Germination (Failed!)

Oh Dear!

I firmly believe that one must reveal the failures as well as the successes.

I have to report a failure of germination of the baccy seeds.  A few have germinated, but no where near what should have been. I think that the problem is the compost. A couple of months ago, a guy came round with a lorry-load of compost. I bought four big bags for £15. At the time, when feeling the compost, it seemed to be nicely rotted, but I fear that it was not actually so. I have noticed that there is a predominance of what looks like wood chippings which have not rotted. Also, I have noticed that the compost gives up its moisture too readily. That is, looking into the propagator, the compost looks damp, but when you touch it you find that it is dry and compacted.

I’m not unduly bothered about this – the problem is that this compost is simply not suitable for seeds. The ‘general purpose compost’ from the garden centre is OK, but this stuff is not. I suppose that you could say ‘caveat emptor’ if you wish, but this compost will not go to waste – it is simply not good enough for seeds. I’ll use it as a ‘filler’ when I plant the plantlets out in May.

So I went to the local garden centre today and bought a big bag of John Innes seeding compost. The bag is big enough to use in the propagator and also fill the pots when I transplant the seedlings. It cost me some £3.25 – hardly a fortune when you consider the potential savings in due course. I should have bought this stuff in the beginning, but I am becoming awfully lazy. It is a weird fact that, once you retire, it becomes easier and easier to become lazy. Honestly, it is very, very easy to say “Tomorrow”. But it is also very nice to be in a position to say “Tomorrow”.

We are in the wonderful position to be having some settled weather in March. I have been using these few days to tidy up in the garden. There were some blackberry bushes which needed to be rooted out (probably, originating from the fields on which this estate was built some fifty years ago). The bushes etc have not yet started to get going, and so it has been easy to find the roots and grub them out.

Also, I have reinstated my compost heap. I abandoned it when the green bins were introduced. There seemed little point, at the time, in bothering with saving lawn clippings and such. But the situation has changed. There is now a very good reason for composting. Anything which will add to the fertility of my soil is worth the trouble. I mean, one might as well throw the lawn clippings on the compost heap as throw them in the green bin. But it isn’t just the lawn clippings. Any vegetation can go in there.  I reckon that I have around a cubic yard/metre of space. That volume will be adequate to spread a couple of inches of stuff over the surface of my plots in due course.

We learn all the time, but much of what we learn requires that we abandon, to some extent, modern easy ways which involve buying stuff. It isn’t so much that what we do is difficult. It is not. Nor is it time-consuming.  It is merely a matter of NOT throwing stuff in the bin, but rather throwing stuff on the compost heap. What is the difference? It is hard to be patient in today’s world. Is it not odd that I am learning to be patient in my old age?


So I’m going to start again with the germination. Thankfully, I have thousands of seeds. There is no problem that I know of. But we need to be aware that our plans can go astray from time to time. That is to be expected since we are the persecuted ones. We smokers have been the modern  equivalent of lepers for some time. We do not need to wear badges or to shout, “Unclean! Unclean!” The equivalent of the Pharisees, the BMA and the BMJ, and the myriad Public Health spawn, have seen to it that we are banned from even creating places for ourselves. That is the basic evil of tobacco control and the evil of the laws passed by parliament. We cannot, by law, create our own places.

These laws cannot prevail. They are the equivalent of Auschwitz and Belsen in reverse. Rather than being exterminated as a whole, smokers are to be sliced into tiny pieces. The cruelty is mitigated by the slicing.

The odd thing is that other organisations are being treated in the same way and are not protesting. For example, the Church of England and the Catholic Church have been silenced by accusations of sexual impropriety. What these organisations seem not to have realised is that the accusations of sexual impropriety DO NOT mean that they cannot point out the cruelty of identifying smokers as “unclean”. On the contrary, these organisations should be particularly active in pointing out the lack of morality in the Healthist agenda. People are not ‘wicked’ because they enjoy tobacco, nor are they ‘wicked’ because they get fat. It is a feature of tobacco, alcohol and fat control that they imply some sort of wickedness in indulging, even if the indulgence is minor. Only absolute abstention is acceptable to them.  But who are these people who make these demands, and why do politicians comply? And why do politicians allow the massive cost of these zealots to be charged to the public purse?


There will be no resolution until conflicts occur. Politicians will only get involved when they have to. It happens again and again and again and again. Perhaps it is a good thing that the EU is run by the unelected elite. Imagine The Boy Clegg being in charge of the EU!


All of the above is amusing, but means little to us smokers of tobacco. We smoke because we enjoy smoking. We grow our own stuff because we enjoy growing the stuff and creating our own blends. We have a natural law right to do so. It is important to note that laws which contradict natural law are, by definition, inhuman. That is another arrow into the heart of tobacco control. But it is taking an awful long time for Cameron/Clegg/Milliband to realise.


I must to bed. Revolution is on its way. The EU is unfit for purpose. Because the likes of Cameron/Clegg/Milliband are eunuchs, they need to be kicked into touch. They play games and thereby allow the likes of climate control to realise their long-term plans. That is the main point. The Zealots have twenty year plans. Politicians have five year plans. Never the two can mix.




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