A Deserted Pub

As is my wont, on a Wednesday, I went to the pub. Less and less people are going, but tonight was especially bad. When I went in, at about 10 pm, the only people present were myself, two guys sitting down chatting and two off-duty staff. After about half an hour, the two people chatting left. Apart from the two off-duty staff, that left only me. In the end, the off-duty staff left, so there was only me. 

The pub belongs to a big chain. Punch Taverns, I think. I am amazed that one such chain has not yet collapsed. The way things are going, such a collapse cannot be far off. It isn’t really about wealth in the sense of huge property holdings. If a group’s income is insufficient to cover its debt repayments and/or its interest payments, then banks have little option but to call the debt in. In that case, it is a question of whether or not the group can find a buyer. If it cannot, it has no option but to go completely bust, in which case, the shareholders lose everything. Receives will sell off the property for what they can get, but, after their own fees, the only beneficiaries will be the holders of the debt – the banks. Other creditors, such as suppliers have to whistle. Over the years since the smoking ban, I have seen this pub decline and decline, as is also the case of the pub across the road. 

And yet ASH say that the ‘hospitality trade’ is doing well. 


But I am having a quiet night tonight. I have been commenting on various American newspapers. I wonder if people would be interested in looking at this Los Angeles newspaper article:


It is the comments that are interesting. It is hard to imagine a more vicious and hate-filled lot. If it were 1930s Germany rather than 2010s America, one could imagine similar vituperation aimed a jews. I left a couple of comments, for what they are worth. Here is the first:

I wonder if any of the Glendale Authorities read these comments? If they do, they should be horrified at what they read. I doubt that such an outpouring of vituperation and hate has been seen since the fascist activities in Europe in the 1930s. 

I find it all very odd. I thought that, over the past several decades, tolerance and ‘humanity’ had overcome prejudice. The acceptance of black people as full American citizens, the end of anti-homosexual laws, general cooperation between nations (with respect to space exploration, for example), etc are good examples. But it seems not to be the case. Smokers are the new “unclean”, to be vilified, abused and persecuted at will. 

How on earth can this have come about in a few short decades? 

Anyone who has followed the history of Tobacco Control know how. Exactly the same processes which vilified jews in Europe in the 1930s has been invoked. A cigarette is the new ‘yellow star’ which jews were forced to wear. In itself, a cigarette shouts “unclean”. Fake studies have been created to prove how “unclean” smokers are. The words ‘disgusting, filthy, stinking’ are bandied about liberally. And, needless to say, these people infect the “clean” people. Newer fake studies have been created to show the DEVASTATING affect of tobacco smoke on children. What took the so long to bring in the children? In fascist Germany, it was said that jews carried parasites which infected children. Society had to be “cleansed” of these vile sub-human creatures. The ‘final solution’ has been to oust people who enjoy tobacco from society. 

Good heavens! The fascist zealots are now even persecuting people for sucking on a tube and blowing out water vapour! 

Is there any point in making these comments? Well, certainly not in the short run. But there is a chance that some people will read them and understand. It seems to me to be pointless engaging in detailed discussions. It is better to attack those who post hateful and vicious comments as a group. However, there is no need to avoid pointing out the reality of things which are misconstrued as a result of TC propaganda. For example, it is a matter of fact that the filter tips of cigs are biodegradable. They are very much like twigs – they take time to rot, but rot they do. I think that it a good idea to express your ideas with some element of sadness about the way things are going. NEVER respond to hate with hate. 


The fascists in the EU committee known as ENVI (Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety) has voted in favour of medicalising ecigs, as expected. It would be interesting to know how fat the brown paper envelopes were. But, seriously, it is hard to imagine how such a committee could want to neutralise a product which retains at least some of the pleasure of smoking while removing around 99% of the so-called harmful chemicals – the ones that the zealots say cause disease. There is only one reasonable answer, which is that the Zealots do not yet control eicgs, and control is what they want. By medicalising them they gain absolute control – fascist tricks again. But we must not forget that the directive imposes even more control over tobacco itself. Needless to say, consumers do not even come last in consideration. Consumers do not exist.

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  1. Moss. Says:

    Junican, Do you ever wonder if this TC, business is nothing but a world-wide exercise – not in controlling the use of tabacco, but in the controlling of human minds in general? Taking a bird’s eye view of the situation – it’s global! When you analyse the subliminal messages that are now on your television, it’s apparent that alcohol is to be their next conquest. These controllers are jockeying for their position in the NWO, and as sure as little green apples there will be an effort to bring this into fruition.
    Yet again our illustrious council leader Herr ‘Porky’ Morris, announced through the BN, that there has yet to be another saving of twenty million pounds. This means further cuts in services, and further job losses. Regarded now as a ghost town, Bolton’s only new arrivals apart from immigrants will be the occasional rolling tumble weed. The way this man accepted his orders from the higher order was pathetic! “Can’t be avoided – must accept – must be done” One can only ask, what has happened to his bravado spirit?
    And why hasn’t he rounded up his posse of councillors, and galloped off to parliament, and like the hero he is – over-turned that decision? If Bolton is to sustain more of these cuts, we will finish up back in the 19th century as a hamlet! It’s far more than tabacco, Junican, it’s a programme of control.

    • junican Says:

      It IS a worldwide exercise since it is run by the WHO. But it also seems to be a totally pointless exercise since even the holy bible of TC, the Doll Doctors Study, merely indicates that, if no one smoked, the result would simply be a postponement of death at best. It does not mean that the people whose deaths were postponed would be ‘healthy’ – they would merely be less dead.

      The ‘New World Order’? Well … right…. It already exists in some ways, and is beneficial. Air traffic control is a good example, as is cooperative space exploration. The control of REAL pandemics is a good thing. But the idea of a World Government is fraught with massive dangers. Who can say that such a Government could not be taken over by out-and-out totalitarian fascists? We have seen what such totalitarian fascism led to in nazi Germany and many other places. In fact, we are seeing totalitarian fascism here and now in places like Australia, although it is TF-lite – for the time being.

  2. Moss. Says:

    Junican, Just been through “fed to the bears,” – absolutely gob smacked! I don’t believe that a human being could possibly develop such a degree of hatred over a butt end, without being worked upon by someone with specialised knowledge in controlling the brain of others, and there really are such people! These victims of propaganda have definitely been made into very sick people. They have been programmed mentally to view a butt end like a cyanide pill, or something worse. Many people had a strong dislike toward tabacco long before this intense propaganda commenced and I feel it is these people who are suffering most from the anti input. Their dislike, made them a natural candidate for the anti propaganda, which has nurtured their dislike into seething hatred.
    These victims don’t defend themselves very well at all, from what I’ve just read. They spew out what someone else has been spewing in for some time. And the truth is, they don’t know what’s right or wrong; they rely on others for that.
    What I’m getting at is this: if the subliminal messages continue entering the subconscious mind of these candidates, how long will it be before it spills out, and results in something catastrophic? Being programmed to hate so profoundly isn’t something one can control because the candidate is unaware of what is being done to him. Therefore, should an overload takes place, the candidate could well finish up not only hating smokers, but hating everything and everyone – including himself.
    Such deep rooted hatred not only destroys the mind, but also the ability to reason.
    Of course I hypothesise.

  3. Frank J Says:

    “Fed the bears”

    They’re just thick, primary school level, not even worth adding a comment. Not a decent point from the lot of ’em. I don’t mind a good old barney but I wouldn’t get it from that lot. They don’t argue, they make statements. I could be interested in opening a book on the average IQ level of them, though. 10/1 double figures?

  4. Moss. Says:

    Frank, at least you took “fed to the bears,” in your stride, I needed resuscitating. I was genuinely devastated at the condition of their mind-set. It proves how deeply the individual mind can be penetrated with the subtlety of venomous propaganda. Discover what an individual is afraid of, and you own his/her mind, and physical actions.These people have to be pitied, Frank, and for goodness sake, don’t start hating them because you’ll only damage yourself. Hatred is the hall-mark of much deeper sinister force, ‘understanding’ is a way to overcome it.

  5. junican Says:

    I suspect that many of the hate comments are from paid zealots and that the intention is precisely to create division and polarisation. That is why it is important not to trade insults. It is, of course, also important to counter prejudice with facts.

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