Continuing the Struggle

A comment from a new ‘follower’, salsajo2, set me thinking. This is what he/she said:

“I agree with you, Bolton Smoker, it’s ALL pre-planned and CORRUPT, to say the least!! Plus, may I just say, I admire your persistence in this field. But let’s face it – no-one listens!! ”


“No one listens”.

I don’t believe that to be true. I think that almost every adult in the land knows about smoking bans. How could they not, even if they never go to pubs or restaurants? How could they avoid sight of huge notices plastered all over hospital walls? How can they not see “NO SMOKING” signs everywhere? The problem is not that ‘nobody listens’, it is that vast numbers of people believe THE BIG LIE.

I was reading something about ‘the big lie’ earlier. It was said that there are good psychological reasons that it is easier to get away with ‘the big lie’ than smaller lies. The reasoning goes that we all fib from time to time in small, rather harmless ways, and we can recognise when other people do the same. We can say, “Get away with you!” and laugh. But when we hear some really, really big lie, we find it much more difficult to contest it in our minds. This because we cannot see ourselves telling such huge whoppers. We can’t believe that other people can do such things, either, and so we are more inclined to believe that these lies are the truth. If the lie is a really, really big one, then the liar has to have a way to repeat it over and over again. In that way, the tendency to wish to believe that the lie is true is reinforced, until the lie becomes the truth. Once that situation has been reached, even though proof is obtained that the lie is in fact a lie, people will still be reluctant to accept that the lie is a lie. The reason lies within our emotions. It is our emotions which make it difficult for us to accept that we have ‘fallen for it’.

It is even better if another huge lie can be overlaid onto the first big lie. Frank Davis (see sidebar) has been talking about ‘The Cult of the the Expert’. In the comments, there is a reference to a speech by a global warming enthusiast ‘Alice Hooker-Stroud, Zero Carbon Britain research coordinator’, in which she says:

Any greenhouse gas we put into the atmosphere from now on risks people’s lives and happiness as well as ecosystems. It isn’t yet clear how likely these levels of emissions would be to increase temperatures by more than two degrees in the latest model, or how the IPCC have divided the responsibility for cutting emissions between rich and poorer nations.”

“Both of these things are important moral questions relating to climate mitigation which the report will have to make a judgement on.

What is clear is that radical action is necessary. Our judgement is that as a rich nation with a long history of high emissions and therefore particular responsibility for the climate problem, we should be doing everything we possibly can to limit climate change impacts around the globe, remembering that all future emissions carry a risk.”

Do you see what she has done? She has said that we do not know, but, even so, “radical action is necessary”. If we do not know, why should radical action be necessary? But what, there, is the ‘big lie’? The big lie is THE IMMEDIACY!! The word ‘radical’ implies immediate need. The facts, however, do not warrant such immediate, radical action. Further, the whole statement assumes that it has been proven ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that global warming is A FACT. Again, we see the inverted pyramid – the global warming big lie was proposed and repeated over and over. When people started to ask for the evidence, after climategate, the evidence turned out to have been conveniently ‘lost’. In any case, such evidence that existed was hidden within ‘research protection’ protocols. But, after that, further ‘evidence’ was produced, just a ropey as the earlier stuff, and heaped on top of the previous big lie.

Is it not odd that our most brilliant minds, our politicians, could be conned rotten by this rotten ‘science’?


The reason to continue the struggle is perfectly illustrated by the comment of the Labour Shadow Public Health Minister, Luciana Berger, that “THERE IS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE THAT PLAIN PACKAGING WORKS”. Once again, do you see the big lie? Let me explain. When it is said that PP works, it is like saying that “if banning swimming altogether, anywhere, saves the life of one child, it is worth it”. Thus, it may be true that one person actually stopped smoking, or one child was put off smoking by PP. That may be true, and it may be possible to produce definite evidence that it was true, in which case it is possible to assert that “THERE IS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE THAT PLAIN PACKAGING WORKS”. The evidence that PP works is the evidence acquired from one individual, somewhere in the world.

That is an example of THE BIG LIE.


My mind is clear. The objective of ‘Continuing the Struggle’, no matter what, is TO CAST DOUBTS. It is the opposite of the propaganda of people like Luciana Berger. CAST DOUBTS, over and over again. Never let the doubts go away.






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  1. beobrigitte Says:

    “I agree with you, Bolton Smoker, it’s ALL pre-planned and CORRUPT, to say the least!! Plus, may I just say, I admire your persistence in this field. But let’s face it – no-one listens!! “

    Wrong. Every day more and more people listen. I meet them in REAL life.

    • Junican Says:

      I agree, Beo. More and more people are reading the stuff about alcohol, sugar, salt, etc, and saying, “Eh?”

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