Off for a Brief Respite: The Plantlets

The site administrator is off on his travels again for a week or so. Sunny Mallorca beckons. While there, some sterling tokens will be exchanged for a significant amount of  brownish leaf in paper tubes, and, as a result, the sterling tokens will be increased in value two-fold. Further, certain charlatans and scoundrels will be cocked a snoot at. It is true that the Spanish exchequer will benefit, but that is neither here nor there to me. It might help them to realise that they have nothing to gain and a lot to lose if they start to increase their tobacco taxes in line with the recommendations of the nazi EU commissariat.

Thankfully, herself is fit enough to travel so we can resume our hedonistic ways – at least on a small scale for the time being. ‘A small step for man/woman – a giant small step for pleasure and anti-puritanism’.

Note also that I have almost stopped buying anything in the UK. I fully intend to buy three pairs of socks while I’m there. Sod them!


Normal service will resume in due course.


I thought that it might be a cheerful note to end on if I show the beauty of the plantlets. They really ought to be better advanced, but they are OK. They should be ready to plant out by the end of May. Here are some pics:

2014-05-06 15.48.02

That pic is looking along the line to the West.

2014-05-06 15.48.24

And that is looking East.

The pots at the near end of the pic are 2″ pots. At the far end, they are 3″.


Altogether, there are about sixty plants. I also have a dozen in reserve elsewhere.

The bedroom where they are, is South-facing, which is really good. They get lots of sunlight.

You can see that they are doing really well, but here is a close-up:

2014-05-06 15.49.02

[For purposes of scale, the white thing is a 30 cm ruler]

Previous experience tells me that the plantlets will now gallop along, growing rapidly. I certainly expect a big difference when I return from our hols. Just as a matter of interest, I dug out and checked the rooting system of one of the plantlets. The roots are deep and prolific, though, of course, by the nature of the plant, they are thin at this time.

I have abjured daughter 2 (who lives with us at this time)  to water them while I am away, on the pain of DEATH! I refer to the death of ‘my babies’, but it is up to her to accept that the words ‘my babies’ also refer to my ‘daughter babies’, as they once were. If ‘my babies’ die because of her anti-tobacco zealotry (not actually stated), then she can look forward to having to do her own washing and her own washing-up.

Perhaps I should explain, so that I do not appear to be a push-over. I AM a push-over where my daughters are concerned, but it is only the fact that, being retired, it is not a problem for me to ‘assist’.  We do have a vague arrangement whereby she cooks on four evenings per week. She is very kind.

But I am sure that everything will be OK. She has told me that it is a simple matter of me texting her when the plantlets need to be watered. I hope that she remembers that when she asks me to wash her hundreds of pairs of knickers, and I say that she needs to text me from upstairs.

Fathers have some sort of mental malfunction when communicating with and cooperating with their daughters. It seems as though the laws of physics become suspended. There are ‘negative’ polarities and ‘positive’ polarities in electrical theory. In ‘father/daughter’ relationships, there is a one way system at work. That is bad physics.

It seems as though the Scoundrels and Charlatans in the Tobacco Control Industry have adopted the ‘daughter’ relationship, even though they do not know that they have done so. That is ‘subliminally’ clever, even though it is unintended. It is reflected in the “NOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN” philosophy.

The Tobacco Control Industry is essentially claiming to be ‘a daughter’, and is demanding that ‘Dad’ (The Government) looks after her. She can become hysterical, as females do from time to time.

What is wonderful is that, if the demands to be acceeded to were denied, then all that the ‘daughters’ could do would be to stamp their feet.


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  1. beobrigitte Says:

    Enjoy your week – it looks like you have picked a good week to be away – and your shopping!!!

    Note also that I have almost stopped buying anything in the UK. I fully intend to buy three pairs of socks while I’m there. Sod them!

    Hahahahaha – the last time I was in Austria I was on a mission in the shopping malls; next to the tobacconist there is a cafe with ASHTRAYS on the table, so I had plenty of coffee&cigarettes before and after walzing around various other shops. I had to buy a second suitcase to check in on the return flight…

    Such shopping trips were only done in England before 01.07.2007.
    I must say, though, trying the local vape shop in a small shopping mall benefitted the cafe next to it, too!! I could sit there and try different tobacco flavours whilst having couple of coffees which I otherwise would not have bought!

    My offspring will not say anything about my smoking; on travels they do bring me back tobacco, though! My nice stash is set to be increased the end of this month when I’m off to Austria again and some duty free one will arrive in August.

    It feels great NOT paying tobacco tax in England!

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