The Visibility of Smokers

There was a time, not long ago, when I would walk up to the pub without bothering to smoke a cig on the way. Now, of course, it is ‘de rigeur’ to do so.

Some comical effects ensue from the indoor smoking ban. For example, if you go to Manchester airport, just around the entrance, there are massive signs saying, “NO SMOKING HERE””” In theory, the entrance area is ‘an enclosed place’ because it has a roof and has sides, disregarding the fact that it is a huge wind-tunnel. Also disregarding that no staff actually work in that area, other than the occasional visit, and disregarding the sheer SIZE of the wind-tunnel. Only in the UK could a shower of drizzle be equated to a thunderstorm. Palma airport, in contrast, has a nice little cafe in the exit area which is under cover, in the sense that it is within an ‘enclosed area’ as defined by the ‘more than half the sides enclosed’.250312-0910

I’m sure that you can see what I mean from the pic.

There is another little cafe at the end of the ‘enclosed area’ which is even pleasanter.


Some organisation of the USA has mapped the number of smokers who are smoking in the street and the prevalence of that smoking in the street. Needless to say, that is a ‘BAD THING’. Also needless to say, the Zealots do not seem to understand that, when they drove smokers out onto the street, smokers would become more visible.

Something struck me tonight when I was in the pub having a beer or two. It concerns the perceptions of ‘young people’.

‘Young people’ (and I am disregarding the the definition of ‘young people’ from ASH ET AL) in their teens see anyone over the age of thirty five as OLD! Therefore, when they see ‘young people’ who are around forty, standing outside a pub/restaurant/place of work and smoking, they see lots and lots of ‘aged’ people smoking. And so they ask themselves what the problem about smoking is? They SEE lots of old people smoking and chatting and laughing. So they see, with their own eyes, that smoking is not killing people at all! In fact, the people who smoke are obviously in excellent health and are very happy! In contrast, everywhere else they go, like libraries, schools, health centres, etc, everyone is miserable and ill!


If I might venture an opinion, it seems to me that the eventual end of tobacco control will come as a result of ridicule. It is hard to see how the junk science and its consequences could possible survive the laughter of the people.



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  1. Harleyrider1978 Says:

    You nailed Cousin showng how their so called fixes only created even more problems for everyone! Its coming to an end,theyve shown their hand for what they truly are,PROHIBITIONISTS and JUNK SCIENCE PROPAGANDISTS

    • Junican Says:

      I suppose that a consequence of chucking smokers out into the street means that more and more, and sillier and sillier regulations are required. It is when it becomes obvious that the Zealots are out of their minds that people will start to laugh. In fact, I think that they are already doing so.

  2. Rose Says:

    I found this, this morning while wondering if anyone else had been peculiar enough to even think of mapping smokers.

    I should have known.

    Major Online Mapping Project Shows ‘Iron Chain’ Between Smoking and Deprivation
    Monday 09 October 2006

    “A major new mapping project which shows smoking rates and deprivation in every ward in England has been published online by Action on Smoking and Health.

    The project, intended for use by policy makers, health professionals and media, clearly shows the “iron chain” that links smoking and deprivation. Smoking remains the single biggest factor behind the difference in life expectancy between social classes in England.

    The maps, produced for ASH by cartographers Lovell Johns , can be searched by region and district, or by entering a specific postcode. They link data from a study of smoking rates across England conducted for the Health Development Agency by the Institute for the Geography of Health at the University of Portsmouth .”

    • Junican Says:

      From the ASH report:
      The maps illustrate the key point that men and women in deprived social groups are much more likely to smoke. Only 20% of men and 17% of women in the professional and managerial groups smoke compared with 34% of men and 30% of women in routine and manual groups.

      Which is, of course, why the b*st*rds have been particularly anxious to increase the price of cigs to persecute the poorest people. Further, it used to be possible to get a little pleasure from cigs regularly during the whole day fairly cheaply at that time. The deliberately elitist attitude is getting more and more obvious – a bit like King James 1 and his ‘better sort’.

      • Rose Says:

        Exactly like James and his “better sort”.

        Smokers as undereducated and a social underclass

        “News reports on declining smoking rates often note wide socioeconomic and educational differentials: smoking is increasingly a badge of unemployment, low socioeconomic status and low educational attainment.”

        I’m sure this sort of thing is not meant to apply for instance to people like smoking MP’s in the House of Commons.

      • nisakiman Says:

        Only 20% of men and 17% of women in the professional and managerial groups smoke compared with 34% of men and 30% of women in routine and manual groups.”

        Now that’s an interesting set of figures.

        What would you think the breakdown between ‘professional and managerial’ and ‘routine and manual’ jobs would be, Junican? Perhaps 33% of the former to 66% of the latter?

        If we assume a split like that, and extrapolate the smoking prevalence figures given, the we end up with an average smoking prevalence of 27.5%. And yet they tell us it is about 20%.

        In a population of 65 million, that’s a very big difference.

  3. artbylisabelle Says:

    Reblogged this on artbylisabelle and commented:
    Shaming, Blaming and Taxing Smokers to Death is not a good intention.

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