Frank Davis has a very interesting post about how an edifice can be built upon the constant repetition of lies. He opines that such edifices are inherently unstable, since just one lie, when discovered, can bring down the whole edifice.

The Smoking Ban Edifice is built upon a lie, being SHS danger. The Zealots found the perfect word. Rather than ‘danger’, they chose the word ‘harm’. We all know that a scratch from a rose bush thorn is ‘harmful’. It can even draw blood. But would anyone say that such harm is life-threatening? Yes they would! There have been people who suffered from blood poisoning as a result of such scratches and died. But have professional gardeners been banned from working in gardens with rose bushes in them? Have rose bushes been exiled to special plantations which can only be accessed by a person wearing a thorn-proof suit?

Such a thing is possible, IF there was a group. Let’s call it RIP – Rose bush Injury Protection. Such a group would be powerless without lots of cash. In fact, ASH, which was founded in 1971 by the College of Physicians, was just a toothless group for years and years. Only when it became the vehicle for propaganda did it warrant a massive influx of funding and propaganda skills.

The RIP group would emphasise the ‘harm’ done by thorns. Thousands of people suffer ‘harm’ from rose bushes every day. Research has shown that 90% of people admitted to hospital have rose bushes in their gardens and have been scratched by a thorn at least once during the previous year. Such tragic accidents occur among homes with gardens far more than they occur among homes in flats and apartments without gardens. The science is settled. No ‘public place’ (including private property where the public, or workers, might go) may have rose bushes in them. Further, a person who has contracted blood poisoning from a thorn might pass the infection on, especially to VULNERABLE children. All children are VULNERABLE by definition of ‘child’, even if they are 24 years old. The definition of the word ‘child’ is: “A young human being who is VULNERABLE”. QED.

But some of these edifices, despite being built upon lies, are very stable at the moment and seem to be solid. I have been  looking at various sites tonight, including USA newspapers. What has amazed me is the acceptance of smoking danger. NB – not ‘smoking harm’. Do you see my point? The Zealots talk about ‘smoking harm’, but this translates in the minds of the gullible into ‘smoking danger’. It is amazing that people cannot see the difference between ‘risk’ and ‘certainty’.


What is most alarming, and ought to be visible to anyone really interested in ‘public health’ is that the discussions that I refer to are about ecig ‘harm’! The situation has become so silly that that the ‘medical profession’ is promoting the idea that a spot of hot water, say from a boiling kettle, which falls upon your skin, can do irreparable ‘harm’. Well, yes it can, but that ‘harm’ is not the slightest bit ‘dangerous’.

That is where we are at. The ‘conditioning’ has succeeded. No politician dare contest the ‘for the children’. That idea has a life of its own. Taken to extremes, electricity is far too ‘harmful’ to be pumped into homes. You must go to an ‘electricity station’ and fill your batteries up. If that is not possible, then hide electricity from the sight of children. Call it ‘artificial wind’. The way that it works is that the ‘artificial wind’ pushes electric space heater fan blades around and around. In TVs, there are little fans which push coloured spots around.


The edifice of tobacco control has been very carefully constructed. It is beautiful! But it is a mirage.


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