(Failed) Fame on TV re Growing Tobacco Plants

A frivolous post tonight.

In a comment on yesterday’s post, “Tony” drew my attention to a programme on the BBC ‘One Show’. The programme was devoted to ‘the tobacco growing parson’. This parson needed to raise money to repair his church’s tower. At the time, because of the war, tobacco was in short supply, and so the parson used his extensive church grounds to grow tobacco plants and sell the cured produce. Somehow, he acquired an exemption from excise taxes. One way or another, including his tobacco growing, he made enough money to repair the church’s tower.

The opportunity for TV fame arose from the fact that I received a communication from the “One Show” team of researchers in January 2014. I shall not name names, of course, but the initial statement was:

I work for BBC’s The One Show and we are currently working on a project called “Baccy Parson.” The film will look at the cigarette famine in 1948, where a Church of England vicar (Rev Hugh Cuthbertson) established a Smokers’ Co-Operative for the growing and curing of tobacco.”

The researcher wanted an immediate reply that day, but, at the time, I rarely needed to check the emails on bscjunican, and so it was a couple of days before I saw it. I was both intrigued and wary. The BBC hates and detests smokers and considers them to be disgusting, filthy, filthy stinking sub-humans to be driven out of society. What would they want to publish the views of a person who grows tobacco plants for his own amusement for? It would only be to make such a person seem foolish and mental.

I had doubts about the origin of the email. The Tobacco Control Industry is as dishonest as it is possible to be.  It makes sense to distrust any mention whatsoever of ‘growing, curing, etc’. That essay is for INDIVIDUALS, and not for pundits and scoundrels.

Anyway, I replied thus:

Clearly, it is too late to converse on the day you sent this email. Actually, I only check this email address from time to time. 
I’m glad that you like the blog. We keep trying to burst the Tobacco Control Industry’s balloon with blunt pins, but it seems to be fantastically tough skinned. 
Have you read my analysis of the McTear Case? (the link is in the sidebar) You should – it might surprise you. Tobacco Control assisted a Mr McTear to sue Imperial Tobacco for damages because he suffered (and later died from) lung cancer. If I may paraphrase, the Judge in the case (which ended only in 2005) kept expecting Tobacco Control to provide proof (“on the balance of probabilities”) that smoking causes lung cancer (in general terms). They could not or would not actually produce evidence. (Were they afraid of their evidence being dissected in open court?) Instead of producing the evidence, they relied upon ‘appeal to authority’ by saying, “Because the USA Surgeon general says so”. The case was lost on every count. 
I grow tobacco plants as a hobby. My first attempt was pretty dismal, partly because I made no attempt to prepare the ground properly, and partly because the dog got at my tray of seedlings and enjoyed scattering them all over the place. But they grew, sort of. 
The thing is that you become intrigued! Prior to the smoking ban in 2007, it would never have entered my wildest dreams to bother growing tobacco plants, any more than the idea of growing potatoes – far too much trouble when you can buy them at the supermarket. 
Fortunately, I have a reasonable-sized garden, so I can grow quite a few plants, but not so many that would trouble the Revenue people. I’m not even sure if the stuff that I produce could even be called “Tobacco” – it is a horrible black colour and stinks awfully. It has to be stored for yonks to let the ammonia and stuff escape. I don’t sell it and I don’t give it away. I just amuse myself in my old age. Sometimes I amuse myself by turning it into snuff (ground down to dust in a coffee grinder) and sometimes I treat it like snus. I’m an old man, so it doesn’t really matter if I kill myself. But the prospects of that are minuscule – unless you believe The Tobacco Control Industry’s propaganda. 
One of the interesting things about that essay is that it is read world-wide. I have been amazed at the spread of ‘hits’. Interestingly, the ‘dark continent’ is still very dark; ‘hits’ from Africa are minute. 
Sometimes I become concerned about the possibility of being persecuted by The Tobacco Control Industry, but I cast the idea aside since there are masses of books about tobacco cultivation. What I have done is pick other people’s brains via the internet, and, to a limited extent, put those ideas into practice and talked about them. Essentially, the ideas convert highly automated and controlled mechanical systems into everyday methods, which simulate those systems, but very imperfectly. Also, I guess that I just like the idea of being ‘self-sufficient’; and, being retired, I have the time to mess about. But I cannot deny that there is a ‘natural law’ conflict between, a) my ‘absolute’, perfectly reasonably right, as a private person, to be as self-sufficient as I can be, and, b) the trickery of Tobacco Control. The Tobacco Control Industry has sneaked through some amendments (via ‘Finance Acts’ and such) to the law about “the manufacture of tobacco products”, in that such manufacture can only take place registered places. In my opinion, those ‘sneaked through’ amendments to Finance Acts violate our constitution. I am an Englishman, and, if I wish to be so, I can be self-sufficient, provided that, by doing so, I do not physically create serious problems for other people. 

That was my reply to the BBC ‘One Show’ researcher.


I knew nothing about the further progress of the ‘tobacco growing parson’ programme until “Tony” supplied the link:


(I hope that the link works! Scroll through until you get to the appropriate place)

But, in the programme,  there were no references to today’s growers. Not a peep. So, it can be concluded that the Zealots in the BBC blocked any reference to the possibility that people might be growing tobacco plants today. Thus is the media controlled without the media even knowing that it is being controlled. Or rather, there is a sort of ‘Borg Collective’. being anyone who works for the BBC and comes in contact with TOBACCO, even as an idea. Smoking danger and second hand smoking danger, and third hand smoking danger, and vaping,  have become gruesome caricatures of vague, mathematical calculations. Even vapers are to be described as disgusting, filthy, stinking. But SOMEONE, at the top, MUST be deciding about how to organise the gas chambers.


Regarding the BBC programme, I must admit that I would have had no idea how to justify my growing my own. Funnily enough, I think that it was the enquiry from the BBC which enabled me to claim the right to be self-sufficient. That right cannot be legislated against, other than in times of all-out war. It would be interesting to see what would happen if a personal grower was taken to court by Customs. Customs would claim that the personal grower is cheating the Revenue, but the grower can claim that he has the right, under ‘natural law’ (aka, Common Law) to be as self-sufficient as possible. Thus, I do not have to take a bus or a taxi – I can walk.

According to EU rules, Ireland could ban the manufacture or distribution of tobacco products within its territory. Why has it not done so if the products are poisonous?

Blather is blather, and will only be the overriding consideration until someone shouts, “STOP”!




8 Responses to “(Failed) Fame on TV re Growing Tobacco Plants”

  1. J Brown Says:

    Ireland does not ban tobacco manufacture or distribution as it is making quite a profit on this, considering that cigarettes now cost €9.40 a pack. As they are in the midst of attempting to recoup funds lost during the banking crisis, ie instituting a property tax, sewage tax, etc., it would be against their best interests to suddenly refuse all this additional revenue.
    However, you will be interested to read the Irish statute on growing tobacco, in effect since 1933, where it is apparently illegal to set the seeds or grow tobacco on ‘land that has not been approved by the Commissioners’. The link is here:

    • Junican Says:

      Ah, JB. Much the same as the Australian ‘verboten’ – ancient history. Have there ever been any prosecutions? It strikes me that this ‘verboten’ is similar to the Australian one in that it was designed to protect aristocratic growers. Note that, as far as I can see, the people in Australia who were caught growing tens of thousands of plants have not been accused of offending the 1911 Act. They have been accused of ‘avoiding duty’.
      I seem to remember that there was a time when, if you discovered coal in your garden, you had to report it to the authorities.
      Fear…. Fear…. Fear. That is what Government comes down to these days.

  2. beobrigitte Says:

    Indeed, Junican, there is NO LAW against being self sufficient. It is also a small piece of land OWNED by you. (Property right)
    However, if you’d start SELLING your tobacco then things change.

    By the way, I have been told that the Irish have laws they ignore.

    Have you still got some tobacco from last year? How much tobacco did you NOT buy by mixing your own tobacco into bought one?

    It feels great to withhold tobacco tax!!!

    • Junican Says:

      beo, dear, you must forgive me for not stating figures. Suffice to say that I started to use my own stuff shortly after Xmas and still have quite a lot left. Perhaps it will last until about the end of June, but I am not sure. The situation is complex because I am still going to Spain to buy half-price fags. Check the N2D site for other options.

      Suffice to say that I pay not a penny to the Zealots via the Treasury. Thus, imagine, say, half my (and herself’s) needs are supplied via Spain and the other half comes from home-grown and wherever. Between us, we enjoy around four packs per day. You can work out the cost and savings by assuming that half is Spanish and the rest bears negligible costs.

      Actually, of course, the cost are not negligible. They include quite a lot of work, but I am retired…….

      • beobrigitte Says:

        Apologies, Junican!! Your answers to my questions are perfectly fine, no figures needed.

        It is quite satisfactory to tell the zealots that my share of tobacco tax (if it = £10/50gr. Tobacco) of £30/week is no longer being paid. I have put in 3 month £360 into an account for travel etc. Mind you, one etc. was a visit to a local vape shop… Never mind, I’m off to Austria again the end of this month; more tobacco will be added to my stash!

        One does what one can!

      • Junican Says:

        I’m off to Spain again very shortly!

  3. Tony Says:

    A couple of extra links about him:

    • Junican Says:

      Amazing, is it not, that the ‘parson’ was such NEWS! At the time, it must have been a publicity coup!

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