Being a Bit Laid Back:: The Seedlings

I think that it is very easy to become paranoid. I don’t really know what the word ‘paranoid’ means precisely. I have no doubt that there is a precise definition in the manic world of psychology. ‘Paranoid’ to me means ‘becoming obsessed with the possibility of some outcome to the extent that it dominates that person’s attention’. I suppose that will do.

I think that I have become paranoid about smoking bans and, more especially, about the vicious extension of the Tobacco Control Industry’s salami slicing terror. Perhaps I have a right to be paranoid about it. If I am paranoid about it, it is because I am waiting for those people that we elect, aka politicians, both national and local, to wake up and realise that there are those among them who have been elected on false pretences: that candidates have presented themselves for election who have no intention whatsoever of defending those who elected them, but have the intention of persecuting those who elected them. What is very odd is that the people who elected these politicians do not know that they are being persecuted. Or rather, that they are too busy trying to ‘get by’ that they do not see the step by step diminution of their right to decide for themselves. Little by little, they are, by force, being directed along particular paths.

We Smokers have seen this process at first hand, and have become embittered by it. And rightly so. However, there are many, many smokers who have not seen it at all. They accept that they are addicted to tobacco and are going to die an awful, early death from lung cancer or something ephemeral but similar. They have no idea that the statistics show, generally speaking, that these afflictions will only occur when they will die from old age anyway.

If you read the Doll Doctors Study, most of it will scare you to death. Heavy smokers are (variably) 50 times more likely to die from lung cancer than non smokers. How frightening! But there are two things (at least!) to consider that should militate against the fear:

a) Very few people die from lung cancer, even if the smoke heavily,

b) Almost all of them die at an old age.

Thus, if it not lung cancer, it will be some other cancer, or stroke, or heart problems, or pneumonia, or something else. Myriads of causes of death are spelt out in the National Statistics. But what is of the greatest importance is to realise that the specific cause, in itself, is not that important. What is important is that death will ensue when a specific important function (eg. lungs, heart, liver, blood, etc) stops working. That is called “old age”. It does not really matter if smoking hastens the event – it is going to happen anyway, sooner or later. The precise failure that each individual will experience, when they die, will be different, because there is no such thing as “the standard human being”. I would contend that the major failure of modern epidemiology is that it has lost sight of that fact. One heavy smoker might peg out before an equivalent non smoker, but a different heavy smoker will survive both of them.

That fact is amply illustrated in this graph:


I’ll bet that regular readers will be sick of seeing it! But I keep showing it because it illustrated that old age kills everyone sooner or later! Also, that, once old age starts to take effect, it does not matter whether you are a heavy smoker or not! The parallel nature of the lines shows that all the doctors died off at the same rate, once old age took effect. The deaths of non smokers might have been delayed somewhat, but they succumbed just as quickly, once they reached a certain age.


It is better therefore to be somewhat ‘laid back’ about when ‘the event’ (for you personally) will occur. As the chart shows, many non smokers perished (prematurely as compared with other non smokers) regardless of their smoking status. In fact, every single non smoker died prematurely when compared with the last surviving non smoker.

That is one of the things that makes me paranoid! I am not a “STANDARD HUMAN UNIT”. What has happened to other males of my age, and what will happen to other human males in the future, has no bearing upon what will happen to me. I smoke as much as I like; I drink as much alcohol, milk, tea, coffee, etc as I like; I go to bed when I like; I exercise (busy about doing things) as much as I like; I eat what I like. Everything that I do is ‘healthy’ as far as my personal body is concerned. It must be so, otherwise I would be dead.


My point is that it does not matter one jot nor one tittle what the result of the report on PP says. The fact is that it is of minuscule importance. It will not alter the age of death of individuals nor will it result in less NHS activity. It is incredibly stupid to think otherwise.


Here are a couple of pics of the seedlings:

2014-03-28 13.12.00

Isn’t that amazing! All I did was spill some seeds into the palm of my hand a sprinkle them over the surface of the damp, warm compost in the tray (which measures about 15 cm x 10 cm). They are all leaning to the left because the window is to the left. But the main point is the proliferation.

Frankly, I don’t know what to do with them. They were an experiment to see what the effect of leaving them on the shelf in the kitchen over the radiator would be at this time of year. Clearly, the effect is great! I’ll decide when I have to!

Here is a pic of the older seedlings:

2014-03-28 13.15.08

I have thinned them out quite severely since I took that pic. There are now at least two, but not more than four in each cell. As you can see, there are many seedlings which are crowded together. The trick is to remove some of them to ensure that those which are left have more space.

I really need to replace that propagator!



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