The Growing Diary 2013.

I intend to keep a diary again for 2013, but I want to simplify it. If I can, I think that I shall keep the diary very simple. I’ll merely state the subject matter and reference the post on the main blog. I could do it the other way round; that is, I could write about growing etc purely in the diary, and merely reference the events here.

But I like to think that ‘Growing Your Own’ is a speciality of this blog, in much  the same way that defeating ‘Theft by Customs’ is a feature of ‘Nothing to Declare’ (see sidebar). Certainly, the essay “GROWING, CURING, FLAVOURING AND FINISHING TOBACCO FOR CIGARETTES” (see sidebar) has already exceeded 5,000 views from all over the world. I suppose that, in all humility, I must admit that I would love it to go ‘viral’, and, suddenly, hit a million views! I say that because I believe that it is THOSE WHO SMOKE THE LEAST and are poorest amongst us, who can gain the most financially. That is one of the reasons that I seek the least expensive way of doing everything. That is the reason that I seek a successful way to grow plants indoors. A person who is poor, and can only afford to smoke, say, five cigs a day could, with a little effort, eliminate the cost of fags almost completely. We must be aware that the reason that Tobacco Control can continue to exist into the future is because they know damn well that their blandishment will make no difference to those people who smoke very little. They depend upon the ’20 fags at weekend’ buyers who are not really affected much by price. It is precisely those people who could supply their needs with only a few plants.

There is something of a ‘catch 22’ here. If those who smoke only a little, took it upon themselves to grow their own, then the tax-take (Duty and VAT) from tobacco would collapse almost overnight (in economical terms). ‘Overnight’ might be five years or so, but not much more, since the traitors would transfer the ‘charge’ to some other commodity, if the traitors had time to do so. We have already seen VAT increased from 17 and a half per cent to 20 per cent. It is not impossible to perceive that the fall in revenues from tobacco taxes is responsible for the general increase in VAT. Much as we smokers might decry the increase in VAT, we must remember that it means that the zombies are paying more towards their own health costs!

20 fags per week equals about 1000 fags a year (give or take a bit). I cannot be sure because of failures, but I would reckon that such a requirement would demand about 50 perfect plants at least. HOWEVER! My experiments have shown that you could, if you wish ‘cut’ your tobacco with anything!


In the end, we can see that Tobacco Control have an ENORMOUS PROBLEM in justifying their receipt of money from taxpayers. In fact, there is a reasonable case for those payments to be refunded since Big Pharm has been riding on the backs of taxpayers.

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  1. garyk30 Says:

    “20 fags per week equals about 1000 fags a year (give or take a bit). I cannot be sure because of failures, but I would reckon that such a requirement would demand about 50 perfect plants at least.”

    Ahhhhh, you only get 20 cigarettes per plant?

    If each plant grew 10 big leaves, that would be 2 cigs per big leaf?

    I have been given to understand that one might get almost 20 cigs per large leaf.

    • junican Says:

      I know, Gary. I have often pondered the lack of volume! There are several problems which I cannot really take account of at the moment, so the 1,000 fags from 50 plants is based upon a wild guestimate based upon the number of sticks I managed to make last year. But bear in mind that I cut my stuff with commercial, which would double the 1,000 to 2,000. So I’m talking about quite fat commercial-type cigs. Many people, who roll their own, roll very slim fags.
      1) I have yet to experience really fully grown plants, what with the weather, slugs and cock ups.
      2) Only a few of the leaves on a plant are big ones; most of them are quite small, but, as I said, I haven’t had fully developed plants yet.
      3) The leaves shrink an awful lot in drying, and even further in curing. Also, I fully dry them out, which causes even more shrinkage. When I re-moisten the flakes, they expand somewhat in volume, but not an awful lot.
      4) Looking at pictures of plants grown by other amateurs, I have yet to see any plants which are very big, and so I am basing figures on that consideration also.

      I have just ordered some whole leaf Virginia tobacco. I need to see what they look like after curing – especially how big they are. They cannot be very big because the ‘package’ cost me £5 and contains only 25 grams of tobacco whole leaf. I look forward to receiving them in the next few days.

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