Bloody Sunday

I am watching ‘Bloody Sunday’ on the TV. For those who are not familiar with the Northern Ireland situation, many years ago, ‘republicans’ organised a march in Londonderry. Things got out of hand, and troops started shooting. Many people were killed. The film that I am watching is a re-enactment of that tragic situation.

Big political trouble ensued, and, almost certainly, these events were a catalyst for both sides to start talking seriously about an end to the ‘troubles’.


It would be wrong of me to compare those events with the suppression which we smokers are currently experiencing, but there are similarities. No one has been shot, but quite a number of people have died in one way or another who would not have died had it not been for the smoking ban. Only recently, a person associated with the royal family died when he went outside a club in the USA to enjoy a fag. He slipped/tripped on the pavement, smashed his head and died. These deaths are the deaths of actual people HERE AND NOW, and not a computer simulation of what might possibly happen some time in the far future.


Many of us are seeing and are horrified by the creeping suppression. This gradual suppression mirrors, in some ways, the situation which existed in Northern Ireland only twenty or thirty years ago, never mind the suppression which existed one hundred and fifty  years ago, when the Irish famine occurred. Many Irish people even now are still angry about the way in which the famine was used by unscrupulous English landlords to drive people off their land and herd them into towns and cities.  The suppression which we smokers are experiencing is a gradual tightening of the screws as the Zealots, acting upon the instructions of their bosses in the UN and the EU (traitors in my opinion), progress the agenda mapped out for them. It is no accident that the WHO has issued instructions to suppress e-cigs. E-cigs are a threat to the vast organisation that has been set up via the UN, WHO, EU etc which stands ‘in situ’, ready to be used for whatever purpose the UN, WHO, EU wish to use it.

One can’t help but wonder if Cameron, Milliband and Clegg are privy to the plans for a world-wide dictatorship. They certainly act as though they are. What are we to make of the procession of junior health ministers, who pop into office, do some damage, and then pop out again? Milton, Subry and now Ellison – all fervent supporters of anti-smoking legislation and suppression of the people in the name of health? And why is the Minister of State for Health so utterly silent on these matters? Hunt MP is a multi-millionaire in his own right, so he has nothing to fear for his financial future. Why is he such a lackey?


A new quango was recently set up called Public Health England. It is a monster which employs 5,500 people and costs half a BILLION pounds. Many MP Zealots and their friends are complaining that PHE is not acting fast enough. In what respect? It can only be in advancing the suppression of pleasurable activities and promoting puritanical lifestyles.

But what is the ultimate agenda? One cannot help but believe that the ultimate agenda is to reduce consumption by the healthy, wealthy West. Everyone must drink water and eat bread and exercise like mad. They must walk or cycle everywhere, work hard and give to the poor (being third world countries). A few days ago, I commented on the contributions to the FCTC organisation, and how many weak countries had minuscule levels, which they are not paying anyway, while ‘rich’ countries like Japan are paying through the nose. Does Japan know that the object of the exercise is to diminish its economy? Does Australia know that its people are to have their life-styles altered so that they work harder for diminishing rewards to finance the UN’s grandiose schemes?


I have digressed somewhat from my central theme. My central theme is the build-up of suppression. Over a hundred years ago, the Irish people had little power to alter the political and wealth distribution. Gradually, not without significant bloodshed and death, they gained control of their own destiny. But look what has happened. They have handed that control over to the EU!!! The EU has replaced the English landlords! They have a Health Minister who is a traitor to the Irish Nation. They have a medical establishment which hates a large part of the people and persecutes them, and describes them as disgusting, filthy, stinking, and portrays them as spreaders of disease and death.

Smokers are lepers and jews in Ireland.


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