I went to the pub tonight. Advertised in a notice on the door, for a couple of weeks in advance, was the statement that a musical group would be performing, and that there would be a ‘bar till one’. In the reality, the event was not very well attended, even though the musical group was very good. By 11.30 pm, most people had left, leaving the only the regulars, which is a small number of people. Even some of those went home, so that the audience became smaller and smaller.

Somehow or other, a decision was made by whoever to close the bar at 12.15 am.

A couple of chaps entered the pub at about 12.30 am. They were refused service, even though the notice on the door promised bar service until 1 am. Needless to say, the ‘Manager’ of the pub was no longer in attendance.


In itself, this event is of no importance whatsoever, but it seems to me to illustrate a trend. Promises are being broken left, right and centre, deliberately, because it is easier to promise than to fulfil. Further, it is becoming more and more common for the ‘managers’ to absent themselves. The trick is to provide a telephone number, but ensure that, when ever anyone rings, they receive a message saying: “We have high volumes of enquiries at this time. Please hold or ring later” Utterly boring music then hits your ear until you give up.

I have recently had several occasions where I have been ‘conned’ by this trick.

1. Manchester Transport administers the voucher scheme for disabled people. I tried to phone them, but received the above message. By the time I got through, after repeated tries, I was told that it was too late to get the service that I required!

2. I tried to phone our holiday hotel, but the phone rang and rang, but no one answered.

3. I needed to phone Monarch Airline, but got the message “Very busy – hold or try later”.

4. Even my taxi-man’s mobile was ‘unobtainable’.

5. I use Asda delivery service to order our groceries. More and more cock-ups are occurring. I ordered a new electric toothbrush for herself. In the event, the electric toothbrush that I ordered was substituted – by an ordinary toothbrush! That is like providing someone with a torch battery when they ordered a car battery. When I tried to ring the phone number to correct this error, I received a “Very busy – hold or try later” message.


I love the internet. It has been a great boon to save time and trouble, especially when you are trying to find special equipment and supplies of one sort or another. To find some of the stuff that I need to cope with the difficulties of my disabled wife would be very difficult indeed to find by searching shops. But, so much of it depends upon trust. In general terms, it seems to me that you can depend upon small suppliers, but you cannot depend upon big suppliers, especially organisations like airlines, big holiday suppliers, cruise lines, and such. They seem to deliberately obfuscate, while pretending to be clear.


This chaos seems to be general and deliberate. For example, there are ‘scientists’ claiming that e-cigs ‘may’ be dangerous, and yet their reasoning is chaotic. I use the word ‘scientists’ deliberately, because these ‘scientists’ cannot actually be traced. Thus, they cannot be held to account to prove their assertions. ‘Chaotic Innuendo’ seems to have taken over from ‘proof’.


This process seems also to have infected every level of the UN, the WHO, the EU, and our Government in the UK. Ideas and methods can be ‘sold’, and any attempt to phone up and query the ‘product being sold’ meets a “Very busy – hold or try later” response.

Most MPs, and politicians generally, such as local councillors, have been infected by this ‘disease’. I doubt that they realise that they have succumbed to ‘chaos’ in their own minds.


The Tobacco Control Industry is a past master of the clever use of ‘chaos’. They bamboozle politicians with contradictory blather from all directions, and all their blather is based upon NOTHING!!! SHS danger is NOTHING!! E-cig possible harm is NOTHING!!!

May I give a simple example which is counter-intuitive.

As a ‘proof’ that e-cigs are a good way to stop smoking, a commenter on a site said that “e-cigs are 60% better than patches, gums, inhalers, etc”. Can you see the fault? It is that, if patches etc are useless, then 60% better is still useless. Crazy though it may seem, the TCI use this chaotic idea to claim that e-cigs are useless!


The EU Tobacco Control Directive is chaotic. The EU involvement in the Ukraine is chaotic. Global Warming is chaotic.

But what do our Prime Ministers, Cameron, Clegg and Milliband care?


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  1. beobrigitte Says:

    Advertised in a notice on the door, for a couple of weeks in advance, was the statement that a musical group would be performing, and that there would be a ‘bar till one’. In the reality, the event was not very well attended, even though the musical group was very good.

    About 18 month ago I was roped into going to see Therapy? (I do like the songs”exiles” and “screamager” by them, although I am a little “old”)
    Here an accustic version of exiles:

    and here screamager

    For a quite wellknown band the gig attendance was dismally bad; it was almost cancelled but it did make the 100 online ticket sale, so they went ahead.
    With the smoking ban in place I haven’t been to any gigs for years; the artificial smoke pumped out just adds to insult.
    Nevertheless, when going out for a cigarette, I got to talk to some of the musicians who were all really nice people! We talked mostly about the REAL GIGS before the smoking ban and how packed the places were…

    The smoking ban killed much more than just “the-old-man’s-pub”

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