The Inverted Pyramid of Tobacco Control


It’s almost impossible to believe the trouble I’ve had in creating and scanning and finding and transferring the image below. It has taken me hours. Both my scanners were playing up, etc, etc.


TC pyramid


It’s almost 4.30 am, but I was DETERMINED to sort out the problems and get the damned pic published.

In all probability, I have totally wasted several hours, but the idea occurred to me earlier on today.

The drawing above is an inverted pyramid with the apex flattened so that the pyramid can just about stand. To me, it represents the whole of the tobacco control industry.

You could think of the base of the pyramid as representing the first appearance of anti-tobacco, whether it be King James 1, or Prohibition or Hitler, or you could pick a point such as Doll’s Hospital Study, or even the Doctors Study. It does not really matter where you start. What is important is that the base of the inverted pyramid is not very wide. That represents the shakiness of the evidence upon which the edifice of tobacco control is sustained.

You could start with Doll’s Hospital Study. Briefly, he examined two groups of patients, group 1 was patients with lung cancer, group 2 was patients with other conditions. Because of the predominance of smoking at the time, about 80% (or whatever) were smokers. Doll found that while ‘other conditions’ were split more or less 80%/20% smoker/non-smokers, as you would expect, in the lung patients, the proportions were higher for smokers than non-smokers. I forget the details – not important. What is important is that he concluded that it was because of smoking that the smoker proportions were higher in the LC group. He thus concluded that smoking causes LC.

He said that he was unhappy about the fact that his Hospital Study did not gain much attention, and therefore decided to start the Doctors Study. I do not believe that statement. The Hospital Study was published in 1950, and, before the end of 1951, 60,000 doctors had been mailed with questionnaires about their smoking habits. The timescales are too short for all the logistics involved – the funding, the printing, the accumulation of addresses, the justifications of the costs, etc. A small army of people would have been required to do all the physical work involved in the time period involved. No…. It was all pre-planned. The Hospital Study was a preliminary justification of the expense of the Doctors Study costs. Also, as an indication of the pre-planning, a couple of other huge studies were commenced around 1950. We should bear in mind that WW2 had only ended a few years before and stringent rationing of resources was still the order of the day in 1950. How did Doll come by the funding necessary to start these studies when the Government was still charging 90% tax on ‘unearned income’ just to make ends meet?

The Doctors Study results to date around 1964, together with other studies in the USA, all coordinated, produced the prearranged Surgeon General’s Report around that time. The evidence was becoming ‘conclusive’. Well, on course it was! Also, the take-over of the WHO was well under-way.


We need not go any further at this time of night. The vast majority of people see the pyramid as a normal pyramid, with a big wide base and a pointed top. For me, it took the ‘discovery’ of the McTear Case for me to realise that the pyramid is inverted. The justification for the persecution of smokers is, in the first place, at the very apex of the inverted pyramid, a calculation similar to the calculation that swamps are the cause of malaria, and that it was the ‘miasma’, emanating from the swamps, that caused the ‘bad air’.

It is obvious that the whole persecution of smokers has been built up from that tiny base. Blocks of ‘evidence’ have been added to the original tiny base, so that the structure seems to become more and more impressive as time passes.


I like the malaria comparison because it fits the bill very well. It is easy to see how ‘researchers’ could readily investigate the incidence of malaria and find that the vast majority of cases occurred near swamps, here and there and everywhere, while few cases occurred far away from swamps. Therefore, the early researchers were perfectly correct to say that swamps WERE A FACTOR in the occurrence of  malaria. But they were, obviously in retrospect, not correct to claim that the swamps were THE CAUSE of malaria.

The base of the inverted pyramid of tobacco control looks very much like the malaria situation to me. Smoking may be vaguely similar to the swamps, especially when cigarettes were full of tar. But it is the mosquitoes, as yet unidentified, which are the real cause of lung cancer. These ‘mosquitoes’ could, perhaps, thrive, as rogue cells, within the human bodies of specific individuals, better in the presence of tobacco smoke tars, and such: also, in the presence of industrial pollution, alcohol, diesel fumes, genetic predispositions, or cabbage.


Perhaps I shall continue with this line of thought tomorrow night. There are good reasons to do so. LC deaths, as a proportion of all deaths, has declined over the past 20 years or so. That is very nice, but what has taken its place as the cause of death?

Damn it! We have not even ventured into the age relationships! Vast numbers of very old people (say, around 80) die from pneumonia. What that means is that:

a) They did not die from LC.

b) They did not die from heart failure.

c) They did not die from stroke.

d) They did not die from etc, etc.

In effect, their lungs filled with fluid because they could no longer cope with the detritus.


The inverted pyramid has grown to vast proportions, but it is unbelievably unstable.




4 Responses to “The Inverted Pyramid of Tobacco Control”

  1. salsajo2 Says:

    I agree with you, Bolton Smoker, it’s ALL pre-planned and CORRUPT, to say the least!! Plus, may I just say, I admire your persistence in this field. But let’s face it – no-one listens!! All I know is, the corrupt smoking ban has ruined my social life – along with many millions of others, I guess. I’m a member of but, alas, they don’t seem to be getting anywhere either….. I have now turned to – an organisation that is intent on exposing the criminal Government. The very people who are ‘selling us down the river’. Until they are dealt with I fear nothing will change.

    • Junican Says:

      I have read stuff from UKcolumn from time to time, particularly about Common Purpose.

      I agree that we sometimes seem to be banging our heads against a brick wall, and it can be dispiriting. This can be especially so when you know that SHS danger is a barefaced lie, dreamed up on the back of junk science and propaganda.
      But perhaps that is the very reason to keep on keeping on. The charlatans keep repeating the propaganda over and over. We need to keep repeating our claims that their ‘evidence’ is non-existent. The objective is to cast doubts and make people think.

  2. Moss Says:

    I quite agree with Salsajo2. “no one listens – that’s because less and less people think for themselves. What puzzles me, is where do the likes of TC and others receive their instructions from? Obviously someone else has to do their thinking for them. At best the zealots are only the puppets, but whose blue print are they really working to?
    The other night – and purely by chance, I came across a couple of quotes that sort of rang a bell:
    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think”.
    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough it will be believed. Make the lie big make it simple and it will be believed.”

    Such utterances are bespoke for the likes of TC. Surprisingly they are the words of Adolf Hitler. Certainly makes one think what’s in the offing! How long before they’re wearing uniforms?

    • Junican Says:

      You can see immediately by the way in which different restrictions keep popping up in different countries that the actions are planned. It certainly seems that Ireland, the UK and Australia are the ‘sounding boards’ for different initiatives. English speaking, never felt the jackboot, generally law-abiding. I think that different areas have their committees who please themselves, but keep ‘the centre’ informed. In Europe, it is the EU; worldwide it is the UN WHO.

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