Professor Linda Bauld Exposes Herself

It isn’t often that the quack Professors and quack Doctors actually put themselves into a position where they can be contested. That is not The Public Health Industry way. Voicemails like Arnott, Duggan, etc might expose themselves to newspaper comments, but “the aristocrats” (aka the academics) rarely do so. They prefer to operate in the background.

Oddly enough, Ms Bauld has expressed her opinions on a site which permits comments:

She (or her scriptwriter) has written a very clever piece. In it, she does not deny the anecdotal evidence that ecigs have helped lots of smokers to reduce smoking and to quit, nor does she contest the fact that vapour from ecigs, either inhaled directly or spread around in a room, is almost completely harmless. But, as is normal with these charlatans, she cannot help but claim that anything which is just a tiny bit more suspect than ABSOLUTELY,  UTTERLY, MINUSCULELY, ATOMICALLY, HALF-LIFELY zero is an avoidable killer. Massive obfuscation. 

It is possible to say that ecigs are not less dangerous than fags if it is true that fags are not dangerous.


And so the trickery, obfuscation, exaggeration and ‘filthy, stinking, etc’ witchcraft goes on. There cannot be an end. The further ratcheting  will continue until there is no further that the Zealots can go or until the witchcraft is exposed.


3 Responses to “Professor Linda Bauld Exposes Herself”

  1. beobrigitte Says:

    Questions, questions….

    The first unanswered question is about the longer-term impact on health of inhaling nicotine and propylene glycol (a substance used in e-cigarettes that is also common in a range of other consumer products) deep into the lungs.
    Nicotine and propylene glycol (in addition to numerous other chemicals – ) are found in pharmaceutical NRTs.
    What is the long term impact of these?

    In other words, different companies can make very different products. There is some evidence that these technical safety issues are reducing as the quality of products on the market improves.
    Different companies make different e.g. Lasagne ready meals. So we do have a large QUANTITY of Lasagne on the market.
    I take it that “horse meat” was not on the list of ingredients and neither has anyone died from it, nor was it ever stated for how long horse meat was used.

    Another potential safety issue is around the vapour produced by e-cigarettes. There are still relatively few studies that have looked at the effects of exposure to vapour but one study examining vapour from 12 brands of e-cigarettes found a number of toxic substances
    Just like the air we breathe.

    But FINALLY we arrive at hammer point: the ‘poooor chiiiiildren’s safety’…

    There are also unanswered questions about the extent to which children may be attracted to these products. […]
    However, there is little doubt that some of the advertising of e-cigarettes may appeal to children, and recent research has highlighted the need for advertising controls in this area.

    By banning advertisements for e-cigs the anti-smoking zealots are trying to ‘nip it (a new business) in the bud’. The tobacco industry was well established when tobacco advertisement was banned “to-save-the-poooor-chiiiildren”.

    As Sally Davies, Britain’s chief medical officer, put it recently:

    We do not yet know the harm that e-cigarettes can cause to adults let alone to children, but we do know they are not risk free.
    They KNOW????? HOW?
    The HARM done by e.g. champix, zyban etc. IS REAL. Nevertheless, these are still ladelled out by the medics to the (unsuspecting) public.

    We do need to ask more and more questions about our thriving anti-smoking industry…..

    Off topic; does anyone know which company manufactures the ‘Snoke’ e-cig? It’s a thin, black one with non-nicotine, different flavour “tips” and produces much “smoke”?
    I really like this one and would like to order a charger online…..

    • junican Says:

      First, a quick google of ‘snoke’ produced no results (which, I assume, you already know). Perhaps an ecig forum could help.


      It is pretty clear that the lady is scaremongering. She has to do so in order to gain control of ecigs. That is what TC want. It remains to be seen whether or not they succeed.

  2. Jonathan Bagley Says:

    Thanks for the link to Bauld. I’ve commented under her article.

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