Various Matters on a Quiet Night

I’m struggling to find something worth talking about tonight. Perhaps it’s because I have been busy shredding and have only recently opened my bottle of red. I forgot about the debate between Farage and Clegg, but I thought that I might watch it on ‘catch up’, but Anna Raccoon has told us about what happened so I don’t feel the need to.

Some Scottish health zealot has called for the indoor smoking ban to be extended to ‘other places’. Where, one wonders, could he mean? They’ve already thrown smokers out of every public place and have already gone for the private car ban. Where else is there? People’s homes, do you think? Absolutely! Linda Bauld says that she would not want legislation but would rely upon some sort of peer pressure. Like what? Could she be talking about teachers being required to quiz schoolchildren about what their parents were up to? Ore even giving them cotinine tests? But since we know very well that  the sole objective of tobacco control in the UK is to get legislation, then I think that she is lying. A ban on smoking in cars with children present leads naturally and directly to an home ban, where children are present. It is very obvious that that is the direction in which they are going, despite their lying denials. Belinda has something to say about that ‘debate’ at:


A hopeful sign was an article in the Telegraph calling for a relaxation of the smoking ban:

The article is cheering, but the comments are disheartening. Not that there is not plenty of support for smoking and smokers. It is the brainless repetition of the propaganda that gets your goat. Its all there – “disgusting, filthy, stinking”. It is amazing how thoroughly the brainwashing has eaten its way into the minds of so many. Still, the article is a crack in the wall.


I was watching the ‘news at 1’ on BBC. The global warming bandwagon rolls on. The claim now is that the oceans are becoming more acidic as a result of man-made CO2 emissions. To prove it, they showed a video of a corral reef from Samoa or somewhere. Oddly enough, in the video, they showed bubbles rising from the sea floor. Apparently, the bubbles are CO2 being emitted from volcanic vents! I had to scratch my head a bit about that. Do these volcanic vents in the Earth’s surface not ‘prove’ that volcanoes are doing something NOW, while humans are doing something that MAY in the future?

Well, blow me down! There has just been another global warming scare on the BBC news. It appears that some African women, who harvest seaweed, are having problems because of the lack of seaweed AND IT IS ALL THE FAULT OF GLOBAL WARMING! Strewth! Talk about grasping at straws.


The report on Plain Packaging is due any day now. I suspect that all the activity from the Tobacco Control Industry is somehow connected to that, which is a bit puzzling. The Zealots cannot possibly expect to influence the report at this late stage, so why are they blathering so much? Do they already know the content of the report? I should imagine that they do. I suppose that it is pointless speculating, but it would be wonderful if the report was less than enthusiastic, and it was that which has set off the flurry of scare-stories. That would be nice, but my expectations are far from happy ones. We must wait and see.


Carl Phillips has an interesting report on a French study on ecigs:

Carl seems to believe that people like Glantz and Chapman are liars, thieves and charlatans, and I have little doubt that he is right. He usually rips their studies to bits. On this occasion, however, he has praised this French study. Unusually, it has actually produced the questionnaire which it used to solicit information. Some 2000 people took part. The results are interesting, and I would recommend reading Carl’s reflections. Essentially, the findings are that non-smokers are not interested, a few ex-smokers have tried ecigs for fun, but almost all users and experimenters are current smokers. Carl highlights a calculation made in this study that ‘1% of the whole population of France is using ecigs. The study is too small for that to be given too much credence, but the important thing is that, if it is true more-or-less, then it kicks all the efforts of tobacco control over decades into touch, because this spread of the use of ecigs, whether it be to quit, save money, cut down on smoking or whatever, has occurred in a very short period of time. No wonder the Zealots are in a panic.


On a happier note, my seedlings seem to be doing very well. I also sowed some seeds from my second-best plant on the surface of some seeding compost in a shallow box (one of those plastic boxes you get chinese take-away stuff in). It was only an experiment to test the viability of that other source of seeds, but the seeds are germinating like mad! Maybe tomorrow I’ll show some pics.


Not a bad post, considering that I started with nothing to talk about!



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  1. Harleyrider1978 Says:

    Second-hand Smoke & Pregnancy Study

    If you get bored Cousin

  2. Harleyrider1978 Says:

  3. Harleyrider1978 Says:

    Cousin obviously I was dogged tired fighting Nazis and I put your link up in its place OMG! Check my pulse

    • garyk30 Says:

      That’s what happens when you get old and have concussed your brain shooting guns. 🙂

  4. Ania Says:

    One quick correction, if it please m’lud. You say “Carl highlights a calculation made in this study that ’1% of the whole population of France is using ecigs.”

    In fact, he quotes the study as saying “Amongst the very small proportion of respondents who were ex-smokers (even occasional ones) and had used electronic cigarettes within the last month (namely 1.2%), the majority (84%) considered that they had been able to stop smoking completely using electronic cigarettes: this represents 1% of the French population.”

    Re sliding down the slippery slope to smoking prohibition in private homes, I wonder if this will be the tipping point, when smokers and non-smokers alike will come together to fight back against the idiocy of tobacco control zealots. One can only hope….

  5. Junican Says:

    Hello Ania.
    If you noticed, Carl bolded the last sentence:
    …..this represents 1% of the French population.

    The heading to Carl’s post says the same thing.

    Later he says:

    “Mon Dieu!” Despite most trialers having only tried their first e-cigarette in the last six months, already 1% of the population (not 1% of smokers!) have quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes. This is much faster than the transition in the THR miracle case, Sweden, and is at least as impressive as Norway’s recent trend to adopt the Swedish preference for snus.”

    The point is that, although the study was small, the number of people who have used ecigs to stop smoking is equivalent to a whole 1% of the whole population of France – which is a big number.

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