Mother’s Day

The daughters made today special for their mother. Ain’t that nice? As their father, and a male of the species, I was somewhat supernumerary – a useful serf to fetch and carry while the females went through their strange rites. But we had a lovely meal and much conversation and fun. Not much time for application to blogging stuff.

The McTear post copied fine, including all the italicisation, bolding, etc, but paragraph splits and such were lost. Not to worry. I’ll have to redo them by hand. Not a problem, but it will take a few hours.


I’ve decided to avoid as best I can the division of tobacco control into separate parts such as ASH, CRUK, BMA, WHO, etc. From now on, unless more precision is required, I shall refer to them collectively as “The Medical Establishment”.

Statements have been made here and there which indicate that “The Medical Establishment” has grand plans. It intends to rule the world. It has said so. The reasoning is that only ‘public health’ can bring about a situation of ‘equality’ for all humans. This “Medical Establishment” resides in the UN under the guise of the WHO.

Involved also in the “Grand Plan” is the IPCC – aka “Climate Change”. Climate Change is the excuse for a grand reallocation of wealth, via the “Medical Establishment”. Resistance is futile. The powers involved have national governments under control via the General Assembly of the UN and the World Bank. Only a select elite can propose edicts to the UN General Assembly and thus, by a small amount of manipulation, the will of the select elite can be imposed. ‘Trouble’ can be engineered between wealthy nations to distract attention. Little wars can be encouraged to inflame emotions and keep people busy. Health Departments everywhere, having been infiltrated, can impose smoking bans as tests of the exercise of the power. Resistance is futile because it can be put down with great ease. National Governments are far too busy defending ‘national interests’ of an economic nature. They have neither time nor inclination to bother themselves with such minor matters as ‘personal freedom’ and ‘private property’. It has already been illustrated, worldwide, that ‘private property’ no longer exists. Well, not in the sense that a ‘place’ is under the control of the owner of the place. Such places are now ‘public places’. Further, by a truly magnificent inversion of logic, the great outdoors, which used to be public places, are now private places, under the control of the elite. it has been a wonder to behold that, of all places, beaches, which are composed of infertile sand, and thus the nearest thing to the surface of the Moon on Earth, have been declared to be dangerous places for lighted cigarettes to be allowed.

It cannot be true that the ‘legislators’ who declare that beaches must be ‘smokefree’ are part of the elite. They are minions, just like employees of ASH are minions. Not even Arnott is ‘in the know’. Suckers, the lot of them – but they are paid suckers, which is good enough for them. There is a ‘feel-good’ factor – an emotional thing – which is being exploited very successfully. The same sort of ‘feel-good’, emotional factor is exploited by the UN under the guise of the IPCC. All the Global Warming stuff is emotional exploitation. “Save the Environment for Our Children” is the cry. Resistance is futile. Even when Global Warming is shown to have stopped (if it ever existed), the excuse is made that the stoppage is just a ‘pause’. Anyone with any sense of physics knows that nature does not do ‘pause’. It does accelerate, decelerate, stop, accelerate, decelerate, stop, over and over again. It does not do ‘pause’.

It is easy to see, when you contemplate the advance of fascism, how communism, socialism, conservatism, are only variations on the theme of fascism. To realise that, you need to understand what fascism is. It is the adoption of total authority. It also goes under the name ‘tyranny’. Thinking only about the smoking ban, we can see clearly, without any doubt, that the penalties for a publican permitting smoking in a pub were outrageously excessive, and the vicious enforcement allied to it speaks of nothing other than fascism.

I do not know if Cameron, Clegg and Milliband are actually fascists. They may well be, without realising it. Certainly, I think that my local councillor, who has been instrumental in banning personal vapourisers from council property and our hospital, is a fascist, even though he might not realise it.


Mothers day. The day to celebrate the overwhelming love of a mother for her children. A day to reject the fascist claim to own that mother’s children.


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  1. cherie79 Says:

    My son gave me two nice bottles of red wine, 40 Black Russian Sobranie and some champagne chocolates. I must have done something right!

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