Gaining Control of Events

This may me a bit silly. I do not know.

The higher echelons of “Climate Change” are still ploughing the furrow of the mighty juggernaut which they have cheated nations into financing. Even some top-class meteorologists are complaining that their voices are being silenced by threats. The juggernaut ploughs on.

The juggernaut cannot be sunk, but it can be arrested. It can be arrested by the denial of fuel and munitions.

The Persecution of Smokers could be stopped in its tracks by the denial of finance. It is that simple. The Zealots themselves, via ASH ET AL, are costing only millions of pounds, but the knock on effect of their demands is costing the Treasury hundreds of millions as a result of smuggling brought on by the activities of ASH ET AL. They have, in effect, admitted it by demanding greater control of smuggling (which, by implication, has only resulted from their demands for higher taxation). Around and around.

And yet the highest political level do not see it, even though it is plain before their faces and flashing lights highlight it. Thus, it is plain that the Prime Minister, and all the members of his Court, turn their faces away.


The EU ‘problem’ does not exist. There is no need to ‘withdraw from the EU’. The EU has resulted from a MERE treaty. All the UK needs to do is to stop. Stop bothering, just as I stopped bothering about smoking in airports or on aircraft. There is no need to leave the EU officially. Just stop bothering. Ignore directives. Ignore the European Court of Justice. Stop financing those aspects of the EU with which we disagree. Stop financing the jollification. If the French and German wish to continue to do so, that is up to them.

What it comes down to is that the UK does not leave the EU. It challenges the EU to terminate the UK’s membership.


It has been a long time since the UK had a LEADER. At least Maggie T tried. But we will never have a LEADER until he or she reforms academia and insists that it concentrates on teaching FACTS.


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