The Communicable Diseases of Tobacco Control

I think that it is reasonable to say that, until recently, the word ‘disease’ applied to illnesses which you can catch from outside your body. Thus, you might come down with influenza, or you might get a cold. Nowadays, flu is not the danger that it was – witness the millions who died from the flu epidemic which followed immediately upon WW1 (or which started towards the end of WW1). Millions perished. That was ‘a disease’, as was malaria, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis – conditions which you could ‘catch’. 

It seems to me that the Medical Establishment have only recently come up with the idea of diseases which are not spreadable. Thus, a person who inherited weak heart muscles suffers from a ‘disease’. Frankly, I do not subscribe to such an idea since it relies upon the idea of  the existence of  ‘a standard human being’. When I was first married, and we lived in our first little house, there was a boy across the street who did not grow. I know that there is a name for that condition (I do not mean ‘dwarfism’ since his stature remained that of of a child, even though he was in his early teens). Clearly, his condition was the result of a genetic aberration. I suppose that his condition could have resulted from some ancestor having suffered from some ‘real’ disease, but I know of no research into that matter (other than ‘public health’ scaremongering).

Suffice to say that you used to ‘catch’ diseases from ‘germs’ which could be spread about in one way or another. No one caught a ‘germ’, and thus a ‘disease’, from the machinations of their own bodies. 



Having said that, I must admit to being confused. Most readers will know that my wife suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and has done for over thirty years. The main problem has been that she cannot use her legs at all. There are other minor matters, but not things that cannot be handled.

I was amazed when the Specialist (and I mean a top man in the field) described MS as ‘a disease’. That statement, from a top man in the field, amazed me. I was, honestly, shocked. If MS is a ‘disease’, then the slightest infirmity MUST become a disease. Thus, a headache is a disease. That is, unless MS does have an external cause.

[By the way, I am not talking about the etymology of the word ‘disease’ as ‘dis-ease’ – meaning ‘not-at-ease’. That is a different matter]


If a CONDITION, such as lung cancer, pneumonia or ‘getting out of breath’ can be described as ‘a disease’, and taking into consideration that a bullet in the head causes a ‘non-contagious disease’, aka bleeding in the brain, then falling off a ladder from a great height clearly results in a disease, from which the person who falls may die. There again, he may not die.


Given the Medical Establishment’s definition of ‘disease’, it is perfectly obvious that there are mental diseases which do not have to be ‘caught’ from external sources. ‘Tobacco Control Disease’ is clearly one of those ‘non-communicable’ diseases which can be communicated.

How can a ‘non-communicable disease’ be communicated? With regard to mental diseases, it is easy. All you have to do is repeat, over and over, the same ‘communicable disease’ blather. Therefore, it is in our interests to describe the likes of Arnott as ‘MENTALLY DISEASED’. 

But Arnott is merely as symptom of the disease. The ‘seat’ of the mental disease lies in the UN, the WHO and the EU. 


If UKIP had any sense, it would make clear its demands. I cannot say what they should be, other than that Democratic Nations should be able to decide for themselves. The idea of ‘qualified majority voting’ means subservience to tyranny. UKIP might demand an end to the FORCE of directives upon nations which do not wish to acquiesce.  


Anyway, the fact is that there is a ‘disease’ which is spreading and spreading. It is spreading and spreading, even though it is not a ‘disease’. It eats into the ‘body politic’ and creates excrement and puss.  The name of that ‘disease’ is Public Health.






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  1. Harleyrider1978 Says:

    While I usually don’t abide Conspiracy theories I know that pharma and the government both have Bio laboratories where they breed viruses and bacterias for research. Whats to say they don’t concoct old viruses and release them on the general population or even designer viruses that attack particular body parts and the symptons last for months and longer. The hospital and testing that would ensue would increase medical expenditures for months and possibly get people to have elective surgeries for joint pains that don’t go away but which they never had before.

    Yes indeed while the above may seem out there I truly believe its the case today after I know what pharma has done already to increase profits with rent seeking legislation and the like for NRT drug sales!

    • beobrigitte Says:

      Indeed, there are virae and bacteriae being grown in laboratories. As an example, phage lambda DNA is quite often used as “control” in experiments.

      However, although smallpocks has been eliminated, there is “stock” frozen – in case of re-emergence of the disease.

      I do believe it is EVERY company’s right to try and increase it’s profit. However, pharmaceutical companies have crossed a threshold when it comes to the sale of it’s (rather useless and often very dangerous) NRT. There is no LONG TERM data – these products were thrown on the market often after 8 weeks of trials.
      Their association with the anti-smoking zealots led to the attacks on the e-cigarette companies (most NOT being tobacco companies) and vapers.

      Incidentally, I did try an e-cig made by a tobacco company. Awful. Yeah, great tobacco flavour, yet too much “hit” on the back of the throat and virtually no vapour to be seen.
      I did settle (for now) with eGo – which I believe is NOT a tobacco company – whilst making my tobacco bought is Austria last.

      • Junican Says:

        Eventually, the EU attitude to e-cigs MUST bring about the downfall of the EU Health Dept. That Dept ought not to exists, other than, possibly, an advisory Dept.
        I need to think about this. I sort of see a contradiction. If the EU insists upon ‘standardisation’, how can competition exist?

  2. Junican Says:

    I doubt it, cousin. Why bother when all you need to do is advertise just like tobacco companies used to do? Just keep creating new scares, like ‘you may have a weak bladder’ and sell, sell, sell.

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