Another Consultation – about Ecigs Advertising

I found out about this consultation totally accidentally. I just happened, earlier on this evening, to click on ‘Counterfactual’ – Clive Bates’s blog:

“On 27 February, the UK Committee of Advertising Practice published a consultation document on new rules to cover advertising of e-cigarettes – the closing date for responses is 28 April.  This would cover all UK e-cigarette advertising until the Tobacco Products Directive Article 20(5) is implemented in 2016, and would continue to cover all advertising not then banned under the TPD.   I hope the TPD advertising ban will be subject to legal challenge – it deserves to be – and will be replaced by something much more like these rules.”

C B opines that the proposed temporary rules for ecig advertising are not particularly draconian, but still act as though nicotine is somehow a special case, deserving of special treatment. CB draws attention to the disparity between the proposed restrictions and those which apply to alcohol. The proposed restrictions on ecig adverts are worse than alcohol adverts. Nicotine, in itself, is not even remotely as ‘dangerous’ as is alcohol (in the broad sense of drinking and driving, and wife beating, for example). He has produced the questionnaire, and his answers. if you are interested in adding your thoughts and completing the questionnaire, you should go to his site and follow the links and do so.

I think that people who are passionate about ecigs should do so, even if it is just to add numbers. Personally, I shall not do so. We saw from the way in which the EU treated ecigs that forces greater than the opinions of the people are totally in charge. Whatever the Zealots and Charlatans decide is what will happen. The consultation is just another sham, just as the consultation on PP was a sham.

But notice, again, how the Zealots and Charlatans have moved the argument from smoke to nicotine. By doing so, they are trying to undermine the ‘high moral ground’ upon which vapers stand. They have done what they have been told to do – they have stopped smoking tobacco, and yet they are still being persecuted, even though they are now ex-smokers (or have cut down).

What I am seeing is much the same sight as that which I saw concerning smoking, only much, much worse. ‘Tobacco smoke’ was vilified and given attributes of the proportions of strychnine, arsenic, etc. It can kill in the smallest amount. The Charlatans are very clever. They say things like: “Pure nicotine is a poison”, and they are right. But the implication that ecig liquid is pure nicotine is wrong, as is the idea that vapers have access to large quantities of pure nicotine. The Zealots have drawn attention to the increase in calls to poison health lines about children possibly having drunk eliquid. They never say that these calls are the result of their own exaggerations of the dangers.

Vapers are going to have to fend for themselves on this one. They desperately need to retain the high moral ground. It is up to vapers to work out how to do it.


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