The EU Attack on the Drug “Caffeine” Has Started

It is all so innocuous start of with, isn’t it? I quote from the Sun newspaper (don’t sneer please):

EU coffee meddlers go potty.

Meddling eurocrats are causing a latte grief – by targeting our filter coffee machines.

In the latest barmy EU dictat, makers will have to produce devices that turn off automatically minutes after a pot has brewed – to save energy. 

Some domestic ‘drip’ filter machines will have five minutes before they go into standby mode.

Others with no-insulated jugs will get 40 minutes. 

Alan Murad from the Get Britain Out campaign blasted: “Is there no end to the EU meddling?”

He said nearly a quarter of Brits use traditional filter coffee machines. 

Expresso makers will also be hit by the plans, due in January. The EU commission said it was “driven by consumer and industry organisations”, backed by the UK. 

The Sun Editors commented themselves as follows:

Coffee Mugs.

Where would be be without the European Commission to save us from ourselves? 

Sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee without any idea of the ticking timebomb in our hands. 

Chemical warfare. Dirty bombs. The potential beginnings of World War Three in Ukraine. They’re all yesterday’s news. 

The real danger that we have to guard against is filter coffee. 

Thank heavens we have the European Commission to fight on our behalf. 

Or maybe they’ve just given the game away that there’s nothing better for them to do than draw up laws about how filter coffee is made. 

The Brussels bureaucrats are one expresso short of a latte.


Reread the statements above and select the most important sentence. Which do you think it is? How about:

The EU commission said it was “driven by consumer and industry organisations”, backed by the UK. 

There are Smoker Organisation which have been comprehensively ignored when it comes to EU dictats on tobacco. Tobacco Organisations have been painted as the devil incarnate, and have been cast into the outer darkness. NICK O’TINE is the devil responsible for the dissolute behaviour of Youth today, and has been so for a hundred years. The devil NICK is not alone. There is also the devil AL COHOL, along with SU GAR, and SAL T.


The EU commission said it was “driven by consumer and industry organisations”, backed by the UK. 

I think that we can all assume that the ‘consumer organisations’ are fake, in just the same way that ASH is a fake. These are no such things. ‘Industry organisations’ can be taken to be those industries which have an interest in driving out competition which might have difficulty in complying with the latest demand for ‘standardisation’. Remember that ‘standardisation’ is the enemy of ‘competition’. For example, Plain Packaging of tobacco products is clearly a ‘standardisation’ too far. It stultifies competition.


But the Sun is right to castigate the EU for meddling. The EU is, once again, fixing a thing which is not broken. It is insisting that coffee machines must switch themselves off after a given time period. However, it is not insisting that cars should switch themselves off after X amount of idling, or that TVs which have been left on standby should automatically switch off after X period of time.

Why have the Zealots picked on coffee machines?


Most of us in the UK have been put into a horrible situation. Many of us, including me, have been put into a situation where we have little option but reject the whole EU ‘project’, even though we admire the European Union as an ideal. The problem is how to have a ‘union’ and yet retain our national independence. What is absolutely unacceptable is ‘coercion’. We have seen this with the FCTC. Milton MP claimed that, because the UK signed the FCTC, the UK is ‘bound by law’ to implement all the provisions of the FCTC. No wonder that Milton got sacked – nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that the UK is not bound in the slightest. It can chose as it wishes.

But don’t expect MPs to know that. If Milton MP, the health minister, did not know the facts, then don’t expect troughers to know the facts.

But what is really, really amazing is that people like Cameron, Millaband and Clegg do not seem to know that the UK is not obliged to do anything at all dictated by the EU. The UK can simply refuse to obey. It is as simple as that.


There is a curious complication which no one ever mentions, which is the World Bank. What is the World Bank? It seems to be a very shadowy organisation. What is it FOR? What does it DO? What do Cameron, Milliband and Clegg know about the World Bank? What do they know about the European Central Bank? DO THEY KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL?


The drug, caffeine, must be controlled. Machines which deliver a dose of this drug must only dispense a measured dose and must be insulated against spillages. The dose must be only contain X amount of caffeine up to a maximum of Y.  These requirements are dictated by the scientific studies of ACTION ON COFFEE AND HEALTH.

There is no doubt that many, many premature deaths have been caused by the carcinogenic compounds in coffee. Ultimately, coffee must be banned – along with tea.

One can smell the stink of coffee and tea on these addicts. I don’t want to be infected by these stinks. I have a right to ‘clean’ stinks. I would much prefer to the stink of  Zyclon B. It has such a pretty smell.



27 Responses to “The EU Attack on the Drug “Caffeine” Has Started”

  1. michaeljmcfadden Says:

    Coffee contains, among other things, Chlorogenic acid, Quinic acid, Cafestol, Kahweol, and N-methylpyridinium (NMB).

    According to California’s Proposition 65 Warning To Consumers, “coffee contains acrylamide (a chemical known to cause cancer). According to a lawsuit filed by the Committee for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT), a single 12 oz. cup of coffee “contains anywhere from four to 100 times the No Significant Risk Level for acrylamide established by California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.”

    Get that? A single cup of coffee may contain A HUNDRED TIMES the “no significant risk” level.

    Hope all you java lovers got yer life insurance forms paid up!

    – MJM, never a coffeer, always a chocolateer!

    • Junican Says:

      One that basis, coffee should definitely be banned, but on the basis of Rose’s info (below), coffee should be encouraged.

    • Rose Says:

      Chocolate contains theobromine, cannabinoids, oxalic acid and kills dogs!

      Chocolate contains

      “Acetic-acid, aesculetin, alanine, alkaloids, alpha-sitosterol, alpha-theosterol, amyl-acetate, amyl-alcohol, amyl-butyrate, amylase, apigenin-7-o-glucoside, arabinose, arachidic-acid, arginine, ascorbic-acid, ascorbic-acid-oxidase, aspariginase, beta-carotene, beta-sitosterol, beta-theosterol, biotin, caffeic-acid, caffeine, calcium, campesterol, catalase, catechins, catechol, cellulase, cellulose, chlorogenic-acid, chrysoeriol-7-o-glucoside, citric-acid, coumarin, cyanidin, cyanidin-3-beta-l-arabinoside, cyanidin-3-galactoside, cyanidin-glycoside, cycloartanol”

      And thats only up to c.

      “Oxalic acid and oxalates are useful as reducing agents for photography, bleaching, and rust removal. They are widely used as an purifying agent in pharmaceutical industry, precipitating agent in rare-earth metal processing, bleaching agent in textile and wood industry, rust-remover for metal treatment, grinding agent, waste water treatment. acid rinse in laundries and removing scale from automobile radiators”
      http: //

      Still fancy that Easter egg?

      : )

      H/T S. Chapman


      “Look for usages that will connote revulsion or concern .
      For example, well known chemicals found in tobacco include cadmium (as in car batteries), ammonia (as in toilet cleaners), cyanides, formaldehyde and so on ……” (p.15)

      • michaeljmcfadden Says:

        Of course, as Chapman likes to point out for tobacco smoke, those chemical names sound even juicier when interpreted. E.G. Chocolate contains coumarin eh? So? What’s that? A spice? Who cares?

        er… wait a minute…. coumarin is RAT POISON! The Antismokers would never leave that tidbit of information out of their list. Of course the AMOUNT of coumarin is about a millionth or a billionth of what it would take to kill a human-sized rat, but hey, why let details get in the way of a good propaganda sound-bite, eh?

        – MJM

      • Rose Says:

        Good point, MJM, rat poison is far scarier than rusty radiators.

  2. Harleyrider1978 Says:

    Something I had saved awhile back not sure who write it but here it is,

    There are 4,000-7000 theorized chemicals in tobacco smoke (there are 2,000 in coffee) of which only 65 are vaguely carcinogenic. None exist in any quantity to cause harm. I can only assume some of the people commenting here are displaying symptoms of physcho-somaticism, it’s all the mind or fancy a fat payout from the courts.

    In 1991 an experiment was done on side stream smoke (SSS). SSS is undiluted by inhalation via a smoker’s lungs where 95% of the chemicals are ingested. The setting was a room 20 feet by 24 feet by 9 feet, sealed and unventilated and the “sniffer” was 6 inches away from the lit cigarette. It produced the following results whereby you would have to be surrounded by the following number of smokers to reach a dangerous level.

    Benzene 13,300 smokers.
    Polonium 750,000.
    Nickel 40,000.
    Acetone 178,000
    Benzo(a)pyrence 220,000.

    So you are telling me smoke travelling 10-20 feet diluted by other air is a health hazard? You remind me of alchemists of the middle ages. Benzene constitutes 3% of a gallon of gas, and is often unburned in a car engine, the by product is benzo(a)pyrene. Your car will kill far more people before a smoker.

  3. Harleyrider1978 Says:

    Mike the California nut cases are actually putting that very same precaution sticker on coffee mugs that come into California by law!

    We use to sell some stuff via a small wholesaler group and every coffee mug we got from them in LA had those damned stickers all over them. Anyway we broke California law and removed all the stickers in Kentucky that isn’t as ANAL as calif idiots.

  4. Rose Says:

    I’m ready for them this time.

    If they choose to get their ideas from the same source that they did with tobacco –

    “In 1941 Hitler Youth handbook declared that for young people at least, caffeine was a poison in every form and in every strength.

    (Fritz Lickint declared coffee a carcinogen but Hermann Druckey challenged the idea, pointing out that Lickint’s coffee beans had been roasted at artificially high temperature, producing tars and carbonized chemicals that would not normally occur in the routine process of coffee making.)”
    – Nazi War on Cancer

    It’s already been debunked.

    Drinking Coffee Halves Cancer Risk

    “The researchers found that those who drank one or more daily cups of coffee had a 50 percent reduced risk of these cancers compared with those who did not drink coffee. Furthermore, the reduction in risk applied to all participants, including those who were current drinkers and/or smokers at the start of the study and were therefore at higher risk for these cancers.

    “We had not expected that we could observe such a substantial inverse association with coffee consumption and the risk of these cancers, and the inverse association in high-risk groups for these cancers as well,” Naganuma said in an interview with Reuters.”

    Anti-Invasive Activity of Niacin and Trigonelline against Cancer Cells

    “The effects of niacin, namely, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide, and trigonelline on the proliferation and invasion of cancer cells were studied using a rat ascites hepatoma cell line of AH109A in culture. Niacin and trigonelline inhibited the invasion of hepatoma cells at concentrations of 2.5–40 μM without affecting proliferation. Hepatoma cells previously cultured with a reactive oxygen species (ROS)-generating system showed increased invasive activity. Niacin and trigonelline suppressed this ROS-potentiated invasive capacity through simultaneous treatment of AH109A cells with the ROS-generating system. The present study indicates for the first time the anti-invasive activities of niacin and trigonelline against cancer cells”
    http: //

    ” Niacin is formed during the roasting process, and coffee can contain 10-40mg of niacin per 100 g, depending on the extent of roasting, thus making a significant contribution to average intakes of niacin”
    http: //

    Trigonelline the pyridine alkaloid in coffee

    Pyridine group: piperine, coniine, trigonelline, arecoline, arecaidine, guvacine, cytisine, lobeline, nicotine , anabasine, sparteine, pelletierine.

    Basic Chemical Reactions Occurring in the Roasting Process
    “The best cup characteristic are produced when the ratio of the degradation of trigonelline to the derivation of Nicotinic Acid remains linear.
    The control model of this reaction ratio is a time/temperature/energy relationship. The environment temperature (ET) establishes the pyrolysis region for the desired chemical reactions while the energy value (BTU) and system transfer efficiency (STE) determines the rate of reaction propagation and linearity of Nicotinic Acid derivation to degradation of trigonelline”
    http: //

    Cups of coffee can ward off diabetes . . .

    “DRINKING coffee can substantially reduce the risk of developing diabetes, scientists have discovered.

    A major study involving more than 14,000 people in Finland, which has the highest rate of coffee consumption in the world, has revealed that those who drink most have the lowest incidence of adult-onset or type 2 diabetes.

    When people drank three to four cups of coffee a day, their risk of developing diabetes fell by 29 per cent for women and 27 per cent for men.

    “Coffeeholics” who drank very large amounts of coffee — ten or more cups a day — were even less likely to suffer from the disease: such high consumption reduced the risk by 79 per cent for women and 55 per cent for men.”
    http: //

    Pharmacological bases of coffee nutrients for diabetes prevention

    “With an increasing number of studies describing the negative correlation of coffee consumption and the risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus, we were compelled to elucidate the nutrients which bring pharmacological effects on risk reduction for diabetes.

    In this review, the author’s interest is focused on chlorogenic and caffeic acids derived from lightly roasted coffee beans, as well as nicotinic acid, volatile Maillard reaction products (vMRPs), and another structurally unknown compound contained in heavily roasted beans.

    Caffeine is a common compound in both lightly and heavily roasted beans and its anti-inflammatory effects on degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus has been reevaluated recently.
    The prophylactic effects of coffee on diabetes involve pleiotropy of plural components in accordance to the degree of the roasting.
    A new concept of nutritional blended coffee may be important to optimize the prophylactic effects of coffee on lowering the risk factors of diabetes and delaying the progress of diabetes complications as well.”
    http: //

    If all else fails

    Growing Coffee Beans at Home

    “Growing coffee plants at home is a rewarding experience that will help you learn and appreciate the work involved in producing coffee. It is a very easy plant to take care of and is a great conversation piece, especially during flowering or cherry development”
    http: //

    Caffeine as an addictive substance?
    Doubtful, I already did one month on decaf to test the theory and drank as just as much coffee as I did before.

    As with tobacco, I would guess that caffeine is the only substance in coffee that most Coffee Control devotees will have ever heard of so that’s what they will use.

    So leave me alone because I am NOT going to listen.

    • michaeljmcfadden Says:

      Harley and Rose, amazing! Thanks for the info. Even though, as a non-coffeer, I am now doomed to diabetes and cancer… Ahhhh wellll….

      – MJM

      • Junican Says:

        Just think ……. If you peg out tomorrow, you won’t catch any of these diseases. What a blessing!

  5. woodsy42 Says:

    No doubt we also need restrictions on the amount of ground coffee we can buy at any one time and another on caffeine concentration of the ground or bean coffee and one to limit how much of the devilish poison we should be allowed to keep in our house (in child-proof certified containers naturally).

  6. Ania Says:

    “In the latest barmy EU dictat, makers will have to produce devices that turn off automatically minutes after a pot has brewed – to save energy. ”

    I see a simple workaround, or are they going to impose similar restrictions on general-purpose hotplates?

    • Junican Says:

      It is particularly barmy. Don’t restaurants often keep coffee pots warm on some sort of hot plate?

  7. The Free Corps Says:

    There are ways of bringing the EU to their knees as some radical groups in Europe suggest,sadly the majority would rather mutter,twitter and wait for some shining knight.We would have thought with all the benefits of social media ,organising visible and physical action, would have been a benefit rather than a drawback.
    Those with the expertise of organising protests seem to have withdrawn to the safety of their keyboards,their messages unheard and unread by the vast majority,a case of preaching to the converted Well intentioned voices crying in the wilderness.

    • Junican Says:

      I don’t think that protests affect the EU at all. It isn’t the sort of organisation that can be affected because it does not answer to ordinary people (voters). Its objective is to negotiate with national governments.

  8. smokingscot Says:

    Quit the filter machine some years back as I found it too much of a palaver for one cup, infrequently.

    Use these sorts of things. Convenient and an environmentally irresponsible. But hey I don’t drive a Humvee nor an amour plated Mercedes, like some legislators.

    • Junican Says:

      I think that the whole human race is an environmental irresponsibility. How can it be otherwise? We can make tools …..

  9. beobrigitte Says:

    But the Sun is right to castigate the EU for meddling. The EU is, once again, fixing a thing which is not broken.

    No, the EU is trying to fix what isn’t broken.

    The coffee makers turning off the hot plate after 5 minutes are a waste of space; get an old fashioned filter and a thermos can…. Works a treat!

    The EU “project”raises a few questions: even though we admire the European Union as an ideal. The problem is how to have a ‘union’ and yet retain our national independence.

    In my view it would be sufficient to have an EU which centers on trade rather than on destroying participating countries’ individual cultures.
    The EU as it stands is a failure – the lobby infested Brussel dictates every nonsense that is lobbied.

    Perhaps it is not for the worst that coffee is now being attacked – all Starbucks getting bad press even though Starbucks banned smokers…..

    Let’s watch the spectacle unfold…..

    • Junican Says:

      I think that the EU has been trying to run before it can walk properly. It has a finger (no, a whole fist) in every pie. Governments really must cut the funding. The EU would then have to decide what is important. The trouble is that it is now so big that hardly anyone would know where to begin.

  10. Dick Puddlecote Says:

    “it is not insisting that cars should switch themselves off after X amount of idling”

    Actually, as a transport professional, I can tell you you’re wrong. The EU has already tabled plans (and postponed them for now) on just that suggestion. The plan is to add it to EU type approval for vehicles in all categories. Not hard to do as it wouldn’t need primary legislation, they’d just tack it onto what they already have.

    Welcome to my world, we have to endure a new reg every year which costs us thousands, and they all arrive in the same way I described, with the UK govt just rubber-stamping them.

    I once asked the DoT why they don’t run impact assessments for all these rules via the EU scrutiny committee and I was told that there are so many regs, they haven’t time to look at them all so just take a sample. That’s how out-of-control it is.

  11. Junican Says:

    I stand corrected, DP.
    It looks to me more and more as though the EU has become subservient to the UN. All this stuff is about ‘sustainability’ (aka global warming). All part of the millennium goals thing.
    How on earth did the UK ever get drawn into this totalitarian dream?

    • beobrigitte Says:

      Good point, Junican!!!
      I have a question to MY birth nation:

      How on earth did Germany ever get drawn into this totalitarian dream? Which bit of totalitarianism didn’t we learn?

      • Junican Says:

        How has it come about that ALL the nations of Europe seem to have accepted ‘one size fits all’? That is, regulations are made which restrict or deny ‘specials’. That is certainly the case regarding e-cigs.
        There is a way. It is not easy. It requires that, for example, e-cig companies publish their methods of extracting nicotine from tobacco plant leaves on the internet. Only thus can the EU persecution be reversed.
        If e-cig liquid producers are banned from producing the liquids that people want, then they must tell people how to do it themselves. The point is that people can do it themselves, but it would be easier to let someone produce the stuff for them at a little cost. Damn it! We do it all the time when be DO NOT keep chickens ourselves, but buy eggs from shops.

      • beobrigitte Says:

        Of course it is easier to buy eggs from a shop without having to feed and keep chicken – the same applies to e-liquid.

        The problem with publishing your own personal method is that you’ll ruin your own business. It is bad enough for a well established business; e-liquid manufacturing is a budding business – and so are the shops that sell the e-cigs + e-liquid.

        I did visit one today, I decided to spend some of my tobacco-tax-not-paid cash. It is a dead small shop (in a little shopping center) which happens to be opposite (very close proximity) to another little shop that provides coffee and a bite to eat. For the second time this year (the first time was in Austria!) shopping was fun – to sit at a coffee table in town, indoors, with a cup of coffee and my new e-cig in use, talking to a couple of ladies and the e-cig shop owner was just great!! And that e-liquid is absolutely amazing!

        However, this experience also brought one thing home: How badly smokers are being treated.

        Perhaps the anti-smoking zealots understand this – so the e-cig users have to be kicked outside, too? To me, every anti-e-cig article is a Deja-Vu experience; that’s how the attacks started on smokers…..
        Sure, vaping is NOT smoking – nevertheless, I do find vaping to be a ‘non-smelling’ alternative to smoking, so if the smoking ban was about this ‘ultra-dangerous’ passive smoke, WHY attacking e-cigs?

      • Junican Says:

        The fact is that the Zealots are in a mess. The genuine ‘harm reduction’ people all for ecigs, but the charlatans are afraid that ecigs will spoil their well-laid plans for future personal enrichment.

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