What Can We Do?

It is 2.30 am. Time for bed. But before one retires, a quick comment is in order.

LegIron drew our attention to a Mail on Line article about a group of people who have been using dried tobacco leaves to make their own fags and selling them. It is not necessary to believe a word that the Mail on Line says. The MoL may have said that the leaf was imported, but it may not. Who knows? It also says that £12,000 was found. Erm…. Who leaves £12,000 lying around? The report said that some five tons of tobacco has been discovered. That might be true or not, just as it may or may not be true that £12,000 pounds was left lying around.

When it comes to reporting about tobacco, no newspaper can be trusted because their sources are thoroughly untrustworthy.

Propaganda is truth.


On Dr Siegel’s blog, Lisabelle said:

“this is purely hypothetical, what if all smokers and vapers quit we pick a date and worldwide quit. Stop the money stream???”

I think that she got a bit carried away since stopping vaping will have no taxation effect at all (as yet). As regards a possible world-wide boycotting of cigs (in order to devastate duty tax), we all know very well that most smokers are supine. I do not mean that in a pejorative sense. I mean that they, a) spend as little as possible on fags, but still spend and thus, in vast numbers, contribute to their own persecution without realising or knowing what is happening; b) are far too wealthy to be bothered by these trivial things. It is hard to work out how many people are too wealthy to be bothered, and how they go about buying their fags (or pipe tobacco, or rolling tobacco, or cigars). Do the immensely wealthy have their booze and tobacco delivered? I suppose that they must do. It is hard to imagine Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Obama going to the corner shop for 20 fags. Is it not an interesting observation that internet shopping has turned us all, in our small way, into aristocrats? We can order what we wish and have it delivered to our tradesman entrances!

The Treasury depends upon vast numbers of people who buy 20 fags every two days, and who are too poor to go abroad and buy in bulk, along with the rich who don’t care. No one else, in their right minds, buy fags in this country. Is it therefore any wonder that the people who are not very well off seek other sources of supply? Of course not! BUT….. it take time for the source of supply to become known. But, little by little, and exponentially, more and more people become aware of sources. I doubt the idea of a ‘white van man’ outside school gates. That is silly. White van man wants to remain obscure. In the earlier sentence, the word ‘exponentially’ is important. it mean ‘a spreading awareness of sources’ becoming more and more widespread.

It may be that e-cigs will decimate tobacco sales, which is just what TC does not want. Hence the vicious attack on e-cigs. But it is lovely to see TC tearing itself to bits.


What can we do?

There is no need for we sufferers of persecution to do anything except abide and disobey.


7 Responses to “What Can We Do?”

  1. The Waiting Room Says:

    Let’s be honest about most smokers; they have brown stained fingers and yellow stained spines not to mention the chicken livered publicans.The problem is not the strength of the anti-tobacco lobby. It’s the sheer cowardice and disunity of the smokers and vapers.

    • Junican Says:

      Is that tricky dicky? Whoever it is, please try to get your punctuation right. You see, I don’t mind silly comments, but I shall not put up with silly comments which also have bad grammar, spelling or punctuation. The three bolded words/phrases above are not the only errors.
      Please try harder in future.

  2. smokingscot Says:

    Not sure about Sean Penn, Johnny Depp or Keith Richards. They probably get them delivered.

    But Sergio Marchionne does it with class!

    He’s a Director on the board of Philip Morris. So gets paid for doing something he thoroughly enjoys!


    • beobrigitte Says:

      Indeed, he does it with class!!

      In the meantime, I have noticed that the film industry has had enough of this anti-smoking nonsense; the films made set in the 50s/60s – which was quite a progressive economical era – are on the increase. And, yes, “the goodies” (claiming their pension NOW) smoked….

      What is needed now is a film made set in 2014; the goodies smokers and vapers …………….

      Tobacco control would go mental!!!

      • Junican Says:

        I’ve noticed the same thing, beo. More and more dramas set in the mid-twentieth century feature smoking in abundance.
        Would it not be amusing to have a drama set in the offices of tobacco control where all the participants were smoking as they discussed their anti-tobacco plans?!

  3. beobrigitte Says:

    It may be that e-cigs will decimate tobacco sales, which is just what TC does not want. Hence the vicious attack on e-cigs.

    Bulls Eye! People who buy tobacco in e.g. England do not know they finance their own persecution.

    Referring to the first comment here; the anti-smokers are trying their hardest to create and maintain a rift between vapers and smokers, not understanding that there are a lot of smokers who vape in order to reduce the amount of tobacco tax they have to pay in this country.

    Tobacco Control, you just can’t have your cake and eat it!!!

    • Junican Says:

      Absolutely right, beo. Even Siegel (especially Siegel?) seems to think that e-cigs are related only to smoking cessation for health reasons. It never seems to cross the minds of these people that there is also pleasure and cost involved.

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