Germinating 2014 Baccy Plant Seeds

Yesterday I went to the local (nearest) garden supply place to get a compost bin. At the same time, I thought that I would nip next door to an auto-electric shop and get some advice (not material to the story). When I arrived, I found that the garden place is closed on Mondays. Oh Dear! Never mind. Also, I found that the auto-electrics shop had ceased to exist. Oh Dear! Again. Today, I went again to the garden place and found that they did not stock compost bins. Sods law, I suppose. When I went into the garden place, I vaguely looked around. There was something in the back of my mind that I wanted, but it would not come. Only when I started to prepare my propagator tonight for the seeds did it come to me what I wanted – a new propagator!

OK – So I’m stuck with the old one for this year. Sod it – it will do. You can see in the pic below that it is shot at.

I’m getting my seeds into the propagator now, so I’m going to do a little commentary.

01:30 Here is the propagator filled with compost. The compost is just ordinary all purpose compost:

2014-03-05 01.15.54

So there’s the tray with its insert of cells, complete with compost. I’ve poured a little hot water into each cell to warm the compost up, but it has now cooled. The next step is to put the seeds in.


2014-03-05 01.40.30

There, I’ve emptied quite a lot of seeds onto a plain piece of white paper. They are so small that it would be difficult to see them otherwise. The next step is to separate a few:

2014-03-05 01.41.50

I have shoved a few onto a sheet of white paper which has been folded to create a crease. From there, I can let the seeds fall into each cell of the propagator in turn. I insert a little tag in the cell that I am filling so that I know where I am up to.

The next event will be when all the cells are filled ……………………….



All the cells are filled, and the propagator is now on the worktop in the kitchen which has a radiator underneath. The rad will keep the worktop warmish and thus the prop:

2014-03-05 02.16.27

In the morning, I expect to see the cover misted up a little inside. That would be perfect. In about three days, I expect to see tiny white dots on the surface of the compost, which will be the plants starting to protrude. After about seven days, the leaves will have started to form. A week or so later, I can start to thin out the seedlings.

I shall not be using my heated propagator because I don’t need to if past experience is anything to go by, but, this year, I am started the germination later than I have in the past, so I may decide to use the heated propagator if the heat from the radiator in the kitchen is insufficient. But it should be OK. If the cover is not misted in the morning, then I’ll put the whole thing in the heated prop. It will fit inside.


So there we are then. Let battle commence! The 2014 season has begun!


UPDATE 4pm 5th March.

As I expected, the cover of the propagator has misted up. But I have decided to bring the heated propagator into use because, during the day, the thermostat will turn the radiators off. I have simply turned on the propagator and placed the whole small, unheated prop inside:

2014-03-05 14.24.23

I’ll just leave it on for the next few days. It does not consume much electricity. The seedlings should start to show about Saturday.


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