The Conduct of the War

The War is about the right to enjoy tobacco. The war is also about the right of entrepreneurs to provide places where people who enjoy tobacco can congregate. People who do not enjoy tobacco need not attend those places, any more than they they are obliged, individually, to eat in restaurants which only supply cuscus and such abominations.

Ecig defence is the same as tobacco smoking defence. We will do as we wish. We will no be forced.

“Carthage must be destroyed”, said Cicero in ancient Rome,  and so it was done. The Zealots want to apply the same absolute to the demolition of we disgusting, filthy, stinking smokers.

We don’t care. We just don’t care. We have our beliefs and we don’t care what Arnott and Co say. They will die before we do.


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  1. Moss Says:

    Junican, “They’ll die before us.” You’re probably right on that one. The problem is, with their dying breath they’ll probably blame it on second hand smoke.
    What puzzles me mostly about these zealots, as you call them, is why they attempt with such lies, to kill the goose that lays their golden eggs; even the most ardent thief would not steal from oneself.
    If these people were in the least way concerned about the health of the public then the obvious real issue would be addressed with the same fervor. By this, I refer to the vehicle emission problem and the damage to health that it causes.
    According to an EU report, the pollution level in the UK, caused by vehicle emissions is unacceptable, and also referred to it as the ‘invisible killer, and the cause of many cancer cases. In its defense, the UK claim that the targets set by the EU cannot be met until 2025.
    Foolishly, the EU compared traffic emissions as being as harmful as ‘smoking,’ sort of a little give away there – infiltrated, or what? Never the less the EU has threatened the UK with high court action on the issue of pollution levels.
    We all contribute to air pollution in one way or another, and no matter how much one tries to scale down with a vehicle we still pollute the air we breathe, and this includes the zealots, and the whole of the anti smoking pantomime, which I personally view as a modern day version of ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes.’ Isn’t it time that these adult people made the effort to grow up, or do they wish to make everyone as stupid as themselves – I wonder!

    • Junican Says:

      Hi Moss.
      It is becoming more and more clear that the EU is a creature of the UN. All the blather about air pollution is concerned with the global warming scam.
      In my mind, there is undoubtedly a conspiracy at the very highest levels. Whoever these people are, the have latched onto ‘health’ as the vehicle to mislead the public all over the world. ‘Health’ is a tool; the smoking ban is a tool; vehicle emissions are a tool.
      I doubt that these top people are very interested in the survival of organisations like ASH. They can switch the attack around from one organisation to another.

  2. beobrigitte Says:

    The War is about the right to enjoy tobacco. The war is also about the right of entrepreneurs to provide places where people who enjoy tobacco can congregate.

    There should not even be a war!
    All that the anti-smokers needed to do is to open their own, smoke(r)-free pubs/restaurants.
    I do remember that they did – and that the number of customers was not very high, whilst ever other restaurant around it was packed with customers.

    We have our beliefs and we don’t care what Arnott and Co say. They will die before we do.

    I think so, too.

    • Junican Says:

      Was it Weatherspoons which banned smoking in its pubs before the legal ban but had to abandon it? I suspect that that was why the pubcos came to a deal with the Gov to have a ‘level playing field’ and stop the exemption of wet-led pubs and private clubs. I suspect that Weatherspoons acted as a guinea pig to see what would happen. It would not surprise me.
      When I go to the pub, I notice that few middle-aged people go outside for a smoke (if they go to the pub at all). They are nearly all young. That is not surprising due to the amount of advertising of smoking that the Zealots promote with their ‘No Smoking’ signs and their constant press releases.

      • beobrigitte Says:

        Indeed, I do remember Wheatherspoon proudly removing the ashtrays from their tables to embrace empty seats.

        The result of this experiment showed the anti-smoking zealots how little the population care for them.

        Indeed, by now it’s the youngsters who go outside for their cigarettes before returning to the bar for more drink.
        The social aspect of a pub has disappeared; the calmer part of the clientele who regularly met in a pub for a couple of pints and a chat stay at home these days.

        The anti-smoking zealots are trying to hide the existing old people who are living proof of passive smoke being utter nonsense.
        What I find annoying, though, is that political parties DO KNOW the old people exist!
        Currently there are not enough youngsters to ensure that these old people receive their due pension at 60 years of age and then we find that the number of youngsters suffering from all sorts of whacky mental conditions, unable to support themselves by other than the state, is increasing, too.

        Politicians and long term thought are incompatible, lobby groups, especially when living the “charity” life, thus siphoning off tax payers’ contribution to the state, are having a clear run once they destroyed their opponents.

        We urgently need a government people can respect!

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