Rot, Rotting and Rotten

I’ve had a few beers tonight, so forgive me if I ramble a bit.

If we think of a tree which comes to the end of its life, it will almost certainly stand for a period of time. At the end of that time, it will simply fall over. Thereafter, in a forest somewhere, it will rot. How will that tree rot? The probability is that various fungi will grow on it and, gradually, eat it. Insects will penetrate its interior and hollow it out and lay eggs inside it. Birds and lizards and such will take advantage of its offerings and use it to their advantage. Tiny creatures will bore into the body of the tree and, gradually, render it into dust. That is the process of rot, rotting and rotten.


The significance of the above is that what starts out as ‘a worthy ideal’ very rapidly becomes ‘rot, rotting and rotten’. The ideal is promulgated at the top, but the rot sets in at the bottom. This is especially true when ‘the top’ is a monopoly. Public Health has ensured that it is a monopoly. This has been evidenced recently by the the decision of the British Medical Journal to refuse to accept any studies which have been funded by tobacco companies. As a monopoly, Public Health can promulgate any nonsense that it likes, without serious antagonism. Public Health has all the money, while antagonists have none to speak of, since the only organisations which have the funds have been silenced. Dr Siegel wept at this state of affairs, even to the extent of wishing that tobacco companies had the freedom to contest the nonsense of tobacco control.

Thus we see the simple device known as ‘personal vaporiser’ (aka ecig) being subjected to the ‘rot, rotting, rotten’ system engineered by the Zealots. That simple device, which is harmless, has been all but banned, as we have seen in recent posts. In Bolton (and Wigan), the Zealots among the Councillors have once again trounced sensible people with their hysteria.

But it goes further.

It is not a matter of politics. It is much more fundamental. It is a case of ‘Lord And Master’. Tobacco Control has become ‘Lord And Master’. Tobacco Control ‘lords it’ over Parliament and the People.

Only a recognition of these facts will save us from totalitarianism and fascism.

What can be done?

It seems that we cannot rely upon politicians (whom we elect) to recognise what is happening. Indeed, they may be complicit. The only thing that we, as individuals, can do is DISOBEY. That means that we must DISOBEY bad laws. We must correct the ‘rot, rotten, rotting’ from the bottom up. We must recognise that the UN, the WHO and sundry artificial entities are corrupt and ‘rot, rotten, rotting’, just as we smokers are ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’.


In a very simplistic way, the problem of corruption in the UN can be illustrated in a very simple way. I am sure that people like Frank Davis and Dick Puddlecote, and others, would agree. On this blog, there appear ‘hits’ from all over the world, and yet Africa is ‘the dark continent’. Hardly a single ‘hit’ emanates from anywhere in Africa. That enormous ‘continent’ is blank. Nothing seems to go in or come out. And yet the UN seems to be determined to persecute smokers all over the world rather than enlighten the ‘dark continent’.

There is something seriously wrong with this ‘rot, rotting and rotten’ system. It needs a revolution.




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  1. The Blocked Dwarf Says:

    Totally off topic Junican, but if you haven’t watched this already it is worth a watch, it shows how tobacco was germinated (by mixing the seeds with earth and simply scattering), planted by hand, harvested etc in 1946 USA.

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