recall everything that they have ever seen or have ever read.

I remember watching Cameron give his speech at the conservative party conference at which he won the leadership. He walked about on the stage delivering his speech. He was word-perfect. Clearly, anyone can learn a speech, but not everyone can recall pertinent ‘quotes’ on demand. I postulate, therefore, that those who rise to the top in party politics are a little like the Eggheads – they have this ability to remember. That is not ‘braininess’ and not ‘intelligence’. This is just memory. Animals have great memories. Daughter 1 got a dog about a year ago. It has only been to our house once. During that time, I played with it in the garden. The game involved ball throwing and the dog running around in circles in the garden, avoiding me so as to retain the ball. It stopped and dropped the ball to tempt me to chase it, but then ran around and around again before repeating the process. A few days ago, after some months, the dog visited again. It remembered the game. I say that because the first thing that it did was go to the box with dog toys in and extract the ball and go to the patio door. The game set off precisely as the dog remembered. [I must admit that it was jolly good fun!]

My point is that there must be many youths coming through the student membership of the “Young Conservatives” and the “Young Socialists” (or whatever) who are able to contest for positions in these parties. Not all can succeed. In fact, in these situation, it is a case of ‘diversity and equality be damned’. Only the selected can succeed. Thus, to be a Cameron, you need wealth and the Egghead memory ability. You do not need to be actually clever, intelligent or brainy. You need only to have wealth and memory. In the Labour party, wealth did not used to be a pre-requisite, but it is now – unless the candidate is ethnic, in which case, such people are welcome to make up the numbers.


In a strange way, UKIP is breaking the mould. Some candidates put their foot in their mouths and fail to remember the appropriate quote, but that only endears them to me. I want to hear them make risky, ‘from the heart’ statements.

But I also want to hear them condemn the waste of NHS money on ‘lifestyle nudging’. I want to hear them say that Public Health England will concentrate upon helping the aged to cope with their health problems and not pestering smokers. I want them to say that health risks are part of physical  ‘Health and Safety’ and not the prerogative of university quack doctors and quack professors, and that the BMA is not included in the discussion. Nor is the College of Physicians. Both the BMA and the RCP are artificial constructs which are nothing but ‘talking shops’.


Curiously, the EU is not a problem at all. It exists only as a result of a mere treaty. The UK can just stop being a party to the treaty in just the same way that it became a party to the treaty. It does not even have to formally withdraw. It can just ignore the commissariat. It can just ignore directives. It is amazing that ‘eggheads’ such as Cameron can remember sound-bites but are ignorant of the nature of treaties. It is no longer acceptable that our politicians can be ignoramuses with good memories.

I would like UKIP to make it clear that the UK will not finance the EU’s Health Zealotry or the UN’s health Zealotry. I would like to hear Nige talk about the intentions of persons in the UN who are using “Health” and “Global Warming” to impose World Government. Note the word “IMPOSE”. I would like to hear Nige say that we will no longer waste our taxpayers’ money on the UN’s aspirations to World Government.

If the World Government actually happened, who would be emperor? And what would be the consequences of the World Civil War  which would undoubtedly ensue?

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  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    “I am wondering if the highlighting of ‘immigration’ was a deliberate political ploy to try to downplay the importance of the UKIP vote. ”

    I think you’re calling it correctly Junican! It’s probably also coming from a retained belief in their (failed) strategy of attacking UKIP with the claim that its motivation is racism.

    – MJM

    • junican Says:

      Well spotted. Racism is another extension of the immigration question, even though UKIP is really against unrestrained immigration from EU countries as part of the EU elite dream.

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